Gigabyke Swift Review: Is This E-bike Any Good?

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Bikeberry has been in the e-bike business for over 14 years now, focusing on motorized bikes to start with and quickly expanding into electric bikes. 

The company is among the world leaders in the industry, recognized for delivering an innovative range of electric bikes, electric bike kits, motorized bikes, and motorized bike kits. The company is focused on providing the best riding experience to bike enthusiasts. 

With the combination of lowest prices, best customer service, style, and performance, they make sure that all their customers are delighted regardless of the bike brand they choose.  

Now, up Bikeberry’s sleeve is the Gigabyke Swift model. Let’s take a closer look at it. Bikeberry delivers Gigabyke Swift free for customers around the United States. And you normally can get your new e-bike in 2 to 7 business days after you place your order.

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Gigabyke Swift Review: a Bikeberry’s best-seller

The Gigabyke Swift is BikeBerry’s bestseller going for an introductory price of $1299.95. This e-bike is extra lightweight due to the smart welding technology, resulting in a lighter fork and frame but with great structural strength. Combined with the high-quality components, it’s quite the deal to get a very light electric bicycle at a budget price. 

In fact, it has been voted the best electric bike under $1500 by an independent review. Hardly will you get an e-bike that ticks so many boxes. And the Gigabyke Swift ticks all the boxes needed for urban riding. The bike comes with an 8.7 Amp Hour battery that can take you up to 25 miles with a full charge. And, you can get an extended range with a 10.4 Amp Hour lithium battery (optional) that will help you to take travel 10 miles.  

Easy E-Biking - GigaBike Swift electric bicycle (Bikeberry) - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Bikeberry

This electric bike model is very quiet with the carbon drive (CDX) belt-drive transmission system. It also comes with 5 electric assist levels. With the easy switch between the assist levels, you can choose for an easy ride or go all the way to level 5 for the boosted nudge. 

The high torque 36V 350W brushless motor gives the needed power to climb the slopes with ease for an easy ride around the city.

Gigabyke Swift other features and options

The Gigabyke Swift comes in two different sizes: 52 cm for a rider height of 5’4”- 5’10” (160 – 177 cm) and 55 cm for a rider height of 5’10” to 6’4” (177 – 193 cm). The e-bike’s load capacity is 330 lbs (150 kg), so you won’t have any problems carrying small loads unless you are a bit heavy. 

Each e-bike has high rolling 700*28c tires that enhance fast riding. The seat post and handlebars are forged alloy PROMAX. Gigabyke Swift has a smart Backlite LCD display that tells you the state of the bike, including the battery charge percentage, light status, and power assist level, among other information. 

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Other features include a reversible stem, cushion stability saddle, stainless spoke, and integrated headset.

Gigabyke Swift comes in 2 beautiful colors: matte white and midnight blue. It is hard to decide which color is the best because both colors are shiny and amazingly looking. 

Bikeberry ensures fast shipping, and the e-bike comes with adequate assembly instructions, suitable for novice riders. You should be able to get your e-bike assembled in no time, plus the customer care is helpful if you need any extra support.

The battery alone has not that much power storage, which can be a downside when riding in an area with a lot of uphills and downhills. However, you can easily take relatively steep hills with pedal assist between levels 2 and 3, which saves on power consumption. 

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In addition, Gigabyke Swift has an independent throttle on top of the pedal assist. So, you can easily opt for either depending on it whether you are using the bike for exercise or just some lazy riding. 

In addition, at 36 pounds (16.5 kg), the Gigabyke Swift is a very light bike, and it gets even lighter without a battery. The 10.4 AH battery weighs 4.5 lb (2 kg), while the 8.7 AH battery is lighter (3.5 lbs or 1.6kg).

This makes it easy to lift it on and off the storage racks. You can also take it with you to different places like camping sites or in your RV. The lightness makes it easy to load and unload to and from your car or RV whenever needed.

A few words in conclusion

Overall, the Gigabyke Swift model makes a decent urban e-bike for that price range, given the great components that are mostly found in high-priced e-bikes. Besides, it’s rare to find these components in one bike. 

It is a good electric bike to invest in if you are looking for light weight, comfort, value for money, and smooth riding for your daily commutes, grocery shopping, and any other daily biking needs. 

Here is a quick video featuring Gygabike Swift:

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