Focus e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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Focus is a German bike company founded primarily out of a passion for biking and the intent to share that passion with others. Its main headquarters is in Stuttgart, Germany and that’s where most of its bike and e-bike R&D takes place as well. The brand makes it a point to develop and assemble all its models in-house and in-country.

It’s been around since 1993, and it started by producing mountain bikes before expanding its production to include racing and touring bikes up to the early 2000s. Its name can be construed as alluding to its focus on having a deep passion for bike riding, which serves as a big motivation to achieve its mission and vision.

Focus e-Bikes Review: Model List

E-bike ModelE-bike Type
Focus THRON²Mountain, Hybrid
Focus JAM²/SLMountain, Hyrbid
Focus SAM²Mountain, Hybrid
Focus JARIFA²Mountain, Hybrid
Focus AVENTURA²City, Hybrid
Focus PLANET²City, Hybrid

Focus gained its reputation for developing top-notch mountain bikes of various kinds, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the majority of its e-bike catalog is composed of eMTBs. At present, there’s one pure hardtail and four full suspension options, all of which are notably amenable to city and town riding, making them veritably versatile. 

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The Aventura2 and Planet2 are the sole city options, but it’s apparent in a few of their components and specs that they’re performance-oriented as well. They fit in the hybrid category as well since they’re not limited to urban riding.

On the whole, Focus models stand out with their massive batteries with exceptional riding ranges, Bosch Performance motors, and the overall smart technology and features found in most offerings. 

Focus Mountain Model Line

If there’s one major aspect shared by all Focus eMTBs, it’s undoubtedly the fact that they’re all fun to ride in general. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible if there were one or more major flaws in the model’s design. 

Easy E-Biking - Focus Thron electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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In the Thron2, for example, what makes it great is the overall mix of superb electrics, smooth suspension, and stability it can guarantee even on the roughest roads and toughest inclines. Most of the mountain models shine particularly well on forest trails and fire roads. 

The Bosch touch in all the models pretty much acts as a foolproof aspect, given what that brand means for eMTB technology as a whole. What’s even better is that Focus e-bikes actually integrate the latest technology that Bosch has to offer. 

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Focus opts to use Bosch motors that have been identified and lauded as one of the best (if not the best) in the industry. The most notable is the Thron2’s customizable Bosch Smart System Performance CS E-Drive, which comes with a 750Wh battery that’s 20% larger than the former 625Wh units before. 

This offering was only released this year and it’s certainly the most powerful and most innovative Bosch Smarts to date. 

It’s not just Bosch that does all the work, though. For instance, in Focus Jam2’s Shimano 250W EP8 motor, you can expect to get as much as 85Nm of torque. That’s the equivalent torque that the Bosch Performance CX Smart found on the Thron2 can deliver. 

What’s sure is that you can expect all or nothing from the motors of these eMTBs when providing assistance. They make great choices for those who want to negotiate more challenging inclines. 

Easy E-Biking - Focus Jarifa electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The Jarifa2 is a slight hardtail counterpart of the Thron2, but the latter is obviously the more well-specced overall. The Shimano MT410 brakes of the Jarifa2, for example, don’t really hold a candle to the Thron2 6.9’s MT520 hydraulic brakes as far as stopping power is the topic. 

The Focus Jam2 has a notable reliable rear suspension, but I can say the same for most of the other full-suspension offerings. It’s active and feels stable overall when braking. Not that the full suspension isn’t exceptional. 

As we’ve said above, all the mountain offerings are versatile. Part of the reason for this lies in the geometry. They’re built with all-around riding in mind, as evidenced by 75-degree reach and 66-degree angle for the head. 

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The mountain models shine in vital aspects that make mountain e-bikes great. These include strong traction, especially in corners and slippier terrain. Without a doubt, it can be attributed mainly to the Schwalbe tires as much as to the rear suspension. 

These e-bikes have these qualities precisely because of the superb geometry they have, which aids in better maneuverability and agility. With all things considered, Focus certainly knows how to offset the hefty weights of the models by taking great care in delivering the right geometry. 

Ultimately, you have to dive into the details to fully appreciate these models. For instance, the integrated pouch on the Focus Sam2 isn’t something you’ll generally expect to be found on an e-bike. However, once you figure out the necessities that you can put inside it, you’ll soon question why you never thought of having this nifty before. 

Easy E-Biking - Focus Sam electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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We also like that most of the models allow you to charge the batteries without having to remove them and the USB-C charging ports. 

As for other accessories, we definitely appreciate the fact that the models allow you to integrate mudguards, a kickstand, lights, and a pannier rack. It certainly adds to better customizability, which a lot of hardcore riders would undoubtedly and likely do. 

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Riders need the freedom to customize, given the unprecedented tech and specs and excellent design of these eMTBs, especially of the Thron2, which is arguably the best brand representative out of everything in the catalog. 

Find out more about the Focus Thron model here, the Focus Jam model here, the Focus Sam model here, and the Focus Jarifa model here.

Focus City Model Line

Design- and geometry-wise the Aventura2 and Planet2 share a lot of qualities, but they stand out on their own. For the relatively small price difference, we think it’s better to choose the Aventura 6.9, though, as it uses the same 750W Bosch smart motor and battery system as the top-tier mountain offerings reviewed above. 

Easy E-Biking - Focus Aventura electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The Aventura2 6.9 is definitely the overall superior offering as it readily comes with lights, mudguards, a pannier rack, and a kickstand. We aren’t much of a fan of the Shimano 2-piston brakes, though. However, you can freely upgrade them to hydraulics if you want.

The comfort of these hardtails city offerings may leave a lot to be desired, but hey, it’s rare to find models selling for this cheap, especially considering the fact that the Aventura2 6.9 has the latest Bosch motor offering. 

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They’re not the first choice, on the whole, because Focus ultimately wins. Nonetheless, if you’ve always wanted city e-bikes that are both techy and more dynamic than most and can actually tackle offroading (unlike most purist city e-bikes) with relative ease, then the Aventura2 should in your wish list. 

Find out more about the Focus Planet model here and the Focus Aventura model here.

Are Accessories Available in the Focus Online Shop?

There are no major accessories available, per se. However, you can choose from various replacement components like derailleur hangers, computer mounts, charging plug mounts, and GoPro mounts. 

Does Focus Offer a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

There’s a 10-year comprehensive warranty for e-bike frames. The warranty only applies to the original owner and can’t be transferred. It won’t be honored if the breakage happened when the model was rented. 

Claims can only be made through specialist dealers, who will then install a new frame for the e-bike. The warranty doesn’t include damage brought about by aging and wear and tear. Paintwork damage is not covered. 

Lastly, you must provide proof (via a service history log) that your e-bike has undergone regular maintenance only from an authorized dealer. 

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Can You Test Focus E-Bikes?

Focus has dedicated test centers in Germany where you can just go and start testing the models you want to try. 

Testing opportunities are also made available through occasional bike festivals that Focus attends, but most of them are only held in Europe. Test trucks are another option, but you have to keep track of the date of their arrival in your city to avail of a trial. 

What Do Riders Like About Focus?

E-bike riders enjoy the excellent design of Focus eMTB, which stems from decades of experience in producing high-quality mountain bikes since the brand’s founding. They live up to the German reputation of pushing innovation to the limits. 

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And true enough, many like the highly original features and conveniences provided by its models – conveniences that would not have been achieved or not that great if the brand chose less prodigious engineering companies to partner with. 

What Countries Does Focus Ship To?

You can only buy Focus models from authorized dealers. The brand caters to most European countries as well as the USA, UK, and Australia through the said dealers. 

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