How Much Elevation / Altitude Can Electric Bikes Climb?

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Are electric mountain bikes designed for mountain trekking? Find out how eMTBs will allow you to push your limits and explore new horizons.

How much elevation can an electric bike climb? On average, an electric mountain bike can travel around 50 km (30 miles) on a single charge. It allows achieving 1000m (0,6 mile) of elevation gain in about 2 hours for a person weighing 75kg (165 pounds).

Nothing beats riding an electric mountain bike to discover new landscapes. Not only does it save you from the stress of fatigue, but it also allows you to do sports at the same time! One of the advantages of an electric mountain bike is that it is suitable for everyone.

Whether you’re a seasoned sportswoman or a lover of long bike rides, you want to push your limits and wonder what an electric mountain bike is suitable for? Find the answers here.

Why adopt an electric mountain bike?

Cycling is good for the mind, for the line, and for the environment. We all love the feeling of freedom it provides! If you’re not very sporty, you can now keep up with others thanks to the electric mountain bike.

Indeed, thanks to an electric mountain bike, you will be able to go even further, pedal longer, and take all the routes, without fear of possible reliefs and slopes. The full-suspension electric MTBs will be your preferred model for rough terrains: steep slopes, hills…

Their suspensions with shock absorbers and springs will indeed be able to absorb shocks in hollows and bumps. If you want a lighter model to be used on roads that are easier to ride every day, you can opt for the semi-rigid electric mountain bike.

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An electric mountain bike has a range that will allow you to cover an average of 50 km. It allows you to achieve 1000m of elevation gain in about 2 hours for a person weighing 75kg.

Moreover, most electric MTB models are nowadays equipped with such a level of lithium batteries (and, certainly, a motor), which allow you to ride for several hours in a row.

Sensors located on the pedals analyze the effort produced and call for a certain level of assistance according to your needs.

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With an electric MTB, you’ll be able to cover long distances and take the routes you want. The engine will assist your effort so you can expand your riding possibilities.

Electric mountain bike is ideal for mountain tours

If you want to go hiking or trekking on rugged mountain trails or on muddy terrain, opt for an electric mountain bike.

Whether you are a regular or not, electric-assisted mountain bike rides in the middle of mountain landscapes are available to you. You will be able to access areas that were previously inaccessible to you by bike. The advantage is that you can ride the steepest hills like a seasoned cyclist, giving in much less quickly to fatigue.

Moreover, mountain biking in the mountains is now accessible to everyone. Contrary to what you might think, electric bikes actually work all the muscles of the body. You will sculpt your body into a dreamlike shape while reducing effort.

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Electric bike is a real asset for your health

Even if the effort provided with an electric bike is less compared to that of a bike without a motor, it is not a lazy activity: you will continue to exercise since it will still be necessary to pedal!

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Riding an electric bike is therefore a real physical activity. Thanks to its many health benefits, the electric bicycle is recommended for all riders, especially for diabetics and those who wish to avoid cardiovascular disease.

Indeed, the fact of pedaling will relieve your joints, improve your blood circulation and strengthen your muscle mass, gently.

Like any sport, an electric mountain bike will help you work on your endurance and performance, especially if you practice regularly.

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