VanMoof e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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VanMoof filed for bankruptcy in July 2023. We hope that VanMoof‘s e-bike heritage will be integrated into another prominent company and the brand will continue to exist. If this does not happen in the next several months, we will remove this article from the website.

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VanMoof is a renowned brand founded by brothers, Taco and Ties, who shared a mutual vision of creating the ideal city bike. They established VanMoof in their homeland of the Netherlands with the same aim most e-bike companies have: revolutionizing urban transportation while providing people with a superior biking experience.

It was started with the primary intent of enhancing commuting for everyone – allowing commuters to get to their destinations faster and more innovative and enjoyable way.

VanMoof is a combination of “Van” and “Moof” – the former represents the brand’s Dutch heritage, with “Van” being a common prefix in the country, while the latter is a play on the word “move.” As such, it’s a mobile brand in more ways than one.

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Are VanMoof E-bikes a good choice?

VanMoof has been a well-recognized brand for years, particularly as a provider of solid commuter/city e-bikes. Their models not only take inspiration from Dutch tradition, but they’re also highly accessible to everyone, with helpful tech, and can take you hundreds of miles on a single charge.

VanMoof offers reliable, high-quality e-bikes with innovative features. Highly recommended for their smooth ride, long-range capabilities, and advanced security. Whether you crave urban mobility or sleek design, VanMoof has something for you.

VanMoof e-Bikes Review: Model Lines


For all their priceyness, VanMoof models more than make up for it with their stellar build and innovative features. The clear focus on urban e-bikes allowed the brand to hone its offerings generation after generation. 

Much like any brand, VanMoof is not without its hitches, but it’s clear that they know how to build an e-bike intended to be reliable day in and day out and for years – if not decades. 

What Sets the Different Generations of VanMoof E-Bikes Apart

VanMoof has crafted a winning formula combining a casual (almost carefree) approach with intelligent design and technological integrations. In most reviews of the S5 and S3, people always point out the comfortably smooth ride, exceptional handling, and noiseless shifting.

Easy E-Biking - Vanmoof e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Vanmoof e-bikes

The S5’s integrated batteries never miss the chance to earn the spotlight by providing riding ranges of over 85 miles or 136 km (if purely ridden in economy mode) on a single charge – with the S3, you can expect more range. 

Earlier generations like S3 have been praised for their security features, particularly the ability to assign a personal passcode and the security hardware on the wheel axles (i.e., the Kick Lock technology). 

Later models like the A5 and S5 take theft protection further by adding an enhanced version of the Kick Lock tech on the rear wheel. Should someone tamper with the security locks in place, the models are specifically designed to disable access to the e-bike features entirely. 

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The S5’s frame being adjusted to address feedback that its height limited its accessibility to shorter riders, especially for earlier generations, only proves that the brand listens to its riders.

It also doesn’t hold back in providing stellar components that riders love and use, such as urban tires, mudguards, front and rear lights, hydraulic disc brakes, and sturdy kickstands. 

It retains the quiet riding experience that has always been one of the well-loved features of VanMoof models. Its Gen 6 front-hub motor includes a torque sensor and a three-speed automatic e-shifter. 

Other aspects that it retained from early models like the S3 are the following:

  • Sleek, Dutch-inspired design that has an evident futuristic touch.
  • Smooth ride and quick handling.
  • Relatively easy assembly.
  • Integration with the dedicated VanMoof app and Apple’s Find My app.

We can safely say that except for the Apple Find My tracking, the S4, and X4 (or, if you want to go further down the line, the X3) also have these features. These are some of the more budget-friendly models in the VanMoof catalog. 

Easy E-Biking - Vanmoof e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Vanmoof e-bikes

They may have fewer features than the S5 and A5 models and are far less sophisticated since they lack the three-speed automatic e-shifter and superfluous multifunction buttons. But they’re designed for riders who prefer a more simplistic and accessible model. 

The electric motors they use are mostly acceptable at best and what you’d expect from most pure city e-bikes. The S5’s boost mode can impart as much as 68Nm of torque, which can be helpful, especially when negotiating more challenging inclines. 

Overall, it’s hard to fault a brand focusing on heightening the user experience. These models speak for themselves in that regard. 

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Innovation at the Forefront

Just what is VanMoof technology all about? Based on our inspection of their models, it’s evident that much of it is invested in e-bikes’ security features. This is especially evident in features like the Kick Lock feature, disabling of e-bike features once the theft has occurred, passcode, auto-lock, and Find My compatibility. 

Besides that, there’s the integration with the VanMoof app, which allows you to customize each model’s bike settings and security features. 

The new LED Halo Ring visual interface is also found in the latest models like the S5 and A5. Still, unfortunately, it’s not that reliable because it becomes barely visible when in direct sun. 

Last but not least is the RPM sensor found in most models, which can detect the rotation speed of the pedals. This helps you freely control the power assistance of the motor based on your pedaling. 

Easy E-Biking - Vanmoof e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Vanmoof e-bikes

Does VanMoof offer accessories?

Yes, there’s a plethora of apparel, lights, saddles, storages, parts, carriers, chargers, handlebars, and locks that you can buy from VanMoof’s official store on its main website. 

Can You Avail of a Trial Period?

Yes, you can also schedule a test ride on its main website. You only need to pick your location and the model you want to test, schedule the date and time, then go to the testing center at your assigned time. 

Does VanMoof Offer a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Yes, its terms are relatively straightforward. Your e-bike’s frame will be protected against defects for one year. The same goes for all the components from the date of delivery. 

It does not cover normal wear and tear, improper assembly and maintenance, and installation of other parts that aren’t done by VanMoof specialists. 

What Riders Like About VanMoof and What Sets it Apart

Firstly, the trademark iconic Dutch design is incredibly distinctive if we compare it to the traditional aesthetics of most e-bikes. The frame shape and integrated components give it a modern and classic design.

Next is the user experience that takes out all needless complexities. The brand has opted to streamline its features repeatedly, and it obviously keeps an ear and eye open to criticisms, which it almost always addresses in later releases. VanMoof knows how to scratch the itch of the average commuter, especially those who prefer an e-bike as a transportation option.

Technology should be a given. There’s also the overall reliability and focus on security. With all these perks taken together, it doesn’t take long to see that this brand delivers excellent value for money – with options for more budget-constrained riders to make up for its reputation for being a pricey brand. 

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What countries does VanMoof ship to?

It only ships to the US, the UK, most Western and Northern European countries, and Japan. 

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