QuietKat e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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QuietKat, founded in 2012 by twin brothers Jake & Justin Roach in Eagle, Colorado, offers premium eBikes for hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts. With a mission to provide a better way to access the backcountry, QuietKat has become the #1 Hunt, Fish, and Overland eBike brand. 

Proudly part of the Vista Outdoor family, QuietKat has 500+ retail partner locations and a major presence in big box stores. Based in the scenic Vail Valley, QuietKat always seeks passionate outdoor enthusiasts to join their team.

It doesn’t clarify what its name stands for, but you’ll probably agree that it’s pretty catchy, right?

Are QuietKat E-bikes a good choice?

QuietKat bikes are rugged and feature-rich but pricey. Their e-bikes are not for budget hunters but a long-term investment in reliable transportation. They’re built to last and low on repairs. Overall, you can get a dependable hunting mountain bike that improves your hunting game that’s mostly worth your budget.

QuietKat e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

E-bike ModelE-bike Type
IbexMountain, Fat
Apex ProHybrid, Fat
Apex SportHybrid, Fat
RangerHybrid, Fat
PayoneerHybrid, Fat
RubiconHybrid, Fat
JeepHybrid, Fat

Most of QuietKat’s e-bikes are “made for hunting,” so you can’t blame us if we categorize most of them as a hybrid. True enough, models like the Apex Pro are readily labeled as “all-terrain,” but admittedly, it’s more because of their fat tires. Almost all eight models defy categorization as they’re all highly innovative and uniquely designed. 

What’s certain is that they pack a lot of punches with the amount of power they can deliver – think 1,000W of power coupled with an advanced torque sensor. In short, all the assistance you need to make quick work of the steepest trails and dirt roads. 

Models like the Rubicon also have the Jeep touch and can deliver up to 45% more range. Riding range, power, and versatility checkboxes are mostly all ticked already – and these behemoths have plenty more to offer. 

QuietKat Mountain Model Line

The Ibex is the only model the brand directly refers to as an “e-MTB,” so it’s technically the sole one that falls under this category. Incidentally, it’s also one of its priciest models, selling for over $6,000. 

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Right off the bat, features like the 63-mile (100 km) riding range and 1,000W Ultra Drive mid-drive motor are quick to gain our attention. It can guarantee a whopping 160Nm of torque, which we’ve only seen in all our e-bike reviews. The range makes it clear that it’s built to tackle long-distance riding

Loaded with features like a torque sensor, premium suspension, Tektro 4 hydraulic disc brakes, all-terrain tires, and heavy-duty hauling capacity, it’s perfect for adventurous riders.

With the most powerful eBike motor, adjustable pedal assist, and smooth suspension, it conquers the steepest backcountry trails. The fat tires provide maximum comfort and handling. 

Overall, the QuietKat Ibex E-MTB is a powerful and capable off-road bike with premium features, but the higher cost should be considered before making a purchase decision. 

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QuietKat Hybrid Model Line

Among the hybrid models, the Ranger, Rubicon, and Jeep stood out the most to us, and this is only backed by the fact that they received the most reviews.

The Ranger may come with slightly less powerful Tektro 2 hydraulic disc brakes and only has a range of 19 to 38 miles or 30-60 km (like its Apex cousins), but that’s enough to make it suitable for backcountry adventures, ranch chores, and hunting expeditions. 

The hub-drive motor delivers consistent power in all gears, providing a smooth and comfortable ride with minimal maintenance.

Easy E-Biking - QuietKat electric bike, man hunter, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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One of the standout features of the Ranger is its built-in cargo rack with an impressive 100 lbs (45 kg) of carrying capacity, allowing you to haul gear and equipment with ease – all while providing a load capacity of 325 lbs (147 kg) and improved handling in various terrains (thanks again to the massive tires). 

These tires impart added stability and traction, allowing you to efficiently tackle soft sand, snow, rocks, and roots.

Overall, we’re impressed with the QuietKat Ranger’s rugged durability and versatile performance.

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Turning our attention to the Pioneer, the efficient hub-drive motor and single-speed drive train provide a smooth and effortless riding experience, making all-terrain commutes, jobs, and outdoor adventures a breeze.

The heavy-duty frame and components are built to withstand the most demanding conditions, ensuring unbeatable durability and a reliable ride on any adventure (although I can probably say as much for most of the models in QuietKat’s catalog).

The downside is that it has two-piston mechanical disc brakes, but the 203mm motors aren’t exactly something a well-versed e-bike rider would readily snob.

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In summary, the Pioneer e-bike offers unbeatable durability, a quick-change battery system, premium braking, all-terrain tires, and a thorough inspection process, making it a top choice for conquering all-terrain adventures, commuting, and outdoor exploration. It’s the very picture of versatility and reliability, in short. 

Last but not least is the brand’s patent Jeep® E-Bike, which boasts the same 1,000W of power and 160 Nm we’ve mentioned – that means you’ll find even the steepest climbs less daunting as long as you’re mounting this bad boy. The icing on the cake is that it’s designed to conquer any terrain. 

The premium suspension system is another highlight. A KKE 140mm moto-inspired front suspension fork and a rear Fire-Link 4 Bar 150mm RockShox shock impart a smooth and precise ride on various terrains.

The optimized Fire-Link system combined with the inverted moto-style front fork ensures smooth operation, traction, comfort, and capability, making it ideal for off-road enthusiasts.

Easy E-Biking - QuietKat electric bike, parked lake, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The SRAM 9-speed drivetrain with an 11-42T cassette gives you maximum torque for tackling those challenging terrains, and the 4-Piston Tektro brakes provide precise control on descents.

The all-terrain tires are massive at 26″x4.8″, giving you exceptional traction on technical off-road terrain, and you can even air them down for soft sand and snow or air them up for hardpack terrains like rocks and roots. Again, the versatility is just glaringly obvious.

It’s designed to carry heavy cargo with a 300-pound (135 kg) load capacity, making it perfect for hunters or overlanders who need to haul gear. Plus, with adjustable seat post and frame sizes of 17 or 19 inches, it’s suitable for riders of all types.

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Does QuietKat Have E-Bike Accessories for Sale?

Yes, and there are loads.

From cargo baskets, waterproof covers, solar charging stations, suspension seat posts, maintenance kits, pannier bags, tire liners, lights, and fenders, to GPS mounts, racks, add-on trays, voile straps, insulated battery wraps, portable vehicle chargers, helmets, dropper posts, spider cradles, and more!

Do Models Come with a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Every QuietKat electric bike and trike has a one-year, 1000-mile (1600 km) limited warranty against manufacturing defects on the battery, motor, controller, wiring, and display screen. Frames have a lifetime warranty against defects.

  • You need to register the warranty within 30 days of getting the bike, and it’s only valid for the original owner.
  • Normal wear and tear, misuse, neglect, and other user errors are not covered.
  • Lithium-ion batteries have a one-year warranty, but not for damage from power surges, improper charger use, or water damage.
  • If a part is defective, QuietKat will help replace it, but they won’t cover parts damaged by the user.
  • You can work with a local repair shop for warranty repairs, but you’ll need to pay for shipping if you send it back to QuietKat.
  • Chains, grips, tires, brake pads, and other wear-and-tear parts are not covered.
  • You need to report shipping damage within three days of delivery with photos, and warranty claims must be made within one year of purchase.

Does QuietKat offer a test ride?

Yes, you can avail of a “risk-free” 15-day test ride. However, the brand sets a distance limit of just 10 miles (16 km).

If the e-bike does not meet or exceed their expectations, customers can return it within 15 days of delivery. However, certain conditions must be met for a return to be authorized.

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To be eligible for a return, the e-bike must have less than 10 miles (16 km) on its digital odometer and be in “new” condition, which means it must be completely free from damage, dirt, dust, scratches, etc.

The e-bike must be packaged in its original materials and box, including all components and manuals. Customers are responsible for the return shipping cost and must keep all packaging materials in case of a return.

To learn more about the brand’s conditions, I suggest you review them yourself on their official site.

What do riders like the most about QuietKat?

Plenty of reviews are quick to rain praise on the models’ apparent power. They also love the immense benefits of the models’ suspension, riding range, and overall reliability and versatility. Some users even use models like the Jeep E-bike for unconventional purposes like farming!

In short, these are well-loved beasts precisely because of their sheer uniqueness. They’re clear proof of the heights that e-bikes can still reach if brands simply exercise their creativity and play with their limitless potential. 

What countries does QuietKat ship to?

They don’t make it clear whether they ship globally or not. They do ship to the US and Canada, though. 

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