Niagara Falls by Electric Bike, The Complete Guide

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Easy E-Biking - Niagara Falls, Canada: real world, real e-bikes - helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Niagara Falls in Canada is a group of three waterfalls at the south end of Niagara Gorge (a canyon formed by the Niagara River). The falls sit at the border between Ontario in Canada and New York in the U.S. The largest and most well-known one is Horseshoe Falls, also known as the Canadian Falls. 

Nearby is Niagara-on-the-Lake, a town in southern Ontario that sits on the shore of Lake Ontario at the mouth of the Niagara River. The picturesque town is known for its wineries, 19th-century buildings, and its annual theatre production festival called the Shaw Festival. 

If you have ever wanted to visit Niagara Falls by electric bike, this article is there to help you plan your trip! 

Are e-bikes allowed in Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-lake? 

Yes, e-bikes are allowed here! However, riders must abide by Ontario’s e-bike laws when cycling here. E-bikes must not weigh more than 120 kg (264 lbs), which includes the weight of the bike and battery. Anything above this weight may classify as a motor vehicle and may be subject to additional rules. Additionally, e-bikes must not exceed a power output greater than 500W and a speed greater than 32 km/h (20 mph). 

For more details on e-bike regulations in Ontario, visit the Government website here

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How are Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-lake organized, is it ready for cycling?

Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-lake are popular spots for tourists and are well-organized for cyclists, which include paved paths and designated cycling trails. 

One top trail is the Niagara River Recreation Trail, a 34 mile (56 km) long bike trail that runs parallel to the Niagara Parkway. Cyclists can use this route to start in Niagara-on-the-lake and travel through Niagara Falls. Along the route, cyclists will pass many historic sites and attractions, such as various wineries, the Butterfly Conservatory, the Niagara Botanical Gardens, the Niagara Whirlpool, the falls themselves, and more. 

Another top trail is The Waterfront Trail. E-cyclists can start in Niagara-on-the-lake and see views of Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and the Niagara River. Riders will pass by the Historic Old Town which is full of quaint businesses and restaurants, as well as various picnic areas to rest and recharge.

Easy E-Biking - Niagara Falls, Canada: real world, real e-bikes - helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Other cycling routes include the Welland Canal Parkway Trail, Friendship Trail, Pelham Route, Grimsby/Lincoln Route, West Lincoln/Wainfleet Route, Greenbelt Route, and Niagara Wine Route. Mountain bike routes include the Swayze Falls Trail, Black Walnut Trail, and Very Berry Trail (note that designated trails here are shared with hikers and horseback riders, and are marked with color-coded icons and numbers). 

Where to stay during the trip?

There are many shelter options for travelers in the Niagara region! 

Some top hotel options in Niagara Falls include the Rodeway Inn Fallsview, Days Inn by Wyndham Niagara Falls Fallsview, Embassy Suites by Hilton Niagara Falls, Sheraton on the Falls, and Niagara Falls Marriott. Check out the hotel selection in Niagara Falls on

There are also a few campgrounds and cottages available, including KOA Campground, Campark Resorts, and Stay N Play Cottage Lodge. For more accommodation options, view the Niagara Falls Tourism list here.  

If staying in Niagara-on-the-lake, some hotel and inn options include Best Western Colonel Butler Inn, Holiday Inn Express Niagara-on-the-Lake, Queen’s Landing, the 124 on Queen Hotel, Prince of Wales Hotel, and Bruce Manor. For more Niagara-on-the-Lake accommodations, visit the town’s official website’s list here or on

Where to eat? Or should I take my food with me?

Luckily, there are tons of food spots throughout Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-lake, so you don’t have to worry about packing food (unless you want to)! 

If looking for breakfast and coffee spots, check out restaurants like Flying Saucer or the Falls Manor Restaurant. For casual dining, there are many franchise and family-friendly restaurants, including Swiss Chalet, Boston Pizza, Rainforest Café, and more. For fine dining options, check out 21 Club, Casa Mia Ristorante, and Ruth’s Chris Steak House. These are just a few examples of many, so take a look at the full list of food spots here.  

Niagara-on-the-Lake has many options too: for cafes, there’s Balzac’s, Victoria’s Café, and Sweets & Swirls. For casual dining, there’s Masaki Sushi, The Irish Harp Pub, The Farmhouse Café, and Stage Coach Family Restaurant. For fine dining, there’s LIV Restaurant, Treadwell, Trius Winery, and Noble. View Trip Advisor’s full list of restaurants here.  

What gear should I take on the trip?

When taking an e-bike trip through Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-lake, essentials include a bike-specific helmet, your e-bike charger, a backpack, water, sunscreen, sunglasses, safety gear, reflective clothing, and front and rear lights and side reflectors. 

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Where to charge my e-bike?

There are currently no official maps or list of e-bike-specific charging stations in Niagara Falls or Niagara-on-the-lake. However, there are various electric vehicle charging sites within the regions. You can refer to sites like Chargehub (Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-lake) for a full list of electric vehicle charging stations and their locations. Riders may also be able to charge their e-bike at some bike shops, hotels, cafés, and restaurants. 

Alternatively, there are many guided e-bike tour companies in Niagara, and one major benefit of a guided tour is that cyclists can refer to the company or their tour guide for a list of charging spots.

What kind of e-bike do I need to ride in Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-lake?

Since this area is primarily comprised of even terrain, a road or city cruiser e-bike is suitable for your trip. However, if you are planning to tackle mountain bike trails, choose an electric mountain bike (eMTB) or an all-terrain e-bike for your trip.  

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Where can I rent an e-bike in Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-lake, or should I take one with me? 

Yes, there are plenty of e-bike rental options to choose from! We’ll feature the information and links to companies later in the article. 

Riders can also bring their e-bike with them, but be sure that it complies with Ontario’s e-bike standards (featured earlier in the article). 

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What else I can do while on an e-bike trip Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-lake?

Aside from the falls themselves, there are lots of other attractions and activities to do within the Niagara areas. If you are a wine lover, the region is well known for its wineries such as Peller Estates, Wayne Gretzky Estates, Rief Estates, Konzelmann Estates, and many more, most of which include guided wine tours! 

Easy E-Biking - Niagara Falls, Canada: real world, real e-bikes - helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Sites for more natural landscapes include Queen Victoria Park, Niagara Glen Nature Centre, Paradise Grove, and Dufferin Islands. Visitors can also view the entertainment and amusement attractions at Clifton Hill, or take the Maid of the Mist ride through the falls. 

The historical architecture includes the Toronto Power Generating Station, Oakes Garden Theatre, Mather Arch, and Oak Hall. Other sites include the Floral Clock, the Botanical Gardens, and the Butterfly Conservatory. Visitors at Niagara-on-the-lake should also be sure to check out the Shaw Festival productions, which run from May through December. 

Riders should note that while Niagara Falls is more touristy with its hotels, clubs, casinos, and other entertainment attractions, the town of Niagara-on-the-lake is more rustic, quaint, and quiet.  

What is the best time of the year to visit Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-lake on an e-bike?

Based on the weather, the best time of year for cyclists to visit Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-lake on an e-bike is summer, between June to August. Average high temperatures range from 25-27 degrees Celsius during these months, though the mists from the waterfalls can make the area feel cooler. 

However, fall is harvest season at local wineries, and spring is when the botanical gardens are in full bloom. Winter months get very cold, and riders may face harsh conditions such as snow and ice.

Resources to help plan your trip 

To start planning your trip, visit the Niagara Falls Tourism website here and the Niagara-on-the-Lake website here

For more cycling resources such as map routes and more, view the Visit Niagara Canada website for its cycling recommendations here and the Niagara Cycling Tourism website here. Niagara Parks also has a resource page for cyclists. 

For those looking to rent e-bikes or go on guided tours, companies like Niagara Segway, Niagara e-bikes, Breakaway Experiences, and Zoom Leisure offer both options. Snap e-bike also offers rental options. Guided tour options range from wine tours to sightseeing tours through Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-lake. 

And finally, to see what other attractions are in the area, Niagara Falls Tourism has a list for Niagara Falls and Trip Advisor has one for Niagara-on-the-Lake

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