PVY e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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The newly established PVY brand is known for making radical e-bikes, offering unparalleled customer service. Both the e-bike models, Z20 PRO and Z20 PLUS, are known for their innovativeness, having been crowdfunded extensively. 

PVY e-bikes are well-equipped electric bikes with a top priority on performance. 

The e-bikes are made from robust components and promise incredible journeys on and off-road. If you are looking at dominating any terrain, PVY Z20 PRO and Z20 PLUS are good options.

PVY e-bikes: Are they any good?

PVY e-bike brand offers radical innovation, unparalleled customer service, and top-notch performance. Its e-bikes are highly recommended for buyers seeking cutting-edge features and high quality. Whether you crave all-terrain capabilities, powerful motors, or sleek design, PVY has something for you.

A Quick Overview of PVY

PVY has attracted experienced industry experts with the vision to “change the world by getting more people on electric bikes.” Affordable price offering is another crucial objective of PVY. 

PVY is a made-in-China brand that has been launched recently. In early 2023, the brand launched its first model, the flagship model, PVY Z20 PRO. It started to sell online in February 2023. In the first month, the company sold about 600 units, which is impressive for a new brand. 

Easy E-Biking - PVY e-bike, woman, city, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Simultaneously, the brand started prototyping for its next model, PVY Z20 PLUS, in June 2022. In May 2023, the model was launched on Indiegogo, and in June 2023, the mass production of the model began officially. 

With production facilities in China, the company has set up its warehouses in the US and Europe in a short time. It has signed agency agreements with numerous countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the EU, and the US. Interestingly, PVY ships its e-bikes worldwide. The brand is able to meet customer orders all across the globe, and the wait time is considerably less when you order e-bikes from PVY. 

The company has achieved excellent results in less than a year, with its sales exceeding 20 million. Customers can order PVY e-bikes from the online store. 

Unique Proposition of PVY

With fat tires and off-road capabilities, PVY is a highly dependable electric bike brand. There are two models from PVY – Z20 PRO and Z20 PLUS. Both the Z20 models are folding e-bikes with a full-suspension system, promising smoother and safer rides on all kinds of terrains.

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Even though PVY is a new brand, it has already earned credibility in the market for its performance-driven e-bikes. Currently, the brand has only two models, but both have received rare reviews from critics, biking experts, and customers. 

Some of the technological advantages of the two models include the motor, the 3-state foldable design that makes the e-bikes compact in about 8 seconds, and the strong lithium battery, which are the biggest strengths of the models.

The Z20 Plus has CE Certification and EU standards and regulations as it is fitted with a 250 Watt motor. 

PVY e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

E-Bike Line E-Bike Type
PVY Z20 PROAll-Terrain
PVY Z20 PLUSAll-Terrain

Build Quality and Design Aesthetics

PVY’s approach to building quality is one of the top-of-line among the new e-bike brands. Both models are aesthetic and have an aggressively practical design. The Z20 PRO and Z20 PLUS have modern vibes with fantastic appeal.


The Z20 PRO has a big, strong frame with a payload capacity of 120kg. It has a modern look with sound workmanship. The bundled cables on the outside are debatable, though you need to be careful when folding the handlebar.  The PRO has 20-inch tires, but the tire width is 2.3 inches.


The Z20 PLUS is a folding electric bike available in two trendy colors – matte gray and matte beige. It is considered a successor of Z20 PRO with the frame design almost identical.

It has a wear-and-tear-resistant aluminum frame designed for a more controlled ride with incredible strength and has a payload capacity of 150kg.  While this model also has 20-inch tires, the tire width is 4 inches, and have damping absorbers, making the PLUS superiorly comfortable compared to the PRO.

One noticeable difference between the two models is the weight. The Z20 PLUS weighs 29 kg, while the PRO weighs 22 kg.

Both models have foldable frames that can be folded in eight seconds. The compact and concise design makes them easy to store conveniently and portable too.

Both models have IPX5 waterproof rating. Both are currently available at early promotional prices as the ‘Super Early Bird” offer at the online store.

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Performance and Ride Experience

Both these models are available in the EU with the 250W motor and are CE certified. For riders outside the EU, the motors on PRO and PLUS can be unlocked for higher power.


This is a 20” foldable electric bike with front fork shock absorbers. The 250W motor produces a torque of 50Nm. The e-bike works on a simple pedal sensor instead of a torque sensor.

Easy E-Biking - PVY Z20 Pro e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The 10.4Ah battery pack offers a range of 80 km. The USB charging port helps keep your mobile device charged even on the go. The 6-speed Shimano drivetrain offers a smooth gear transition from manual pedaling to the power-assisted mode.


This e-bike model has a full-suspension system with fat tires with a 30mm mechanical and 160mm hydraulic shock absorber in the front. This helps the rider drive through all terrains with equal ease and comfort.

Easy E-Biking - PVY Z20 Plus e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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It has a rear-hub motor with two power capacities – 500W and 1000W and Shimano 7-speed systems. The maximum speed derived from the 500W motor is 25 km/h and a torque of 80Nm, while the 1000W motor produces a maximum speed of up to 45 km/h and a torque of 100Nm. 

PLUS models have different battery sets. The 500W motor e-bike has a 14Ah battery, while the 1000W motor comes with a 16.5Ah battery. The maximum range is achievable. The 374.4Wh removable battery gives a range of up to 120 km per charge.

It takes about 5 hours to charge the battery fully. The battery unit can be locked and charged from outside and inside. The USB port can be accessed while on a ride, which is a big help in charging your mobile devices. 

Technology and Features


The LCD display is crisp and colored but gives only limited information. It helps keep a check on the speed, distance, and battery charge. Besides these features, there is a mobile bracket for safely keeping your smartphone during the ride. There’s a rear rack facilitating the transportation of cargo or kids. 

The left and rear lights make it safer to drive during low-light conditions. The saddle seat is made from leather offering more comfort to the rider.

Easy E-Biking - PVY e-bike, handlebar, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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This model offers a speed of up to 15 km/h in the first level, up to 20 km/h in the second level, and up to 25 km/hr in the third level. The button for selecting the levels is present next to the LCD. The throttle grip activates the push-assist and deactivates the motor while driving. 

The LCD is huge, providing necessary information to the rider. Distance, speed, selected support mode, and battery levels are displayed. The 7-speed Shimano gears can be shifted smoothly with the thumb. The front and rear disc brakes are a good surprise. The 58-millimeter tires are wider than on an ordinary trekking e-bike. 

Other convenient amenities include built-in tail lights and a rear rack.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

The overall reputation of the brand is pretty good, considering it has just entered the market and has been around for only a few months. The company has been warmly acknowledged and accoladed by experts and third-party review websites of electric bikes.

Pricing and Value for Money

One of the best-loved aspects of PVY models is that both are priced reasonably. Currently, the E20 Pro is priced at Euro 759 and USD 834 per bike. The E20 Plus, on the other hand, is priced at $1,499 via Indiegogo.

The brand is currently offering promotional prices since it has just launched both models. That makes it an attractive proposition beyond any doubt. Most experts have noted that the pricing has been kept at a minimum to garner attention, and the features offered by the brand for both its models are a good deal vis-a-vis the price. 

Warranty, Trial Period, Shipping

The company ships all across the world, including the EU, the US, and Asian countries. It has warehouses in the US and EU, while the production facilities are in China.

The brand offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty (all-inclusive) against all manufacturing defects. Free accessories are not part of the warranty program, though. There is a ten-year-old warranty on the frame. Explore more here.

The company has a return policy in place – a 100% refund guarantee is assured if the e-bike is returned within 14 days. 

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PVY e-bikes: Pros and Cons

PVY is a brand engaged in innovation and focuses on performance. The e-bikes have a modern design with all the latest features. The components are from top brands like Shimano. Since it is a new brand, the rates are also compatible and, at present, lower than its competitors. 

On the con side, a few elements can be better. For example, the design of the Z20 Pro is a bit debatable, with cables routed outside. The look is, therefore, cumbersome and disappointing for many riders. 

Similarly, the LCD is very basic, and the display is pretty weak. Similarly, even with the front and rear disc brakes, the electric bikes are not as steady, and the braking system is below average. 

Final Say: Dependable E-bike Models for a Smooth Riding Experience

PVY e-bikes are a good deal. The models are feature-rich, and if not exemplary, the e-bikes offer outstanding performance on and off-road. Both electric bikes are meant for all-terrain. The rides are pretty smooth and comfortable, even with multiple limitations. 

The Z20 Plus has enhanced and robust features, giving it a competitive edge over close competitors. PVY, with its team of e-biking experts and its mission to offer the best products to customers, certainly has created two good dependable models for smooth riding experiences. 

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