Gazelle e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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Gazelle is one of those bike companies that has been deeply embedded in the industry, to say the least. Its operation can be traced back to 1892, so it’s been around for exactly 130 years. It was founded in the Netherlands with headquarters at Dieren.

For the first ten years of its life, it served as an importer of American bikes, and it was only in 1902 that it started its own production, though. From there, it had some success exporting bikes to Indonesia. The 1930s are notably one of its first innovative decades, for it was during that time period that Gazelle introduced collapsible delivery and tandem bicycles.

It continued to manufacture commercially successful models as its operation grew and this momentum carried over to the 21st century. It celebrated its centenary in 1992, which coincided with the creation of its 8 millionth model, and no less than Princess Margriet bestowed it with the “Royal” label.

The animal the company derives its name from readily calls to mind swiftness, which not only characterizes its models but the relative growth it enjoyed over the years.

Gazelle e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

E-bike ModelE-bike Type
ArroyoCity, Commuter, Cruiser
MedeoCity, Commuter
UltimateCity, Commuter

You get what you pay for. That pretty much sums up what to expect from Gazelle e-bikes. A couple of their offerings are obviously pricey. But what else can you expect from Bosch-powered models?

Its catalog, with its limited options, immediately gives the impression of quality over quantity. It established itself as one of the world’s premier manufacturers of urban bikes, so it’s no surprise that all four of its e-bike lines fall under categories like city, commuter, and cruiser.

The components leave no room for want. The models incorporate Bosch mid-drive motors, both Active Line and Performance, complemented by Shimano STEPS. The integrated batteries do them justice for their ability to offer up to 100 miles (160 km) of riding range. 

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The design, rightly so, focuses on comfort, but the above components undoubtedly provide their models with a sporty quality that other urban rides can only ever match if they use the same components. We can see this in how the company chose to categorize its models based on geometry and riding experience through options like Active, Easy, and Sporty. 

Gazelle Arroyo Model Line

Much like most of its cousins, the Arroyo characterizes the inimitable premium e-bike design, found in plenty of mid-range and high-end companies. Both the C7 and C8 HMB Elite feature a thoroughly approachable step-thru frame that readily suggests top-notch comfort.

Easy E-Biking - Gazelle Arroyo electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

That quality is only further taken up a notch by the Upright relaxed sitting position the models encourage. The C8 is powered by a Bosch 250W and 50-Nm motor, with batteries that can provide up to 55 miles (90 km) of riding range. 

The bikes make sure you don’t find anything amiss when out riding, being feature-packed. You’ll get fenders, a rear rack, and front and back lights, and a kickstand. You can see how the brand takes extra steps to ensure quality by using rustproof strategies. It’s these seemingly little things that make the brand stand apart.

Even the chain covers and materials used on the fenders are superb. The bikes are designed to ensure superior weight distribution. The hydraulic disc brakes are sufficiently powerful, especially in the C8, and it offers adjustable levers to accommodate various hand sizes. 

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The Bosch components, like the motor controller, are smartly designed, to say the least. It’s able to quickly react to changes in torque, pedal cadence, and wheel speed faster than other controllers in the market.

What’s equally awesome is that the Arroyo isn’t really one of Gazelle’s best offerings, but its reliability is without question. 

Take a closer look at the Gazelle Arroyo Model Line here.

Gazelle Medeo Model Line

The Medeo T9 City HMB may deliver less torque than the Arroyo C8, but it makes up for this with its riding range, which can give you up to 90 miles (145 km). There are marginal differences in the Bosch Active Line motor it incorporates, compared to the Arroyo. 

Easy E-Biking - Gazelle Medeo electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

The Medeo line offers the most affordable Gazelle models in the whole catalog. Despite this fact, you’re still getting exceptional components like the Schwalbe puncture-resistant tires, 9-speed derailleur by Shimano, and the 180mm hydraulic disc brakes made by the same manufacturer. 

It makes a great commuter because it also isn’t stingy with the accessories. The design and aesthetics are just as impressive as the rest of Gazelle’s e-bike lines. The frame may be a mid-step step-over but it’s still arguably more approachable than most. 

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The swept-back handlebar only guarantees the wrist comfort that every urban rider or commuter needs for regular use. Overall, it may be one of Gazelle’s mid-range lines, bordering on being entry-level, but it’s only got a few real rivals at its price points.

Take a closer look at the Gazelle Medeo Model Line here.

Gazelle Ultimate Model Line

The Ultimate line arguably underscores Gazelle’s catalog’s versatility. This is promptly obvious in the fact that it offers separate models with low-step, mid-step, and high-step frames. Sporty city offering may sum up what it offers, but you really need to dive into the details to see why plenty of riders fawn over this model.

Easy E-Biking - Gazelle Ultimate electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Just look at the C380, with its Bosch Performance Line Speed 250W motor that can deliver up to 85-Nm of torque. That’s already every e-MTB rider’s dream. The battery may fall short with its 55 miles (90 km) of maximum range on a single charge, especially if you’ll be using it for touring, but for regular commuting that’s more than enough. You can actually double the range, though, since there’s a slot for a second battery. 

It’s expensive because of those two main things – and these other qualities: both the motor and battery are integrated excellently to ensure stability and handling. The models also use reflective tires, which heighten safety, and the bright lights are sufficiently protected against the risk of cracking. Moreover, they are mounted just right to ensure optimal visibility at night, mainly because the light shines on both sides as well. 

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If we add in the custom rear rack, wide and long fenders, excellent suspension fork, and puncture-resistant tires that aid in stability and comfort, we pretty much get one of the best city e-bikes in the market. 

Take a closer look at the Gazelle Ultimate Model Line here.

Does Gazelle Offer Accessories?

Yes, you can avail of their own commuter bag, carrier bag, as well as a single and double pannier. You can view each one here

Does the Company Offer a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

All models come with a two-year comprehensive warranty and a 10-year warranty on the frame. Some lines like the Ultimate include a 5-year warranty on the suspension fork. 

Does It Offer a Test Ride?

Yes, but only their eBike Test Center in Santa Cruz, California offers it. There are no specific conditions. You only need to choose the date of the trial and the type of bike. You can start reserving now by clicking on this link.

What Riders Like the Most About Gazelle

Gazelle was once featured in Readers Digest as the most trusted bicycle brand in Europe. That recognition alone already carries a lot of weight. Without a doubt, Dutch bikes wouldn’t have gained worldwide renown without Gazelle’s contribution to the nation’s industry.  

Its Tour Populair and recent e-bike lines and models like the Ultimate and Arroyo continue to win the hearts of people, without a doubt, generation after generation – as the brand has already proven. Only a few companies have stood on that high a pedestal. 

It’s apparent that Gazelle is at the forefront of revolutionizing e-bike design. Without a doubt, this continuous striving for excellence, centered on delivering what riders want, is the main reason why it’s enjoyed such spectacular longevity and renown. In short, Gazelle is popular precisely because they make sure that they give their clients their money’s worth. 

What Countries Does It Ship To?

As of this writing, Gazelle only caters to US residents and to its customers across Europe. 

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