E-Biking Essentials: What to Bring on Your First E-Bikepacking Trip

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Having some outdoor adventure is a great way to recharge your batteries and grab a quick, well-deserved break from your day-to-day life. But, being out in the wild comes with some big challenges, such as finding drinkable water, having enough food, and of course, you need to have your backpacking gear checklist, with all the essential gear that can either make or break your whole journey. 

The following article is dedicated to all the existing and future adventure lovers that are ready to hope on their e-bike and explore the local wilderness. Therefore, we’ll present to you the most important gear and all the tips and tricks in the book when it comes to a successful journey. In the end, what matters the most is for you to have fun, and to learn from your mistakes!

What to bring on your first e-bikepacking journey

It’s a perfect combination of camping and cycling multiple days in a row. Ideally, when you think of camping, you can imagine bringing huge bags with you, packing your car, carrying a minifridge in your truck… but, when you’re on an e-bike, the things you can carry are limited, and you only need the essentials. We’ll help you decide what is necessary for a successful trip.

Comfy backpack

Having a backpack with no pressure points, high-quality material and foamy cushions on the shoulder and back parts is important for your trip. The backpack will go directly on you, and you’ll be carrying it around all the time, and sometimes, it can weigh up to 10-15 pounds (4-7 kg). You want to go easy on your back, so invest in a backpack that will provide you with support and comfort.

If you want to stay organized, look for a backpack that has multiple compartments. That way, you’ll always know where small things are, instead of unpacking the whole thing just to look for the matches.

Remember, big things always go in first and get out last, while the fragile ones go in the middle, surrounded and protected by your extra clothes. Pocket knives, matches, lighters, bandaids, and snacks always go in the smaller compartments, near you in case of an emergency. 

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The right tent

The tent is the second most important thing when it comes to camping. Setting it up, and folding it back in the morning is pretty simple, but if you’re new to this, there are plenty of videos and articles online that will guide you in the whole process. You can choose a tent with a zipper, or one with sticky patches.

Choosing one that’s made from waterproof material is a bonus for you, and if you’re ready to invest a bit more, don’t hesitate. The tent you’ll buy will surely last you for at least several years. You also get to pick a color!

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Tents come in various sizes, depending on the camping group. If you want to share a tent, make sure you get one that’s big enough to provide every one of you with comfort. If you want to have some privacy, then you can buy a single tent or a bigger one that will comfortably fit you and your partner.

Always make sure to leave a small opening on the tent door, just to let the air circulate while you’re sleeping. This will keep the space fresh, and it will protect you from the cold outside. 

Sleeping bag

The last thing you want is to forget your sleeping bag when you start the trip. You’ll be forced to sleep on the cold ground, and you’ll wake up tired, exhausted, with terrible back pain that won’t go away. Your whole trip will be ruined just because of this. Well, nothing can replace a good night’s sleep, so having a proper sleeping bag with you is a must!

You can choose the right one for you, depending on the material and the filling inside it. You can start by deciding whether you want a camping sleeping bag or a backpacking one. If you plan on hiking, backpacking, camping, and doing different kinds of outdoor activities, then we suggest you choose the backpacking sleeping bag, as it is lighter and you can carry it around in your backpack. 

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Onto the filling, you can either opt for a down-filled sleeping bag or a synthetic one. Don’t worry about allergies, thanks to the latest technologies. Sleeping bags come in various shapes as well, such as a rectangle, mummy, semi rectangle, or a double sleeping bag that you can share with your partner.

They all have their pros and cons, but our favorite is the mummy type because it gives you a snuggling feeling all night long. Not to mention that it’s super warm and comfy as well. 

Extra set of clothes, food, water

Among the other things you’ll put in your backpack, you should always have an extra set of clothes with you. They should be warm and dry, because after a whole day of walking, cycling, and exploring, you’ll be drenched in sweat, so changing your clothes will sound like a great idea.

Bring several pairs of socks, and at least grab that ugly sweater you don’t want to wear anywhere because it makes you feel too hot. Nights out in the wild can get pretty chilly, and having something warm and fuzzy by your side can be a lifesaver. 

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If the place where you’re headed lacks a drinkable water source, then you should bring enough with you. If you think you have enough, bring one more just in case. Bring food that is prepared beforehand, such as sandwiches, but avoid putting ingredients that can spoil easily, such as mayonnaise and eggs.

If you’re a bigger group, divide the food and water among you, and this will help distribute the weight, making the trip a whole lot easier.

Essentials that you can easily forget 

Have a lighter, matches, a small lamp, a basic first aid kit, and a pocket knife buried somewhere in your backpack. Those are small things that can do wonders when you’re outdoors, and they’ll only enhance your experience, without adding any necessary weight to you. And last, have fun! That’s the main goal, so make sure you tick that in your checklist as well!

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