Peak District National Park by Electric Bike, The Complete Guide

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Peak District National Park is located in Peak District, England, and is situated at the southern end of the Pennines mountain range. The park is known for its valleys, limestone formations, moorlands, farmland, and gritstone.

It covers 1,440 square kilometers, and includes most of the region in Derbyshire, and extends into Staffordshire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, and South and West Yorkshire. Activities such as walking, caving, cycling, and rock climbing are popular in this region.  

If you’re interested in visiting Peak District National Park by electric bike, this article will answer all your questions and prepare you accordingly! 

Are e-bikes allowed in Peak District National Park? 

Absolutely! Cyclists are allowed to ride electric bikes in Peak District National Park, but visitors should first ensure that their vehicle abides by the U.K.’s electric bicycle laws

E-bikes, otherwise known as electrically assisted pedal cycles (EAPCs) in the U.K., must meet the following requirements: 

  • They must have pedals that can be used to propel the vehicle 
  • They must show the power output or the manufacturer of the motor 
  • They must show the battery’s voltage or the maximum speed of the bike 
  • The electric motor must have a maximum power output of 250 watts and should not be able to propel the bike when travelling more than 25 km per hour (15.5 miles per hour)  

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How is Peak District National Park organized, is it bicycle-friendly? 

Peak District National Park is very well organized for cycling, with trails ranging from easy to challenging, and trail types ranging from flat to mountainous terrain. 

Easier routes that are ideal for leisure cyclists include the Monsal Trail, Manifold Trail, Tissington Trail, High Peak Trail, Thornhill Trail, and Carsington Loop

Some multi-terrain, circular trail options that allow riders to explore the Peak District more extensively include Ashbourne, Matlock, Tideswell & Millers Dale, Hathersage, Hartington, and Buxton.

And finally, for more challenging and extended multi-day routes, riders can check out the National Cycle Network, Pennine Cycleway, Eroica Britannia, and Tour de Peak District. For more route mapping information, we will include links to resources later in the article! 

Easy E-Biking - National Parks England, UK by electric bike - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Where to stay during a cycling trip in Peak District National Park? 

There are many accommodation options in and around the Peak District area! 

If you are looking to camp while visiting the national park, campsites include the North Lees Campsite and Upper Hurst Farms Caravan and Camping. 

Visitors who are looking to do wild camping must first obtain permission from the landowner, otherwise, they will be committing a trespass, as there is no provision for camping on open access land in the park. For more information on camping at Peak District National Park, visit the park’s official webpage here

If you are looking to stay in a hotel, top-rated options that are close to the park include Losehill House Hotel & Spa, YHA Castleton Losehill Hall, Old Hall Inn, The Manifold Inn, East Lodge Country House Hotel, and Charles Cotton Hotel. Visit the site for hotel recommendations. Or Expedia and Trip Advisor for more options! 

Where can I eat? Or should I take my food with me? 

Peak District National Park offers many diverse food options, with cuisines varying from local and classic English fare to Indian, Mediterranean, and Italian. 

If you’re looking for cafes and quick bites, here are some top spots: The Garden Tea Room, Gallery Café, The Ramblers Rest Coffee Shop, Upstairs Cafe, The Lime Lounge Coffeehouse, Grasshopper Café, Peak Fest, Hartington Farm Shop and Cafe, Herbert’s Fine English Tearooms, Pollys, The Castle Inn, and Grindleford Station Café.

Next, restaurants and fine dining options include Stella’s Kitchen, Village Green, Rems Cafe Bar and Restaurant, Curry Cottage at Lovers Leap, The Maynard, Piedaniel’s Restaurant, Samuel Fox Country Inn Restaurant, The Shalimar, Pack Horse Inn, and The Bulls Head.

What gear should I take on the trip?

Whether you’re taking a single or multi-day cycling adventure, it is extremely important that you bring the necessary bike and safety gear with you!

Essentials include: a helmet, your e-bike charger, water, a backpack, a raincoat, bike-appropriate clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, a bike repair kit and pump, a first aid kit, and front and rear lights.

If you are planning to camp during your time here, additionally bring a sleeping back, tent, booking information, extra clothes, food, dishware, cutlery, and a valid ID. 

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Where can I charge my e-bike?

Currently, there is no official list of e-bike charging stations in Peak District National Park. However, cyclists may be able to charge their e-bike at certain cafes, restaurants, campgrounds, or hotels – but be sure to ask for permission first! 

Visitors can also refer to resources like Chargemap to locate electric vehicle charging stations in the area. 

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What kind of e-bike do I need to ride in Peak District National Park? 

Given the park’s variety of landscapes, Peak District National Park offers options for road cyclists, mountain biking, and everything in between. Therefore, the type of e-bike you choose to use here depends on the routes you are planning to take, as the type of e-bike you use will help you to tackle certain terrains. 

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If you are planning to stick with easier or leisure-level routes, a cruiser or commuter e-bike will work perfectly well! However, you would like to explore both the flatter areas as well as mountainous or hilly regions of the park, we highly recommend using an all-terrain, hybrid, or electric mountain bike (eMTB). 

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Where can I rent an e-bike in Peak District National Park, or should I take one with me? 

There are a few different options for renting an e-bike while in Peak District National Park! The park itself has a network of bike hire services in four different regions, and there are also a few rental companies that you can rent your e-bike from. We will feature links to these resources later in the article! 

Visitors may also take their e-bike with them, but should be sure to check that it abides by the U.K.’s electric bicycle laws first. 

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What else can I do while on an e-bike trip in Peak District National Park? 

Peak District National Park is filled with incredible natural landscapes, historical monuments, and entertaining activities! 

For visitors who are interested in exploring the park’s nature reserves, caverns, and hiking spots, check out Mam Tor, Kinder Scout, Dovedale, Stanage Edge, Poole’s Cavern and Buxton Country, Peak Cavern, Winnats Pass, Derwent Reservoir, Thor’s Cave, and Treak Cliff Cavern

To explore the area’s museums, monuments, and gardens, visit Chatsworth House, Haddon Hall, Heights of Abraham, Crich Tramway Village, Peak Rail, Peveril Castle, The Pavilion Gardens, Cromford Mills, Buxton Museum & Art Gallery, Arbor Low Stone Circle and Gib Hill, Ilam Park, and Solomon’s Temple

And finally, if you’re interested in checking out theme parks and other forms of entertainment, visit Alton Towers, Gulliver’s Kingdom, Peak Wildlife Park, Matlock Farm Park, and Buxton Opera House. 

For more recommendations, visit Google Travel and Trip Advisor’s lists! 

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What is the best time of year to visit Peak District National Park on an e-bike? 

The warmest weather in Peak District occurs during the summer months in July and August, where highs average 19 degrees Celsius, and lows average 11 degrees Celsius. The coldest weather, and highest amounts of snowfall and precipitation, tend to occur within the winter months. 

That being said, precipitation still does occur during the summer months, so visitors should be prepared for rapidly changing weather. 

For cyclists, we recommend avoiding going to Peak District National Park during wintertime (December through February), as the weather is quite cold and unfit for cycling. 

Fall months (September through November) tend to be the busiest for tourism, so we recommend visiting in Spring (March through May) or Summer (June through August) months in order to experience the most pleasant cycling weather and views!  

Resources to help plan your trip 

For more information that will help you plan your trip, visit Peak District National Park’s official website here

If you’re looking to rent an e-bike, more information about the park’s Bike Hire Centres within the park can be found here. Next, Peak eBikes offers the option for e-bike hire, as well as Blackwell Mill Cycle Hire and Hassop Station. Lastly, the company Hard Days Knight offers options for e-bike group guided tours. 

For more information to help you plan your cycling routes in the park, visit the park’s designated webpage here.  

And finally, for more information on restaurants to eat at while in Peak District National Park, view Trip Advisor’s recommendation list here

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