Trek e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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The Trek Bicycle Corporation was founded in 1975 by Bevil Hogg and Richard Burke in Waterloo, Wisconsin. It’s safe to say that it’s a brand that stays true to its Wisconsin roots, having only transferred its present headquarters to Milwaukee through the course of its entire operation. 

If you’ve already been biking and e-biking for a good number of years, you’ll probably agree that Trek is one of those brands that belong up there in the shortlist of companies that have long gotten their baptism of fire in the industry. This undoubtedly accounts for the brand’s longevity and respectable know-how in both bike and e-bike design. 

Much like most successful, long-enduring companies, Trek was founded as a response to an opportunity not to be missed. The 1970s saw a great upsurge in demand for bikes among the US public, and the two partners simply seized the opportunity it presented. 

During the early years of its operation and even up to the present, Trek made sure to stick to its “Made in the USA” domestic manufacturing policy. 

As its name readily suggests, it’s a company that favors traveling and adventuring. 

Trek e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

E-Bike LineType
Allant+City, Commuter, Hybrid
Verve+City, Commuter, Hybrid

Is Trek a Good e-Bike Brand to Buy?

Unsurprisingly, Trek mostly manufactures e-bikes you can take out on most kinds of off-trail journeys and can conquer mountainous terrain without much difficulty. Nonetheless, it does have a few notable city models and cruiser offerings as well, spearheaded by the Verve and Allant lines. Electra, its subsidiary, does well to cover these categories, too.

Since Trek mainly specializes in offroading, it has made its models more amenable to most riders’ requirements when it comes to that type of riding. Comfort is guaranteed through ease in shifting when negotiating inclines, stable power with every pedal stroke, and simply making the riding experience better through components. 

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Even so, Trek models showcase versatility, too. Many of its eMTB and city models could easily fall under the hybrid category, for they can tackle urban roads and dirt and rough trails without difficulty. And the brand manages to achieve this without going overboard with its pricing (at least, for most of its mid-range, non-eMTB models), which only seals the deal for the average e-bike rider. 

The richness of each of its e-bike lines readily exhibits the considerable mileage the brand has accrued through decades of operation. Without a doubt, it also serves as a testament to the high demand for Trek models thanks to the value for money they can guarantee. 

Trek E-Caliber eMTB Model Line

The E-Caliber line, along with the Rail line, represents the high-end group in the Trek catalog. However, what’s notable about the E-Caliber is that its price range dips to almost half its average thanks to the E-Caliber 9.6. Obviously, it may seem like the more “watered down” version of the three other models in this line, but it’s no less impressive since it still sports the standout qualities of this electric mountain bike.

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Photo courtesy of Trek Bikes

The unifying advantage of the E-Caliber is that its models are mostly lightweight. You can immediately feel the difference in riding this makes, and for any kind of eMTB, this is always a must-have. The 9.6 is the heaviest of the four, topping at 40 pounds (18 kg).

This lack of extra heft allows the E-Caliber to function as a more versatile eMTB that won’t have a lot of the usual issues eMTBs have with regards to handling downhill rides and conquering varying terrains typical of cross-country riding. 

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The 9.9 XTR and the 9.9 XX1 AXS, given the small difference in their prices, share plenty of components and overall riding experience. The maximum range of 50 miles (80 km) is decent, and we just love the big difference the lightweight build makes. The frame, inspired by the Trek Supercaliber, is obviously built with mountain biking in mind.

Almost every component contributes to keeping the weight down, from the seat post and handlebars to the rims and saddle rails. The wider handlebar improves the quality of the ride further, and it doesn’t skimp on the tech as well, with the inclusion of a Bluetooth-compatible drive system with its own app as well as the whole nine yards of details regarding your ride, plus GPS navigation. 

There’s no better way to describe the E-Caliber line than being an eMTB that addresses the long-standing issues involved when one marries electric bikes and mountain biking. 

Take a closer look at the Trek E-Caliber eMTB e-bikes.

Trek Powerfly Mountain E-Bike Model Line

This line functions as the entry-level eMTB line of Trek, as proven by the relatively affordable models in it, especially if we’re going to look at the Powerfly 4. It, as well as the pricier Powerfly 9, has a full suspension version. The additional components included in the Powerfly FS 9 Equipped, particularly, the fenders, lights, and rack, are well worth it, considering the solid performance of the Powerfly in general. 

Easy E-Biking - Trek Powerfly electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Trek Bikes

After all, it’s a very versatile line as it is, with an impressive riding range of up to 95 miles (150 km). Despite being “entry-level” it doesn’t sacrifice the quality of its components, with tech that you still expect from high-end eMTBs even though they might fail in comparison to other Trek eMTB lines. The addition of fenders and racks is remarkable, to say the least since not a lot of full-suspension models have them. 

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We also love the evident power of the hydraulic brakes, which is pretty much a ready plus for any kind of mid-travel eMTB. The drivetrain is also notable for its 12-speed options that only proves this line’s versatility. It’s hard to ignore the well-positioned kickstand and headlight, too, which only affirms the mastery in design. And who among us doesn’t love removable batteries in our e-bikes?

Take a closer look at the Trek Powerfly mountain e-bike line.

Trek Rail Mountain E-bike Model Line

The Rail line is pretty much on-par with the E-Caliber line, but it’s obviously the more all-encompassing of the two, as far as pricing and appeal to different types of riders go. It’s the most prolific line in Trek’s eMTB category, after all, with a total of 8 versions available having prices that can be considered as high-end and mid-range, and even low-end. 

Easy E-Biking - Trek Rail electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Trek Bikes

What sets the line apart is that it’s the “purer” mountain e-bike out of three lines. It’s Trek’s long travel eMTB line, basically, and this rings true whether you are opting for the cheapest model Rail or the more formidably priced Rail 9.9 X01 AXS. 

The Trek Rail 9.9, which is easily the representative model of the line, also features a removable battery, that is just as easy to remove (no bending required). It’s built for riding in any kind of terrain, as proven by its general design and components and the right tech. 

Nevertheless, if we’re going to be talking about its most outstanding feature, we don’t need to look further than the motor. The Bosch Performance Line CX motor pretty much proves that it’s the perfect partner for mountain biking with the beefy assistance it can provide thanks to its 75Nm of torque. It makes most climbs a regular walk in the park at best. 

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Overall, we recommend this line for anyone who wants to have a more purpose-built, high-quality eMTB that’s guaranteed to impart a solid performance in most mountain biking endeavors.

Take a closer look at the Trek Rail mountain e-bike line.

Trek Domane+ E-Bike Road Model Line

Road e-bikes almost always connote high-performance models with all-road capabilities, and the Domane line pretty much fits that label to a tee. It’s adaptable in that it seamlessly offers suitability with any kind of riding habit, whether you prefer racing or riding.

This quality basically shows in all the models that bear the Domane+ seal, the only difference being that you are guaranteed more power, speed, and high-quality materials the more expensive the model of your choosing. 

Easy E-Biking - Trek Domane+ electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Trek Bikes

Since that’s the case, a Domane+ model can either be a stupendous bargain or woefully overpriced, so we highly suggest that you pay attention to the components and specs of each model to see whether the additions are worth it. 

On the whole, most Domane units stand out with their easy-to-attain 28-mph speed limits even when traversing hilly terrain, thanks to their powerful Gen 4 Bosch motors. Their extensive riding ranges also deserve recognition for the 500W batteries average close to 60 miles (95 km) even though the entire ride consists mostly of inclines. 

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A lot of models assure a relatively noise-free ride, and the frame angles and adequate weight pave the way for better overall control compared to other high-end road e-bikes. It offers the kind of control you want from all-trail e-bikes, that much is certain. These pluses are especially true in the Domane+ HP models, which we’ve found to be vastly superior to the pricier LT units that cost just as much as the infinitely better Trek eMTB lines. 

Take a closer look at the Trek Domain+ Road e-bike line.

Trek Allant+ City Model Line

What’s good about Trek’s city/commuter lines like the Allant and Verve is that they also integrate plenty of power and versatility the brand is known for. This is why we won’t really be surprised if you feel the urge to use any model in the Allant line on roads well past your local city’s borders. Without a doubt, it’s why Trek is more than willing to label them as hybrid e-bikes as well.

Easy E-Biking - Trek Allant Plus 9.9S electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Trek Bikes

Most Allant models also represent the higher-end models in Trek’s city category. They’re adequately equipped for all-around riding in urban streets and even regular light trail escapades. A lot of mid-range models like the Allant+ 7 already come with durable fenders, a nifty rear rack, reflective tires, and potent hydraulic disc brakes, which makes for a solid city hybrid. 

The patent Trek RIB casing makes batteries easy to remove and handle. The Allant+ 9.9S, the priciest model in the line, uses a zero-drag Bosch 350W Performance Speed motor, which is basically one of Bosch’s most powerful, lightweight offerings that can easily reach speeds of 28mph and provide 75Nm of torque. 

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You can get up to 75 miles (120 km) of range from it, which only proves its capabilities as an off-trail e-bike line. The integrated tech tells more in-depth information like the degree of effort and directions. Even entry-level models in the Allant line can compete in the high-end urban riding arena for their focus on quality and balance of tech and features. 

Take a closer look at the Trek Allant+ city e-bike line.

Trek Verve+ City Model Line

Trek’s entry city models like the Verve+ 2 and Verve+ 3 are no pushovers, and their relative popularity among riders only proves this. They’re the most affordable models, after all, and despite that fact, they still manage to impart impressive riding ranges and power. 

Easy E-Biking - Trek Verve+ electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Trek Bikes

The Bosch Active Line Plus motor still readily connotes quality, with better overall torque and assistance than what was integrated with previous incarnations. In the Verve+ 3, you get Shimano MT200 hydraulic brakes that are as noiseless as they are ever-reliable in stopping power.

Another notable advantage of this model over the Verve+ 2 is that its battery offers more range while cleanly integrating into the downtube, which lends it a more traditional look besides reducing the risk of theft. 

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The Purion display is ubiquitous in most Electra models also figures in the Verve line. It’s a responsive display because it’s minimalistic and not a pain to read compared to other displays in the market. 

For its above-average specs and satisfactory performance, the Verve model lineup can put a lot of city models with the same price point to shame. 

Take a closer look at the Trek Verve+ city e-bike line.

What Do Most Riders Think of Trek E-Bikes?

Trek will probably maintain its image of a bike and e-bike company that has a model for everyone. Their extensive e-bike lines and highly varying price ranges only drive this point further. 

Additionally, if you go for Trek, you almost always go for value for money. As an American consumer, it’s a brand that you know you’ll be paying extra because you are guaranteed the best materials e-bikes can incorporate. Ultimately, it’s Trek’s significant experience in the biking industry that has allowed it to make such praiseworthy eMTBs, road, and city e-bikes in the first place. 

As in most brands, company experience will always serve as a solid gauge of quality. So much so that many riders like to compare it, favorably if we might add, to another recognized brand like Specialized. 

What Countries Does Trek Ship To?

Trek is available for shipping in all states in the USA as well as most countries and regions in the world. The latter is especially true if you rely on a package or shipping forwarder in your transactions. 

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Take a look at this quick video introduction of Trek E-Caliber:

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