HIMO e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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HIMO is a Chinese e-bike manufacturer that was established in 2017 with headquarters in Shenzen. It’s actually an offshoot of Xiaomi, a well-known tech company. HIMO’s focus is solely on e-bike research and production, which is primarily the reason for its founding as well, besides promoting greener transportation solutions to people at large.

HIMO has won a Red Dot Design Award, which is quite a feat considering its relative youth. While the brand doesn’t explicitly state what its name means, the word “Himo” in general translates to “passion”, which we may assume is conveyed to the brand’s main purpose of delivering quality, environment-friendly commuting options. 

HIMO e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

E-bike ModelE-bike Type
C30S/C30R MAXHybrid, Road, Gravel

HIMO has made a mark in the e-bike industry for its folding e-bikes and a scooter, particularly the H1, which was bestowed in the award said above. At present, there are 3 folding lines (not counting the H1) and models to choose from, 1 eMTB, and 2 gravel/road hybrids. 

HIMO has been praised for its standout designs and fairly good component integration. A lot of the models are tough and well-built. Plenty falls under the mid-range to entry-level categories, especially as they sell below £1000, so they’re pretty cost-effective as well. 

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HIMO Folding Model Line

Two folding models stand out in the catalog: the Z20 and ZB20 MAX. The Z20 costs no more than half the ZB20’s price tag, and that’s arguably why it has gotten more patronage. And, many find it more lightweight than the ZB20, which actually incorporates fat tires.

Easy E-Biking - HIMO electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit HIMO bikes

Still, you can expect to get more versatility and offroading from the ZB20. It also uses more comfortable saddles and comes with all the nifty accessories like a kickstand, headlights, mudguards, and even a tire pump. The display is waterproof, has a built-in battery indicator, speedometer, and lets you choose from 3 different assist modes.

The mechanical disc brakes may not perform as well as your standard hydraulic brake in stopping power, but it’s fairly reliable considering the 6-meter braking distance on wet roads. The 48V battery can give you up to 34 miles (55 km) at most, with pedaling, and the motor delivers an average 35Nm of torque. We also appreciate that most models include front suspension, for added shock absorption. 

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All folding models have a removable battery that you can then remove. Obviously, the folding feature is always a plus, and HIMO’s is fairly smooth and compact. The models are all straightforward and easy to use with great shifting overall. You get to enjoy most of the pluses for far less money with the Z20.

If you actually like the Z20’s low-end, but solid features more than the ZB20’s then we highly recommend getting the Z20 MAX since it’s literally the safer version with better headlights, bells, and pedals. 

Take a closer look at the HIMO Folding Model Line here.

HIMO eMTB Model Line

Despite being the sole eMTB in the HIMO catalog, the C26, and its MAX variation have been well-received. It’s hard to fault an e-bike that sells at low mid-range prices and can guarantee 100 miles (160 km) of riding range and a 25km/h (15 mph) top speed. 

Easy E-Biking - HIMO electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit HIMO bikes

The battery even comes with theft protection thanks to the key lock design, while being removable. It’s chargeable once removed, like all HIMO’s models. The motor’s torque tops at 35Nm, which may not be enough for hardcore mountain climbing, but it’s decent and versatile enough for both urban rides and offroading. 

Sure, the mechanical disc brakes leave much to be desired, but they’re still responsive and reliable overall. You have plenty of control over the assist levels you get and can even turn it off if you want a conventional mountain biking experience.

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It’s as tough as most eMTBs go and has the adequate front shock absorber that you can engage or disengage should the need arise (i.e. if the terrain gets extra bumpy). It’s a decent option for the price, the above-average riding range, and the good design.  

Take a closer look at the HIMO eMTB Model Line here.

HIMO Hybrid Model Line

The C30S and C30R MAX are two of the higher-end options in the catalog, but they’re still relatively more affordable than most road and gravel options out there. Both e-bikes provide enough range, around 50 miles on Eco mode. You also get to enjoy 25km/h (15 mph) top speeds from the motor, which pairs well with torque-sensing pedal assist. 

Easy E-Biking - HIMO electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit HIMO bikes

The C30S also features 18-speed gearing. It integrates cable disc brakes, which are relatively acceptable. The included 26-inch tires are adequate for the model’s intended purpose. 

These e-bikes are admittedly not as popular as other HIMO models. Considering there’s really not much difference in specs and the higher price tags, that’s really not much of a surprise. Many don’t like the heavy weight of the models as well, but the overall strong quality makes up for that. 

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Take a closer look at HIMO Hybrid Model Line here.

What E-Bike Accessories Are Available?

HIMO gives you the whole nine yards when it comes to individual accessories available. You can buy model-specific rear racks, tires, headlights, inner tubes, foot support, chargers, fenders, wiring harnesses, and batteries, among others. For the complete list, head over to their online shop.

Does the Brand Offer a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

All e-bikes come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, not including tires, rotors, brake pads, cassettes, cranksets, and chainrings. The frame is protected for 10 years, and the batteries for 1 year. 

When making a claim, you will need to provide visual (photo or video) evidence of the damage. HIMO will ask for a deposit when replacing the battery, motor, controller, and LCD display. They will refund it once they’re received the damaged part. 

Does HIMO Offer a Test or Trial Period for Their E-bikes?


What Do Most Riders Like About HIMO?

Many are obviously attracted to the affordable prices of solid options like the Z20 and C26. They’re well-designed e-bikes that don’t fall short of delivering the necessities. The accessories included give more bang for your buck. While China-made models may still be looked upon as inferior to European and US-made counterparts, HIMO’s options do well to dispel that belief. 

What Countries Does HIMO Ship To?

HIMO ships to the US, UK, Indonesia, Slovenia, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Portugal, Ireland, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Finland, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Austria,  Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, and Bulgaria. 

Meet HIMO Z20 electric folding bike in this short video:

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