3 Favorite Accessories to Prevent Your E-bike From Being Stolen

Easy E-Biking - Vanmoof e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Here are three accessories for your e-bike. Connected or not, they will help you to secure your e-bike and make it less prone to theft. If you have purchased an expensive electric bike, you will surely appreciate good tools to protect your new vehicle.

Is the city an enemy of an electric bicycle? Less and less so in many large metropolitan areas, as shown by the various cycling facilities deployed in many of them. And yet the fact remains that bicycle theft is one of the scourges that undermine the practice. 

It is not uncommon for a salesman to throw a “you won’t leave it outside, will you?  ” to a customer before the purchase. And the problem of theft affects all ranges: just because you have a second-hand €100 traditional bicycle doesn’t mean you are less likely to have it stolen – at best you have limited the damage by not spending a fortune on your bike.

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Our general recommendations are as follows:

  • Buy a good anti-theft lock and a second, cheaper one. Thieves are opportunistic and the more they have to saw or blow up, the less interested they will be in your e-bike.
  • Double the attachment points: with two locks, you can hang them on to two parts of your e-bike and make maneuvering more difficult (one needs enough space to cut the wires or open a U-lock).
  • Take your electric bike home at night: parking, shared or private bike garage, bike rack in an apartment … in short, it is at night that bikes are stolen the most.
  • Buy insurance for your e-bike: if you have invested in an expensive e-bike, an adapted insurance policy is strongly recommended. The price will evolve with the purchase price of the e-bike. 

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Once you have taken these precautions, you can further enhance the safety of your e-bike. Take a look at the accessories below that will help you find a good solution.

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Abus SmartX, a smart antitheft lock for a dumb e-bike

Easy E-Biking - Abus SmartX e-bike lock, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

This solution is not so much for e-bikes that are already connected (to your smartphone). If your current e-bike is not already connected, this is precisely what the Abus SmartX bike lock does.

Abus SmartX bike lock is rated at the highest security level by the manufacturer and it does not have a key. It unlocks via Bluetooth, either in the application by pressing a button or by detecting your smartphone by a proximity sensor. 

Initial pairing of the devices is not done in the menu, but with an encrypted key. The locking is done automatically and you just have to push a button to trigger the alarm mode. If your e-bike moves or is moved, the alarm will sound and a notification will be sent to you.

I have been testing this lock for over 3 months now and it has never let me down. I was afraid that it would be impossible to unlock or that his battery will run out too quickly discharged, but that’s not the case. There are different models of this lock. The smaller one is perhaps more practical to use because it is less heavy. The bigger one may be better suited for larger frames of electric bikes.

Check the current price on Amazon.

Invoxia, a hidden GPS for your e-bike

Easy E-Biking - Invoxia e-bike GPS tracker, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Invoxia is a French company that had a clever idea: hide a GPS module in a reflector. The accessory looks like any entry-level reflector attached to a seat post and will not raise anyone’s suspicions. A thief wouldn’t bother to break it, thinking it would be the tool guiding police to find him.

Inside this reflector is a rechargeable GPS module, which will allow you to locate your stolen bike (by GPS and then, the closer you get to it, by Bluetooth), but also to inform you of attempted theft. 

As soon as someone starts moving your e-bike, the sensors in the box are activated and send you a notification on your smartphone. You can also define security zones that will act as “virtual barriers”. If your e-bike goes out of the zone, the system warns you.

The application is quite simple and not that fancy, but well done and it works exactly as you would expect it to: efficiently. The tracker works with an annual subscription that is only activated after 3 years of use and then costs only €10 per year.

Check the current price on Amazon.

Abus Nutfix, an antitheft for the wheel

Easy E-Biking - Abus NutFix e-bike lock, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

No Bluetooth, no beep-beep, no alarm, no app, just a clever invention. Abus Nutfix is a wheel lock that allows you to seal the wheel of your e-bike without being totally helpless if you need to remove them. 

To access the fixing nut, your e-bike simply has to be horizontal, which you can’t do with an e-bike attached to a fixed point in theory. Otherwise, the system, which is entirely mechanical, does not allow access to the fixing nut.

I recommend this solution because it is right between the quick-release lever systems found on many bikes and those that make access difficult for thieves… but for you as well. In short, an indispensable tool to avoid having to tighten your wheels with an extra soft lock. Also available to protect a saddle.

Check the current price on Amazon.

This quick video takes another look at various e-bike antitheft solutions:

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