Zize e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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ZIZE, as a bike company, is quick to stand out in more ways than one. For one, Gloucester, Massachusetts, where it makes its headquarters, isn’t exactly a hotbed of bike companies. 

Ultimately, the most unique aspect of the company’s history is arguably its reason for founding. One woman by the name of Joan Denizot is responsible for growing ZIZE Bikes from the ground up. What was her reason for starting the company? Her plus-size build.

She was primarily motivated by the realization, after doing some thorough research on the topic, that not a lot of companies were manufacturing bicycles for people her size. She founded ZIZE (a more colloquial term for size and intended to mean ‘size with attitude’) with the intent of accommodating riders of all sizes, especially heavy ones. 

Zize e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

E-bike ModelType
A New Leaf XGHybrid
Time of Your Life XGCruiser/Commuter
Supersized Personal Activity Trike Trike

The fact that most of ZIZE’s e-bikes can support heavier riders is already one of its standout qualities. You can immediately see this in the maximum weight capacities of the e-bikes, which can accommodate riders weighing up to 550 pounds (250 kg) thanks to the models’ design and specs. 

As far as design goes, stability is improved by the mid-drive motor’s lower center of gravity. 

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As of this writing, this quality is shared by the four models in its catalog. They may noticeably belong to the high-end category as far as pricing goes, but, overall, they provide great value for money.

You’re pretty much paying for the extra-powerful motors that can deliver over 100Nm of torque and the integrated straightforward tech. The same goes for the sturdier design and material used on the frame, wheels, tires, and hubs, besides the other stellar components. 

We’ve dived into each model with the following review. 

ZIZE Yonder Model

Given it’s the most expensive and competently equipped in the entire catalog, the Yonder e-bike can be considered the brand’s signature model. It boasts of the 550-pound (250 kg) carrying capacity we’ve mentioned before and accommodates an inseam range of 29” to 36”.

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The higher carrying capacity is made possible by the wider 100 mm bottom bracket, mammoth (in e-bike standards) Chromoly frame and seat post (that’s almost always tougher than steel) and 135mm/170mm front and rear hubs, and extra-large 26” fat compass tires with a significant grip, regardless of most road conditions. 

The model uses a Bafang mid-drive motor with a Standard Drive with 750W of power and provides as much as 120Nm of motor assistance (which allows it to earn its price tag, in our opinion) and 28mph top speed (which can be achieved by all ZIZE e-bikes).

The 48V battery, once fully charged, gives you more than 40 miles (65 km) of range at most. It uses a 1x 10 Shiman drive train as a rear derailleur with a 10-speed rear hub. 

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The e-bike comes complete with fenders, kickstand, and powerful disc brakes. Overall, you can’t get an e-bike that ticks as many checkboxes as this, and it certainly stands on its pedestal with the support for hefty riders. The fact that it weighs only a little over 50 pounds (22.6 kg) while delivering all these is just the cherry on top. 

Considering these unique qualities, it’s hard to categorize ZIZE, so we’ve opted to group it among the hybrid models available on the market. That only shows its versatility and reliability. 

We invite you to take a closer look at the ZIZE Yonder model line here.

ZIZE A New Leaf XG Model

Costing just $500 cheaper than the Yonder line, it’s not surprising that these two e-bikes share many similarities. Both have the same 550-pound (250 kg) carrying capacity, and both use tougher Chromoly frames and seat post and inseam length range.

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The A New Leaf XG only uses a Shimano 9-speed rear derailleur (this applies to its latest incarnation) and can actually accommodate 7-footers, which is rare, to say the least. It also weighs 3 pounds lighter at exactly 50 pounds (22.6 kg), which is almost a miracle given its ability to support all that weight.

You pretty much get the same high-end motor and battery found in the Yonder, so expect to enjoy the same range and torque even as you save $500. The company also practically cloned the desirable components, such as the Clark M2F hydraulic disc brakes and other accessories mentioned in the previous review. 

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We invite you to take a closer look at the ZIZE New Leaf model line here.

ZIZE Time of Your Life XG Model

The New Leaf and Time of Your Life bear the closest resemblance to each other out of all the models in the catalog. Expect the same dynamic specs as the Yonder, but with a lower inseam range of 29” to 34”. Another difference is that the Time of Your Life is more attuned to shorter riders with heights between 5 to 6 feet (152 – 183 cm). 

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Another unique aspect is the step-thru frame, which makes it closer to cruisers and commuters. We can see this quality extends to the wide rear racks, which interestingly cradle the motor. Indeed, the integration of the mid-drive motor on the rear rack is a rather odd decision, but it doesn’t really impact the e-bike’s performance overall. 

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We invite you to take a closer look at the ZIZE Time of Your Life model line here.

ZIZE Supersized Personal Activity Vehicle Trike Model

The sole trike e-bike in the catalog, the Personal Activity Vehicle (or PAV, in short) is the most unique in the group. It’s actually a motorized version of the PAV created by Workman Cycle. Just the mere addition of motor and battery ballooned its price from a little over $1,000 to $5,100.

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You’re getting quality, though, as evidenced by the front hub German-made battery, which offers above-average mileage based on reviews. The comfort shines through with the noticeable thickness of the seat cushions and the semi-recumbent orientation of the model.   

It also includes both a coaster brake and a front drum brake for maximum road safety. The reinforced tubes and tires, like most ZIZE models, pave the way to the higher weight capacity. 

The sliding rear rack provides ample storage space, making it an option for minor grocery runs or other similar transport purposes. With all these considered, it’s still a solid trike, but it’s not really a brand original. 

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We invite you to take a closer look at the ZIZE Personal Activity Vehicle model line here.

What Do Most Riders Think of ZIZE?

While not as popular as other more established brands in the market, ZIZE has definitely earned a respectable reputation among bike and e-bike riders alike. Many find the models a bit too pricey, but equally a lot can attest to their reliability and performance.

Only a handful of e-bike companies can claim that they design their models with heavier riders in mind. ZIZE chose to provide a solution to people with heftier builds. In short, it targeted a relatively large client base, and it has paid off, as attested by the company’s notable longevity. 

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Does ZIZE Offer a Manufacturer’s Warranty for Its E-Bikes?

Upon purchase, all parts of the model are covered for one year, except for the normal wear ones. Only models with steel frames enjoy a lifetime warranty. Since most ZIZE e-bikes use Chromoly frames, this doesn’t apply to them. 

Is There a Trial Period Riders Can Avail Of?

ZIZE doesn’t offer one at present. 

What Countries Does ZIZE Ship To?

ZIZE uses MyUS.com to handle most of its deliveries. It uses the service for US deliveries as well as international shipping. They can handle deliveries to most countries. Head over to their site to see for yourself. 

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