Revelo e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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Easy E-Biking - Revelo FLEX electric bike: real world, real e-bikes - helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Revelo, also known as Revelo Electric, was founded in 2012 by Henry Chong in Toronto. Officially, it labels itself as a “Canadian Design and Technology Company.” Its name was derived from the word “revolutionary”, so it’s safe to say that imparting convenience to riders via innovation was one of the main reasons for the company’s founding. 

Henry has been quoted as saying that the main reason he designed FLEX, the company’s first-ever official e-bike release, was his desire to change the way people move. Like most e-bike companies, Revelo also started to address lingering transportation issues like congestion and pollution. 

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The company’s philosophy stems largely from its CEO’s belief that transportation solutions don’t necessarily need to subscribe to the classic statement that “bigger is better”.

As the Founder and Designer of Revelo, Henry thinks that efficiency, creativity, and innovation can only be utilized to the fullest with smaller electric transports. Much like most visionaries, he seeks to challenge the norm of bike design. 

His ideas couldn’t be more evident in how Revelo designs its e-bikes. And for Revelo’s contribution to revolutionizing the e-bike industry in Canada and worldwide, it has received a couple of awards, the most notable of which is the ACCE Most Innovative Company Award in 2016. 

Revelo e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

As of this writing, Revelo opts to concentrate on foldable e-bikes. It has one distinct model and one unique component offering at present, the FLEX, and the THINstem. Both of these products more or less serve to introduce riders to the kind of conveniences Revelo wishes to impart to riders. 

Easy E-Biking - Revelo FLEX electric bike: real world, real e-bikes - helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Revelo e-bikes

The two are similar in that they actively provide solutions to long-time problems in e-bike riding and bicycling as a whole. As far as specs are concerned, Revelo’s FLEX is only our frame of reference, and it’s apparent that the company prefers to lean towards convenience than power.

Just enough motor assistance and range for the average commuter, boat owner, or anyone who simply loves to explore urban landscapes and occasional off-road trails. 

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Revelo FLEX foldable e-bike

The two core strengths of the FLEX are its compactness and very lightweight build. The FLEX doesn’t even weigh above 33 pounds, which smoothly complements its foldability. Some foldable e-bikes can’t manage to keep their weights down, thereby reducing their portability. 

Once folded, it’s also one of the few that’s guaranteed to fit in smaller vehicles. FLEX is obviously a pleasant exception and should even be used as a paradigm for foldable e-bikes if we might add. Add to this the mini-size characteristic of the entire model, and it pretty much addresses a long-term issue that riders have had with foldable e-bikes. 

Easy E-Biking - Revelo FLEX electric bike: real world, real e-bikes - helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Revelo e-bikes

The pedals are also designed to boost comfort while seated, which we think makes up for the lack of pedal assist, though do take note that it does have a steep hill assist pedaling mode.

It’s also been incorporated with the THINstem handlebar, allowing it to swivel to a 90-degree angle for better space-saving. Once folded in its patented Z-Fold, the relative size of the entire model is cut by close to half, which is another godsend in that regard. 

The battery can provide a range of about 20 miles, which is already noteworthy considering it’s basically a mini e-bike. The 250W rear-mounted motor obviously keeps the weight down and has a top speed of 28k/h, which is again above average. We also like the fact that they didn’t skimp in the tires by making them multi-terrain and flat-resistant. 

For everything that you get with the price considered, the FLEX definitely deserves to be recommended. We’re even going to go ahead and say that its design should make other companies rethink their philosophies about foldable e-bikes. 

THINstem rotation system

The THINstem functions as a nifty e-bike accessory that not only boosts the manageability of any model but ensures its security as well. It serves as a complete bike stem replacement that can be rotated 90 degrees, making heftier e-bikes more amenable to stowing, especially as it allows e-bikes to lean flat against any type of wall that can hold their weight. 

Easy E-Biking - Revelo FLEX electric bike: real world, real e-bikes - helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Revelo e-bikes

Even desks and spaces between booths can become applicable locations to keep THINstem equipped e-bikes. After all, it manages to rotate the handlebar to be aligned directly above the frame, and not offset to one side, achieving the thinnest format possible.

Certain brands with a similar concept can’t boast of having the same space-saving feature since their handlebars tend to stick out. This isn’t at all the case with THINstem. 

This is why if you’ve been struggling to find a space for your e-bike indoors, this feature might solve it all together while decreasing its risk of getting stolen when kept outdoors. Without a doubt, it also makes charging easier. 

Another perk the THINstem provides, especially for heavier e-bikes, is that it allows them to be aligned with their respective frames to the point that they can be easily navigated through crowded places. 

And, thanks to the highly symmetrical design, you can even balance your bike with just one hand. It allows them to take significantly less space (and attention), which has undeniable long-term benefits for any rider. The icing on the cake? THINstem was designed with high compatibility with most e-bikes and bikes in mind. 

What do riders think of Revelo?

Interestingly, Revelo, particularly the THINstem, is more popular in European countries like Germany, Sweden, and the UK. It’s also widely recognized in Australia.

Easy E-Biking - Revelo FLEX electric bike: real world, real e-bikes - helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Revelo e-bikes

Equally intriguing is that the company has done zero advertising for its models in the said countries. We attribute this popularity to the company’s direct solutions to most commuting problems and the sheer convenience of their e-bikes’ designs. 

Certain bike brands like Flatbike Century and Venilu Citanna have already integrated THINstem into their bike and e-bike designs. The company expects more partnerships with European companies in the near future. 

Its FLEX model has also been widely reviewed and praised by pundits and e-bike enthusiasts alike. Most love the compact size of the e-bike and the fact that it can be carried around easily when not in use. 

Countries Revelo ships to

Free e-bike shipping is available for Canadian residents. Do take note that they allow international shipping for their accessories like the THINstem but not for complete e-bikes like the FLEX.

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Here is a quick video, highlighting Revelo’s THINstem system on its FLEX electric bike:

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