Best Known Electric Bicycle Brands in Canada

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With the many new manufacturers entering the market, it’s becoming an uphill task to choose the best brand for electric bicycles. There’s no doubt, various governments are supporting bicycles as a way of making local traveling easier and reducing traffic. 

But as much as this new trend is a good one, people will not be able to peddle all day from one point to the other. What they need is something that’s convenient but doesn’t exhaust them at the same time. And that’s where electric bicycles come in. 

Riding an e-bike is a philosophical adjustment. Even with all the controversies from purists who feel that using e-bikes is cheating, this is a technology that is quickly being absorbed in our societies. 

That said, in this article, we will cover the best electric bicycle brands you can consider in Canada. Here is the list of the best-known electric bike brands in Canada (listed in random order).

Let’s start with a summary of types of e-bikes and e-bike models that are offered by each of the companies:

BrandTypes of E-BikesModels
Rad Power BikesCommuter e-bikes
Off-road e-bikes
Cargo e-bikes
City e-bikes
Folding e-bikes
Metro e-bikes
Rad Runner
Rad Rover
Rad Wagon
Rad City
Rad Mini
Rad Mission
AventonCruiser, City, Commuter
Fat, Folding
Cruiser, City
Trek Electric BikesCity e-bikes
Mountain e-bikes
Hybrid e-bikes
Road e-bikes
The Domane+ LT9
Alant +7
Rail 9.9
Biktrix Electric BikesFolding e-bikes
Fat-tire e-bikes
Surface 604Commuter E-bikes
Fat-tire bikes
The Rock
The Colt
The Boar
The Shred
Ohm Electric BikesCity
Spark Electric BikesFoldable E-bike
Fat Tire E-bike
City Cruiser E-bike
Spark Bolt
Spark Mini
Spark City
Spark X
Elby Electric BikesSingle Speed
Nine Speed
Pedego Electric BikesElectric Commuter Bike
Cargo E-bike
Tandem E-bike
City Commuter
Boomerang Plus
Volt Electric BikesTrike E-bikes
Foldable E-bikes
Off-road E-bikes
Mariner E-bikes
VoltBike Trio
VoltBike Urban
VoltBike Bravo
VoltBike Mariner
Electric Fat Bike CompanyTrike E-bikes
Off-road E-bikes
EFB 1000
EFB500 Step Through
EFB Trike
Giant Electric BikesGiant Explore Eplus 4
Giant Trans Eplus 1 Pro
Giant LaFree Eplus 2
Giant Full Eplus 1
Giant Quick Eplus
Daymak Electric BikesThe shadow
The beast
The photon
The chameleon
Alter Ego Electric BikesFolding
Fat tire
Beach Cruiser

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes is a company that was founded in 2007 in Seattle, Washington USA. This company had a business model that focused on selling its products to its consumers directly around the world. Mike Radenbaugh introduced the Rad Power Bikes. At that time, Mike was a student in high school and he was really in need of an affordable way to commute from school. And that is when he decided to build his first e-bike. Brilliant, right? 

The very first e-bike that Mike came up with was made of rustic materials. Some of them included a brushless motor, lead-acid batteries, and Tupperware that helped to encase all the wiring. But before long, Mike became hooked and before he knew it, he was already making e-bikes for his family, friends, and a few of his neighbors. 

Later in 2015, Mike finally founded Rad Power Bikes. He joined forces with TY Collins who was his childhood friend as well as a fellow e-bike enthusiast. Today, the company has a direct-to-customer protocol with an average of 160 employees and an attractive line of 8 e-bikes. 

Rad Power Bikes models

Rad Power Bikes features 8 models of e-bikes. This lineup consists of Commuter e-bikes, Off-road e-bikes, Cargo e-bikes, City e-bikes, Folding e-bikes, and Metro-style e-bikes. Therefore, despite the kind you would want, there is something for everyone.

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Rad Power Bikes quality and features

One of the most impressive things about Rad Power Bikes is that they are not your regular e-bikes models. They will always stand out from any pack, all thanks to their plethora of unique and quality features. These are features that are you can only find on the Rad Power Bikes brand. 

On top of that, e-bikes tend to be utilitarian in nature. This is a feature that makes these e-bikes very competitive. The other aspects of these e-bikes that you will likely fall in love with include:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Extra-wide tires
  • Highly powerful batteries
  • A 750 W motor
  • A direct-to-consumer business model that helps build a personal relationship between the buyers and the company
  • Practical design and 
  • A throttle

The fact that Rad Power Bikes sell directly to the cyclists, they can bring their price to an affordable level. Also, they work with a variety of vendors on building custom drivetrains. As a result, they can bring to the market quality, unique and affordable product. 

Where can I get Rad Power Bikes in Canada?

Are you interested in buying a Rad Power Bike? Well, you can get the type of your choice from the official website for Rad Power Bikes. The company has a rare but effective business model that ensures there are direct-to-consumer sales. 

With this model, there is the elimination of middlemen and retailers who in most cases ramp up the production process unnecessarily. What are you waiting for? Get yourself an e-bike and let’s make this planet greener by minimizing the use of gas-gobbling motor vehicles. 


Easy E-Biking - Aventon electric bike logo - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Aventon’s humble origins in California do well to underscore the success it’s currently enjoying. Much like a lot of e-bike companies, it dedicates itself to improving every model it puts out. However, what undoubtedly sets it apart is that it never loses its focus on prioritizing what most riders want in their e-bikes.

You’ll see this in how they manage to keep the prices of their standout models down while meeting the standards that actually matter like more riding range, maximum top speeds, riding comfort, and overall convenience. It’s a brand that we’ll gladly recommend to anyone looking for a spectacular urban rider or commuter, which you won’t take long to warm up to.

Aventon e-bike models

Aventon offers three distinct e-bike models: the PaceLevel, and Sinch. Out of the three, the Level and Sinch stand out the most. Both give you plenty of the essentials you’re looking for from an e-bike, minus any kind of extra unnecessary accessories – at least if you’re the type of rider who can do without much of the techy stuff found in high-end models. 

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Aventon quality and features

Aventon is the very definition of a cost-effective brand, especially if we put all the spotlight on the Level line. We can say as much for its other models, to the point that it won’t be an overstatement to say that the other lines are simply lighter versions (in more ways than one) of it. 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the Level line represents everything that’s terrific about the Aventon brand. Its step-thru version sells for less than $1,700 yet already comes with a powerful 750W motor that can go for as fast as 28mph. 

You get hydraulic brakes, fenders, a rear seat, and an adjustable kickstand as well. Besides the ready comfort from the general frame design and saddle incorporated, you can also expect to get at least 60 miles of riding range for every full charge. 

On the whole, practicality shines through in Aventon models, thanks to their mixture of top-notch comfort and powerful performance. 


Easy E-Biking - Addmotor e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Addmotor is a California-based e-bike company that was founded in 2011 at El Monte. Like plenty of other companies of its kind, it had the main goal of offering top-notch e-bike models to the general riding public. 

The brand doesn’t explicitly state what the meaning behind its name is, but one can assume that it’s to be taken literally. Having been founded as a full e-bike company, the name connotes and promises an improvement over the conventional bike. 

Addmotor e-bike models

The company made its mark in the industry with its obvious focus on fat-tire models. All of its models fit the fat category because they integrate the said large-volume tires. From there, the company introduces variety through the specs, design, and components integrated, allowing them to offer models that can also serve as city, folding, hybrid, trike, and cruiser options.  

That said, expect their models to be versatile in the terrains they can handle and in the riding comfort they impart. They also offer plenty of options when it comes to frame designs, which lend to more of the latter. Another attractive feature shared by most of their models is their relatively budget-friendly costs which make them all the more good value due to their impressive specs (at least, in the batteries and motors they incorporate). 

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Addmotor quality and features

The brand offers both step-thru and step-over folding variations through their M-140 and M-150 models to suit the needs of any rider. All the models are noticeably powerful thanks to the Bafang 750W rear-mounted motor with as much as 80Nm of torque and 25mph (40 km/h) top speed, so you can expect that they won’t struggle too much in hill climbs.

There are certainly a lot of gems in Addmotor‘s city/cruiser line. The M-430 step-thru model, for one, has some solid specs, such as the 750W hub motor, which can conquer a lot of steeper than normal inclines out there. That said, it makes a perfect option for riders in hilly cities and towns. 

For its trike line, Addmotor goes all-in on stability (sometimes arguably to a fault since it doesn’t do much to bring down the weight) with their fat-trike e-bikes. In fact, if you’re having trouble balancing on bikes and e-bikes, these models are your best bet. 

What differentiates Addmotor All-Terrain models? Well, the difference lies mainly in the preload-adjustable front fork suspensions found in these models that make them a hybrid eMTB and city option. Coupled with the standard fat tires, these are models you won’t mind riding through urban streets, sandy beaches, rocky roads, snowy tracks, and muddy trails.

Trek Electric Bikes


Without a doubt, Trek bikes are one of the best e-bikes in Canada today. In terms of material, this electric bikes company has gone through an evolution over the years. They originally started producing bikes made out of hand-brazed steel frames. Then later in 1985, the company changed its materials to aluminum models which have now become the new normal in the bike industry. 

With that in mind, recent Trek e-bikes are manufactured using Alpha Aluminium. The Alpha aluminum is stronger and lighter as compared to other forms of materials. That makes this bike an excellent option when you want to take a ride around the corner. 

Trek e-bikes also have the latest ABP (Active Braking Pivot) system which is a suspension system that’s not affected by brakes. 

The Trek e-bikes company began in 1976 when a small group of friends decided to make the best bikes the world has ever seen. And to this day, Trek still remains to be one of the leading electric bike companies on the planet. 

Trek electric bike models

There are several types of electric bikes made by Trek in the market today. They include the Allant+ 7, The Domane+ LT9, and the Rail 9.9. These are high-performing electric bikes that are efficient and have minimal weight. 

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Trek electric bike quality and features

Typically, the Trek electric bikes make riding a bike on any steep surface an easy task. They are essentially great at getting back to the riding culture and also maintaining that travel breeze. 

All of the Trek electric bikes come with a mid-drive pedal-assist device that helps you pedal when you are tired. They also feature a display on the handlebars to give a brief summary of your speed and distance traveled. These amazing bikes feature a long-lasting battery that makes traveling a walk in the park. 

One of the most outstanding features of the Trek bikes is their IsoSpeed. This is a feature that frees up space between the seat tube and the whole structure. Hence it enables a sort of vertical compliance which cushions the weight of the rider. Such bikes ensure that you have a smooth ride while having complete control and efficiency of the machine. What more would you ask for? 

Where can I get Trek electric bikes in Canada? 

Trek electric bikes company is a respected and renowned brand all over the world and for good reason. They manufacture quality bikes and the company sponsors many leading athletes in most of the world stages. Most of the latest models of the Trek bikes are created in China then transported to the rest of the world. Other manufacturing plants are in Germany, Taiwan, and the Netherlands. 

Trek electric bikes Canada also has a website where you can easily find most of the models. Trek e-Bikes are also sold in several shops across Canada. Information about which can be found on the company website. 

Biktrix Electric Bikes


BikTrix is a rather small company that is based in Saskatchewan, Canada. When it was first started, it began as just a Kickstarter project and that was way back in 2014. The CEO and Founder of this company, Roshan Thomas, was on the hunt for a cheaper way to commute. 

And since he was an avid motorcyclist and DIYer, he could spend most of his spare time rebuilding vintage bikes. This was never enough for him and that is when he became very determined to build his first e-bike. And after doing his research, he realized that it would be very cost-prohibitive to build an e-bike. 

In 2014, Roshan launched his Kickstarter campaign for the Juggernaut which was the only e-bike in the market with a 750 W mid-drive motor. BikTrix has expanded and they are among the leading brands for electric bikes with very competitive prices. 

Biktrix electric bike models

Biktrix produces several models of e-bikes. Some of these models include; the folding model, the fat-tire, and a conversion kit. The best part is that the brand continues to refine the quality of models they have. 

They understand that affordability, accessibility, and riding comfort are at the top of priority for every cyclist. Without forgetting the crucial role that the durability and comfort of the bike play in the overall riding experience. 

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Biktrix e-bikes quality and features

Biktrix e-bikes will bring back the thrill to your e-biking experience, all thanks to its high-quality make. That said, here are some of the things that you will love about Biktrix e-bikes. The e-bikes come with a powerful motor that makes it easier for you to climb any incline. 

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Also, it has no drag meaning that if in any case, your e-bike battery dies, you can pedal your e-bike just like any other regular bike. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck somewhere far from home. 

On top of that, the e-bikes come with a maintenance-free Battery Management System which makes it possible for you to leave the battery plugged in for as long as you would like. With the BMS, there is a power supply cut off to the cell in case there is undercharge or overcharge. 

The company offers its customers great aftermarket support. This is important as customer support is always there to cater to any inquiries and help you in case you are experiencing any issues with your e-bike. 

Where can I get the Biktrix e-bikes in Canada?

If you would like a Biktrix e-bike you can easily get one on the official website. E-bikes have become the new trend and what more would you want than an e-bike that you can use to move from point A-B effortlessly? 

The best part is that is the e-bikes can easily be customized to fit your recommendations. This is a feature that’s only unique to the Biktrix brand. Above all, this is an e-bike brand that still remains the only company that ships their e-bikes by air and more importantly, directly to their clients.

Surface 604 electric bikes


Surface 604 is a company located in Vancouver, Canada. It was founded in 2013 and since then it has been dedicated to producing the best reasonably priced E-bikes in the market. Everyone who is part of the Surface 604 team is a cyclist. Therefore, they make their E-bikes having in mind the real perspective of what the riders need. 

Surface 604 e-bike models 

Currently, Surface 604 offers four different high-end models of E-bikes. These include two commuter models; the Rook and the Colt. Also, they have flat-tire bikes and in this category, they offer the Boar which is a camouflage bike that’s most ideal for hunters and the Shred. 

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Surface 604 quality and features

The one thing we love about Surface 604 is that they make good-quality bikes that are reasonably priced to suit the needs of every individual. Also, they invest in good quality components such as Bafang, Kenda, Tektro, FSA, SRAM, and SR Suntour in making their E-bikes. 

In addition, each of the models they provide is packed with amazing features. These are features that will give you a flawless ride. Best of all, these features can be easily upgraded later. You will love the fact that all their bikes come with torque bike sensors that give you a whisper smooth ride. 

Where can you get Surface 604 e-bikes in Canada?

If you want to purchase any of the above-mentioned bikes, you can get the E-bike model of choice from the Surface 604 website (link to website). It will be directly shipped to you for free if you are in the USA or Canada. You can also check out the local dealers near you either in Canada or the USA. 

Buying from the local dealers is recommended as you will not only be promoting the local community but also you will get adequate local support from your dealer. This is always a big plus as compared to the minimal or non-existent support one gets from purchasing their e-bike online. 

Ohm electric bikes

Easy E-Biking - OHM e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Ohm Electric Bike is an e-bike manufacturer that is located in Vancouver, Canada. The brand has been on the leader’s board since 2005, making it one of the most trustable brands out there. It features innovative designs and also builds premium e-bikes with high-end quality. 

Ohm e-bike models

The one thing we love about this bike brand is that all their electric bikes are ergonomically as well as ecologically designed, and above all, price friendly. Ohm Electric Bikes has four different models of e-bikes. These models are furthermore differentiated as either trekking style and/or commuting e-bikes.

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Ohm e-bikes quality and features

Ohm E-bikes never disappoint when it comes to quality and build. The brand creates high-end e-bikes with the ability to recharge the battery whenever you apply the brakes. When the rear brake is applied, the system tends to automatically recharge. Hence, this extends the range of your e-bike by around 15%.

This is a setting that works perfectly especially when you are riding downhill. As you control your speed, you are able to boost your battery at the same time. More to that, this company is well-known for designing their own frames before outfitting them with accessories and components that place their products at a higher bar than other brands.

Also, Ohms bikes offer customization variations as well as offer test rides for clients in Vancouver. You will love the fact that the brand also offers a 2-year warranty. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about spending your dollars as you are guaranteed reliable customer support that will take care of your needs anytime.

Where can you buy Ohm e-bikes in Canada?

You can visit the Ohm E-bikes website (link to website) to make an order for your preferred e-bike. This way, you will have your e-bike shipped to you through UPS, FedEx, or Canpar if you have a Canadian address. 

Besides that, there are several designated pickup stations where you can have your products delivered. You might consider Velofix Direct which is a reliable build and delivery program. 

Finally, you can pick up your e-bike from their store in Vancouver, Canada at the factory store. The best thing about this is that you can get the chance to have a quick test ride. This way, you can tell if the bike you are getting is really what will meet your needs. 

Spark Electric Bikes

Easy E-Biking - Spark Canada e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Spark Bikes is a Canadian-based company that has been in business for at most 3 years. Despite being a very young company, they are doing their best to offer the best e-bikes in the market at a price that can’t be beaten without compromising the quality of their components.

Spark e-bike models

Spark E-bikes have at least five electric bike models. They include; the Spark Bolt which is a small foldable city cruiser that tends to be very light in weight. Also, they have the Spark Mini which is also a foldable e-bike but this time a rugged fat tire bike. 

You will fall in love with their three full-size bikes starting with the Spark City E-bike, not forgetting Spark X fat tire E-bike which tends to be their most expensive e-bike model. The Spark X is a rugged model that will come in handy if you need to take a ride in the snow as well as all seasons through the year. 

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Spark e-bikes quality and features

The quality of E-bikes that Spark Bikes produces is never negotiable. They dedicate their time in creating the best-designed e-bikes using high-end components and accessories. And the best part about this is that their e-bikes are not outrageously overpriced. 

Where can you get Spark e-bikes in Canada?

When you make your order through the Spark E-bikes website (link to website), you will get free shipping as long as you are within the borders of Canada. In addition to that, you are eligible for a 12-month warranty. 

Spark E-bikes is definitely a company that is worth considering as they are always striving to improve the e-bike models they already have as well as introduce some newer models to the market. If you are interested in investing in an e-bike, you can be assured that Spark E-bikes is just the place to be. 

Elby Electric Bikes

Easy E-Biking - Elby e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Elby Bikes is definitely a very unique e-bikes company that was started by Frank Stonach who is a car parts manufacturer in Canada. This is a company that was built from the ground up and was founded in the year 2015. 

Elby e-bike models

Elby Bikes offer unique and stylish e-bikes that are easy to get on and off. They have introduced a few new models although they still using their first model only that they have refined it a little bit. 

Elby Bikes has two versions of their E-bikes. They have the one-size-fits-most which is a hybrid electric bike with a single speed and a 9 speed. The single-speed model is the ideal e-bike for city commuters that need very simple operations and don’t have to worry about shifting gears. 

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Elby e-bikes quality and features

The Elby E-bikes are built to incorporate the latest e-bikes technology and features. This is exactly what any bike needs to have a comfortable and safe ride. Every element of the Elby bikes is designed to deliver the most outstanding performance as compared to other e-bike brands.

In that, with the Elby Bikes, you will be enjoying a premium riding experience. Although this bike might have a couple of special features, the technology that is built into this bike is exactly what you need to experience that electric feeling. 

Also, Elby Bikes have certain premium features such as Bion X D series hydraulic brakes that have a regeneration feature. This means that whenever you hit the brakes, you will be able to extend the range of your bike by at least 15%. 

The Elby Bikes also has an ergonomic design and very comfortable handgrips and seats. All this is designed to give you the best feeling when you are riding. The motor and the battery of this bike give it a lower center of gravity. And in that case, you get a better balance when riding from one destination to the other.

Where can you get Elby e-bikes in Canada?

If you are looking for high-end bikes with a modern style and quality components, Elby bikes will never disappoint. You can get your e-bike from the Elby Bikes website (link to website) and have the product delivered to your doorstep. 

The best part is that you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is means that you can return the bike within 30 days if you don’t like it. Also, Elby bikes customer service is always a call away if you need any help with your bikes. 

Pedego Electric Bikes


Pedego Company was initially started in California back in 2008. Two years down the line, Pedego Canada was born. The company now has several stores across Canada which offer rentals, sales, and servicing of these North American e-bikes. 

Pedego e-bike models

This amazing company has a range of e-bikes that will entice any bike enthusiasts. From, Interceptor electric cruiser bike, city commuter electric commuter bike, to electric cargo bike, there is something for everyone. 

On top of that, they also have The Tandem (an electric bike that’s built for two). That means twice the fun and you won’t have to take that adventurous journey to the woods alone. What’s more, this amazing brand has off-road e-bikes such as Elevate full-suspension EMTB for those rough terrains. That said, you don’t have to worry about your terrain anymore.

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Pedego e-bikes quality and features

The most outstanding feature about Pedego e-bikes is that they come at all prices. The main reason why Pedego e-bikes are so popular in Canada is that they are perfect at handling difficult terrains in British Columbia. And that’s not all!

Pedego e-bikes feature Pedal and Throttle assist systems. The pedal-assist system automatically senses your pedals and assists you to move faster with less effort. That means these e-bikes will give you a more or less bike-like feel. The pedal assists work amazing especially when you want to travel over long distances and you need to have a few stops along the way. 

Canadians love the throttle assist feature since it gives the complete control riders are looking for. Unfortunately, this feature is forbidden in Europe. Thankfully, in Canada, riders don’t have such regulations. This feature is extremely helpful when starting from a standstill position.  It gives you a quick burst of energy to go up a hill or even safely get through an intersection. 

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Apart from that, these bikes have a powerful battery that’s strong enough to take you through your journey in peace.

How can you buy a Pedego electric bike in Canada? 

You don’t have to buy one especially if it’s a one-time thing. However, once you get a taste of these bikes, there’s a chance that you’ll be coming back for more. The company offers rental and hires whenever you need one but you can also buy one on the Pedego Online store (link to website). 

There’s also a feature on their website that helps you find a store near you if you don’t want to buy the bikes online. 

Volt Electric Bikes

volt bike

The VoltBike is a large E-bike company with an outstanding record. You’ve probably seen one of these bikes on the streets with the VoltBike logo. They are quite popular and with good reason. The company has its distribution center in Vancouver, Canada. They also own a large warehouse up in North Surrey, Canada. 

What’s more, these bikes are designed to be affordable but still maintain their premium quality and style. Meaning, you will get the best e-bikes in the business at a friendly price. 

VoltBike e-bike models

VoltBike is fully capable of catering to every e-bike enthusiast and their specific needs. That’s because they have a range of electric bikes including VoltBike Trio, which is a cargo trike e-bike, VoltBike Urban (Folding E-bike), VoltBike Bravo (Off-road e-bike) among others. 

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Once you buy an e-bike from VoltBike, they will give you access to repair services at an affordable price. They also have a community of VoltBike owners on Instagram and Facebook where you can all share photos of your amazing e-bikes. On top of that, you will get a chance to participate in group community events. 

VoltBike e-bikes quality and features

Each of VoltBike electric bikes is fitted with a BAFANG motor which is one of the world’s most known brands in the e-bike field. Additionally, the e-bikes are equipped with Panasonic batteries, which are long-lasting and can serve you for years to come. 

The bikes are built with a super-light aluminum frame which allows you to have an easy time peddling but also looks good to the eye. The aluminum frame is robust enough to handle the elements without compromising its integrity. 

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These phenomenal e-bikes have TEKTRO brakes which you can fully rely on in case of an emergency stop. When you buy one of the VoltBike e-bikes, you will also receive a helmet, assembly multi-tool kit, battery charger, and pedals. This ensures you have a smooth time with your e-bike right from the start. 

Where can you buy a VoltBike e-bike in Canada? 

Thanks to their easy to navigate online store, getting a VoltBike e-bike is only a click away. All you have to do is go to the VoltBike official website and order one for yourself. These bikes were designed by ‘Canadians for Canadians’. Fortunately, the company also ships to the US. 

Additionally, you can order accessories or replacement parts from the VoltBike online website. That way, you will only get authentic parts directly from the manufacturer. 

Electric Fat Bike Company

Electric Fat

This is one of the largest e-bike companies in Canada. Electric Fat Bike Company brands itself as being the best e-bike company in the entire country. The company was started by Kalyn Webster back in October 2017. 

The company is based on Kalyn Webster’s imagination and they managed to create 5 beautiful models. 

Electric Fat Bike company models

The first model is the EFB1000 which is basically an electric bike fitted with a 1000W Bafang motor. It also has Tektro brakes meaning you can rely on your bike especially during those emergencies. 

The bike includes a water bottle holder, rack, and fenders. You can also add a GPS tracker to your bike for added security measures. The next model is the EFB750 which is fitted with a 750W Bafang motor. The e-bike features a Samsung li-ion battery for added capacity. 

Usage of Bafang motors seems to be one of the biggest differences in the models offered by the Electric Fat Bike company. Other models include:

  • EFB750 Step Through
  • EFB500 Step Through
  • The EFB Trike e-bike with a 750W Front Hub Motor

Electric Fat Bike company quality and features

All of the electric bikes in this company are fitted with the best of the best. They all have a Samsung battery that increases their endurance, especially in tough environments. More importantly, the e-bikes feature a waterproof controller so you don’t have to worry about rainy weather. 

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These electric bikes have Mozo hydraulic suspension which makes it easy to cruise around. And finally, fat bikes are all fitted with BAFANG motor, which many riders claim, is the best in the e-biking business. 

Where can I get an Electric Fat Bike in Canada? 

EFB currently has an online store which makes it easy to shop for an e-bike in Canada. They also have several reviews from satisfied customers hence you can trust the company. What you need to understand is that EFB is purely a Canadian company which makes it easy for them to service e-bike enthusiasts within Canada. 

Giant Electric Bikes

Easy E-Biking - Giant e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Giant Manufacturing Company is a brand that went global but was founded in Daija, Taiwan in 1972 by King Liu and several friends. By the year 2018, the Giant Manufacturing Company had sold over 6.6 million bikes and had acquired a net revenue of 1.9 billion US dollars. This company now has 12,000 retail shops in over 50 countries. 

The Giant Manufacturing Company is considered to be among the top brands in North America alongside Trek and Specialized. Their electric bikes were first introduced featuring fully integrated batteries and customized Yamaha systems. In fact, this company was among the first bike companies to ever introduce the in-frame type of battery packs. 

Giant electric bike models

This company has several e-bike models including Giant Explore E+ 4GTS, Giant Trance E+ 1 Pro, Giant LaFree E+ 2, Giant Full E+1, and Giant Quick E+. This is one of the best brands out there with quality e-bikes. 

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Giant electric bikes quality and features

The Giant e-bikes are very subtle. You would barely notice it if you really didn’t know what you are looking for. These e-bikes are clearly the best in the business today. Fully equipped with the SyncDrive motor from Yamaha, the giant e-bikes will ensure you have a smooth ride. 

The full power of these bikes promises to deliver plenty of power and a big range to wherever you are going. However, the downside to these bikes is that they are fairly heavy to carry around. But that is quickly overshadowed by the stellar performance that you will get out of the Giant e-bikes. 

On average, these e-bikes can go up to 120 km on a single charge. That’s enough to take you around the block without having to worry about the charge. It’s ideal for mountain climbing and also for people who are trying to get back to their biking routines. 

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The Giant specs tires will feel just right in any model. They roll easily and perfectly and have a pretty decent grip of the road. With these bikes, be sure you won’t be slipping anywhere even during those rainy days. 

In most cases, both the wheel and the tire are tubeless which makes it easy to jump. Overall, you will definitely enjoy a ride with this brand of e-bikes even if it’s your first time trying them. 

Where can I find Giant a e-bike in Canada? 

As mentioned earlier, Giant is one of the most established brands, especially in North America. That means that there are multiple shops where you can get yourself one of these electric bikes. 

The most popular place in Canada is the Giant Toronto found in 650 Queen Street West-Toronto. Other places where you can get a Giant Electric bike include Amego electric vehicles, E-bike Universe Vancouver, and Giant Vancouver. 

The list goes on and on. All you have to do is identify the best electric bike shop in Canada near you. Or you can easily order online from Giant Toronto and they will deliver it to your home. However, that will also cost you a little extra.  

Daymak Electric Bikes


Daymak is a Toronto-based company that has its headquarters located on Woodborough Avenue. The company was started back in 2001 by Aldo Baiochi. He was the chief technology officer back then. When he started this company, Aldo had one simple objective: he wanted to purchase an electric bike for his daughter for her birthday. 

And that’s when he found out that it’s incredibly hard to buy an electric bike from the US due to customs regulations. So he thought that starting his own electric bike company would be a lucrative business and hence the birth of Daymak electric bikes. Actually, the name of the company is a combination of Aldo’s daughter’s name and his wife’s name. 

Daymak electric bike models

Over the years, Daymak Company managed to create several models which include:The Shadow which is considered to be one of the world’s first electric bikes, the Beast; an all-terrain electric bike, and the Photon which is a kid’s electric bike. Other models in this company are the chameleon and the EC1. 

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Daymak electric bikes quality and features

The Daymak e-bikes are a bit different when compared to the other companies on this list. One of the most common features found in all the Daymak e-bikes is that they are all made of light material which makes the e-bikes easy to control and maneuver with. They all have a battery that could easily run for 6 hours without necessarily recharging the bike. On top of that, once you buy these bikes, you will have a one-year warranty. 

The handles are designed using aluminum alloy which is strong enough to handle you. However, the wheel size differs depending on the model of the Daymak e-bike you choose. Each bike has an independent headlight and a bell that will help you navigate your way in the dark.

These e-bikes are also fitted with disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. Therefore, in case of any emergency on the road, you can rely on your brakes when you need to make an instant stop. Unfortunately, the distance that you will be able to cover is largely influenced by the weight of the bike and the passenger. If you have a lot of weight on the bike, it won’t take you very far and the battery will likely die at a shorter distance. 

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All in all, the Daymak electric bikes are fun to have around and to get back to your riding routines. The fact that these electric bikes can take over your cycling means that you have enough time to relax as you cruise through the streets.

Where can I get a Daymak electric bike in Canada?

If you’ve already fallen in love with the Daymak electric bikes, then go to their official website and get one for yourself. What’s more, if you are in Canada, just head down to Toronto to their headquarters and let the staff walk you through their latest e-bikes and their prices.

Alter Ego Electric bikes

Easy E-Biking - Alter Ego electric bike logo - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

We have prepared a detailed review of the Alter Ego Bikes brand and its e-bike model. Please take a look at the article below.

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A few words in conclusion

Well, there you have it! All the companies above will get you that amazing e-bike that you’ve always wanted. All you have to do is contact the company and tell them what you need. More importantly, most of the e-bike companies are based in Canada hence you can easily walk into their shops and sample their e-bikes. 

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