Kalkhoff e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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A premier German brand, Kalkhoff prides itself in its 100+ years of history. Founded in 1919 with its present facility at Cloppenburg, the brand combines tradition with innovation. Its name is derived from the founder, Heinrich Kalkhoff, who was but a teenager when he started the practice of trading bicycle components in his hometown in the same year. 

Within four years in 1923, he made the transition to bike manufacturing. From there until 1936, the budding company produced thousands of bikes for the German public. It stopped short during the war years since it was forced to manufacture weapons instead. Kalkhoff returned to bike manufacturing upon the war’s conclusion. 

1972 marked the modern phase of the company, where it saw steady growth under the management of the founder’s sons. It was integrated into the Derby Group in 1988. 2007 is a significant year for the company since it signaled its entrance into the e-bike industry. Considering the year, it can be considered as one of the pioneers in the industry. 

That being said, the company enjoyed the best success when it made the transition to producing e-bikes. Fueled by a 2015 rebranding and modernization, it has since become one of the most recognized brands in Europe.

Kalkhoff e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

E-Bike LineType
EndeavourRoad, Hybrid
EnticeRoad, Hybrid
AgattuCity, Commuter

There’s no shortage of options to choose from as far as the 40 e-bikes available in the Kalkhoff catalog are concerned. That number is a sheer testament to the brand’s prolific production and variability. Interestingly, there are only 4 main e-bike lines available in the brand at present. 

Fundamentally, it offers a balanced catalog, although there are more city options (22 in total) than road hybrids (18 in total). It’s balanced in that it can cater to both casual and hardcore e-bike riders. It categorizes most of its offroad options as either “Trekking” or “Allroad”, while it labels its commuter and leisure-oriented models with a more direct “City” tag. 

As for the defining features of its models, Kalkhoff, true to its German heritage, leaves no stone unturned when delivering quality. Plenty of its models are overwhelmingly Bosch-powered, with a few Shimano options. 

Kalkhoff Endeavour eMTB Product Line

The Endeavour line represents the powerhouse aspect of the entire Kalkhoff catalog. Every model that’s included in this line is associated with superior power and handline. The latest Kalkhoff 7.B Pure serves as a good example of what to expect from an Endeavour e-bike.

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You get a dynamic Bosch Performance Line CX motor that offers as much as 85-Nm of torque. It’s pretty much effortless riding, and the weight remains manageable at 25.2 kg. The motor is really where most of the strong punches are delivered. This is greatly complemented by the 25 km/h (15 mile/hour) speed limit and the fact that you can get a maximum of 150km (90 miles) out of it. 

We also can’t deny the outstanding handling and stability that the model guarantees. It’s almost motorcycle-like in the way you can steer it when rounding tight corners. The Schwalbe Moto-X tires are as heavy and wide as they are stable, which only boosts the handling further. 

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Notable accessories include hydraulic disc brakes, kickstands, luggage racks, and mudguards — pretty much complete with all essentials. 

Overall, the Endeavour line is designed for those who want a more versatile, sporty e-bike that you won’t mind riding anywhere. It thrives in both urban cityscapes and country trails.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Kalkhoff Endeavour eMTB model line here.

Kalkhoff Image City Model Line

Image models are the brand’s answer for those looking for a more power-oriented mid-range city e-bike. Like most Kalkhoff models, it’s defined by its robust Bosch motor, the Performance Line 36V 250W with 65 Nm of torque, to be exact, that is found in both the Excite and Advance models. 

Easy E-Biking - Kalkhoff Image electric bicycle - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The difference between the two mainly lies in the shifting systems and shifters used, as well as the fact that they either offer step-over or step-thru frames. Excite uses Enviolo Trekking, known for its ability to support longer rides, while Advance makes use of the Shimano Nexus, 5-speed, known for its durability and decent power. 

That said, expect most Image models to deliver above-average power, at least, as far as city models are concerned. It makes easy work of most hills and inclines and can reach the same top speed as the brand’s sporty models. This makes it ideal for those who want a quicker commute and don’t want the abundant torque found in Kalkhoff’s higher-end options. 

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The fact that it manages the same 150-km (90 mile) range as Endeavour’s models is surely notable, too. It throws in a rear adjustable kickstand, rear rack, fenders, headlights, and mudguards, all for a far cheaper price tag. However, it obviously limits itself to city rides only. 

We invite you to take a closer look at the Kalkhoff Image City model line here.

Kalkhoff Entice Road Product Line

Compared to Endeavour models, Entice e-bikes practically stand on the same pedestal. They offer the same power and assist through the same 85-Nm Bosch Performance Line CX 36V/250W motor they use. If you compare the models of both lines, you’ll see that their main differences lie primarily in the shifters, shifting systems, and derailleurs used. 

Easy E-Biking - Kalkhoff Entice electric bicycle - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Entice models, in the same way, belong as much in city roads as the outdoors. The Entice 7.B has been praised for its quiet performance, and like its Endeavour cousin, offers the same outstanding handling, light weight, and extensive range. The powerful motor, of course, is already a given. 

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Like most Kalkhoff e-bikes, it also comes complete with the necessary components we mentioned above. The Shimano 4-piston hydraulic brakes are well worth mentioning for their impressive stopping power. 

We invite you to take a closer look at the Kalkhoff Entice Road model line here.

Kalkhoff Agattu City Model Line

Budget-friendliness that doesn’t compromise power is the main appeal of Agattu models. It’s obviously made for the casual rider as evidenced by its decent components. It doesn’t use hydraulic disc brakes, opting instead for hydraulic rim ones designed by Magura. They offer enough power for satisfactory and safe riding.

Easy E-Biking - Kalkhoff Agattu electric bicycle - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Agattu’s models still use Bosch, the Active Line Plus, to be exact. They don’t have the same generous torque as their cousins, though, topping only at 50 Nm in both the 3.B Excite and Advance. 

It doesn’t leave you wanting in the accessory department, as it comes complete with the essentials. It even includes a One for All lock that locks both the frame and battery. It also comes with LED lights, mudguards, fenders, kickstand, etc. 

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For the price, these specs arguably make it a bargain. Agattu gives you the standard city e-bike experience while incorporating a motor that’s known for its unrivaled quality. 

We invite you to take a closer look at the Kalkhoff Agattu City model line here.

What Do Most Riders Like About Kalkhoff E-Bikes?

Kalkhoff’s rise to the top can be attributed to its dedication to quality, while still managing to keep its price tag down. That’s a rare, coveted combination among e-bikes, to say the least. Its geometry and designs are classic examples of what a solid e-bike is. These are undoubtedly why many riders, particularly in Europe, prefer it at present. 

It may not be as notable as other brands in the accessories it integrates; nonetheless, we can’t deny that they always come complete with the essentials. Its models have also been criticized for their seeming lack of regard for the rider’s comfort, considering the absence of innate cushioning their seats. However, we can’t deny that it’s a brand that has ready value and quality emblazoned on it. It wouldn’t have become a crowd favorite among European riders, otherwise. 

What Countries Does Kalkhoff Ship To?

Kalkhoff ships mainly to all countries in the EU, Great Britain included. At present, there are no active specialist dealers outside the continent. Still, you can look for a Kalkhoff dealer in a specific country and ask whether they can ship the e-bike to your country. Be prepared to not be covered by the brand’s warranty if you decide to go this route, though. 

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