Decathlon Elops 940E Test & Review: The Best City E-Bike By Decathlon So Far

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Easy E-Biking - Decathlon ELOPS 940 low frame e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Decathlon e-bikes

The Decathlon Elops 940E is one of the more expensive and well-integrated electrically assisted bikes by Decathlon for the moment. It has a well-designed aluminum frame, quality components, and a high-quality Shimano engine. But how is it on the road? Keep reading to see if this is the e-bike you want for daily commutes. 


  • Responsive and flexible motor. 
  • Great torque. 
  • Efficient hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Practical and unique key for removing the battery and anti-theft system.
  • Good autonomy at full power. 
  • Well-integrated lighting. 


  • Discomfort on urban roads.
  • Lighting is not powerful enough.
  • Lack of pedal grip in the rain.
  • No rear suspension system/ no shock absorber at the seat post.
  • Heavy weight.
  • Turning on lights requires letting go of handles.

Presentation of Decathlon Elops 940E

Decathlon Elops 940 E is a high-end electric bike model by Decathlon. It is one of the rare e-bikes by Decathlon to have a well-integrated central engine. The manufacturer incorporated and opted for the Shimano E6000 engine as this Japanese component manufacturer is becoming more and more popular in the electric bicycle industry. 

Shimano’s first electric motor – DU-E6001, was launched in 2015, while Bosch, the lead manufacturer of e-bike components, has been present and ruling the industry since 2011. Even though Yamaha and Panasonic are two of the first engine manufacturers in the industry, Shimano has now outdone both. Shimano offers high-quality motors at a much cheaper rate than Bosch. That is why it was Decathlon’s choice in the first place. 

Decathlon Elops 940E was mainly intended to be used on the roads. It is well-equipped and has an aluminum frame for rigidity and lightness. This e-bike has hydraulic disc brakes, a telescopic non-suspension fork with springs, and 28-inch rims with Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires. 

Easy E-Biking - Decathlon ELOPS 940 low frame e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Decathlon e-bikes

When it comes to accessories, Elops 940E has a welded luggage rack that can hold up to 27 kg, integrated lighting, a robust kickstand, a comfortable seat, and a well-done anti-theft system. 

This not-so-cheap model is available in two versions. One has a high frame to be used as a sports bike at times, and the other has a low Dutch-style frame for more comfort on the city roads. So, the second model would work well for those wearing skirts, for example. 

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Both models are sold for 1900 euros. Moreover, it is available in two sizes: S/M for cyclists between 1 m 55 cm and 1 m 70 cm; X/XL for cyclists between 1 m 75 cm to 1m 90 cm. While the smaller model weighs around 25.9 kg, the X/XL model weighs around 26.1 kg.

Comfort and ergonomics

Decathlon did not opt for high-end equipment in Decathlon Elops 940E. However, the equipment integration, as a whole, is homogenous. 

The e-bike has a semi-curved handlebar with ergonomic handles that give proper grip and support the palms of the hands. The handlebars are comfortable enough to be used for the daily urban commute.

In terms of braking, the Tekro HD T285 double-piston hydraulic brakes are associated with 160 mm discs. Also, the model comes fitted with 28-inch double-wall rims on which the Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires are mounted. 

The tires are not as puncture-resistant as the Schwalbe Marathon Plus, for example. Still, this is a very good choice, given that it maintains a good relationship between low-rolling resistance and reliability. 

Easy E-Biking - Decathlon ELOPS 940 low frame e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Decathlon e-bikes

Wheels are equipped with fairly good enveloping mudguards. However, they do not go down enough at the front wheel. The mudguards lack a rubber bib, which could have protected the shoes against mud and water. 

The spring suspension fork has a relative utility, which is good for this type of e-bike. The mid-range Shimano Deore changes the 10 gears using a trigger and Rapid-Fire system. The system can easily be used with the right hand’s thumb or index finger. 

Decathlon opted for a large and comfortable Selle Royal HZ as a seat. The wide stand correctly stabilizes the bike, but it is not as reassuring as the center stand, especially when it comes to transporting heavy groceries or children. 

The luggage rack is welded well into the frame while the battery can be charged directly on the e-bike. The impressive luggage rack can hold up to 30 kg. However, the 3 kgs are reserved for the battery. 

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The battery is housed in a dedicated location on the luggage rack. The battery can be charged directly on the bike, but it can also be removed and charged independently. 

Three tensioners are well-integrated into the frame to secure the objects to be transported. Decathlon was intellectual enough to opt for a frame lock as well. 

Such a lock is very effective for quick stops as it prevents the wheels from turning every time you stop. Moreover, this lock will secure the wheels as well.

The sturdy e-bike’s frame is compatible with an anti-theft system. An anti-theft cable fits perfectly into the hole on the right side. The anti-theft cable enables the rider to attach the e-bike to a fixed point, hence lowering the chances of theft. 

Easy E-Biking - Decathlon ELOPS 940 low frame e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Decathlon e-bikes

Even with the optional cable, the anti-theft system is not enough, and one must use a high-quality U lock to reduce the probability of theft. The key to the frame lock is also used to remove the battery, which is a practical choice in everyday life. 

The lighting is well-integrated into the e-bike. However, the lights are proprietary and are not easy to find and replace. You are not likely to find these lights as standard components. And will probably have to go through after-sales service if they break down. 

The front lighting gives 20 lux, which is a decent power and makes the road partly visible. However, a more powerful light (100 lux) could have been more suitable for night use.  High-power lights are necessary to ride in the countryside, for example. 

Decathlon Elops 940E on the road

Shimano central motor uses a torque sensor located at the bottom bracket to adapt the power of the motor to the pressure applied to the pedals. In simpler words, the harder you press the pedals, the higher the assistance. 

You don’t have to press very hard to get maximum assistance from the motor. Shimano engine offers three levels of assistance: Eco, Normal, and High. 

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Eco mode essentially compensates for the weight of the e-bike on flat roads and slightly assists on the climbs. Normal mode allows you to benefit from correct assistance with a maximum speed of around 23 to 24 km/h. With the assistance pushed to the maximum (High), the electric bicycle reaches its maximum speed of 25 km/h before the assistance stops. 

The engine is very powerful right at the start and quickly propels the e-bike to its maximum speed. However, it lacks a bit of power on hills and the steepest climbs. The e-bike will generally slow down on steep inclines. 

The e-bike also offers a “walking” mode accessible by pressing and holding the “minus” button. A simple press of the button starts the assistance without having to press the pedals and holds up to 6 km/h.

Easy E-Biking - Decathlon ELOPS 940 low frame e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Decathlon e-bikes

The front part of the e-bike, otherwise known as the cockpit, is comfortable. The derailleur control, the brakes, and the bell are perfectly aligned. The adjustment of the three models is easy as well. 

Everything is quickly accessible except for the lights, which are at the central console. It is, therefore, necessary to let go of the handlebars to turn on the lights, which is not practical at all on the roads. Switching on headlights without stopping could be necessary on the roads, and letting go of the handles could be dangerous.

The bike is equipped with a classic derailleur control. However, you must not forget to downshift it before stopping, under the penalty of having a lot more trouble restarting, even with assistance. 

The gear change is done without a hitch. The engine noise is very discreet, but it remains audible. In the end, the Shimano E6000 engine block is very satisfactory and should not be ashamed of any comparison with the Bosch models. It is certainly less powerful than the higher-end groups (Shimano E8000, Bosch Performance CX, or Yamaha PW), but it is doing very well in town or on the urban roads. 

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Elops 940E is a classic city bike made for a daily commute. Its wide tires provide comfort and safety but do not fully compensate for the rigidity of the aluminum frame. Driving on paving stones with conventional tire pressure (between 4 and 5 bars) is a real ordeal. 

The spring fork does nothing. It is only effective on big shocks and does not affect pavers. As the rear fork is not suspended, it’s even worse, especially since the battery located on the luggage rack further increases the weight on the rear wheel and plays on the feeling of discomfort during the shakeups.

In such situations, riders start to dream about a rear suspension or a suspended and comfortable seat post. The rigidity of the aluminum frame does not allow the e-bike to react well to the holes on the road, which becomes a disadvantage when driving on a damaged road. The Elops 940E is nevertheless playful, responsive, and not afraid to be pushed to the limit.

Decathlon has integrated a blocking mechanism, which limits the steering angle. If it can reassure beginners, this blocking mechanism can quickly be restrictive during city traffic, especially for sneaking between cars and, more generally, handling the e-bike. 

Easy E-Biking - Decathlon ELOPS 940 low frame e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Decathlon e-bikes

The pedals are comfortable and generally function quite well, except in the rain. They have a rubber insertion that tends to slip when wet. So, it is important to be careful in the rain always.

After a few hard brakes, the hydraulic disc brakes express their true potential and finally offer quick stops while retaining the progressiveness of the hydraulic braking systems. Schwalbe Energizer Plus section 1.50 tires (700-38C) also play a role in braking efficiency. 

When launched at full speed (25-26 km/h), the e-bike stops after only 3 meters during emergency braking. The brakes are indeed very strong, and the e-bike’s stability remains good. However, the rear wheel does not have much effect on the brakes due to the positioning of the battery on the luggage rack.

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The autonomy of Decathlon Elops 940 E

With its 36 V / 418 Watts battery, the Elops 940E would run around 50 km with maximum assistance, which means on High electric assistance mode. When 10% of the battery remains, the e-bicycle automatically switches to Eco mode. 

The Eco mode would allow you to travel a few more kilometers without having to suffer too much from the weight of the bike. The announced minimum autonomy of 50 km is, therefore, well maintained.

The bulky EC-E6000 charger delivers 176 W (40 V / 4.4 A) and takes around 3 h 30 min to recharge the battery fully. The original plug allows you to charge the battery when it is still mounted on the luggage rack, while the supplied adapter allows you to charge it directly.

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Decathlon Elops 940 E datasheet

Material Aluminum
Engine Shimano E6000 250 Watts (50 Nm)
Number of speeds 10
Autonomy announced90 km
Battery weight2.6 kgs
Battery 36 volts, 11.6 Ah (418-watts)
Wheels 26-inch
Luggage rack/anti-theft/tool kit Yes/yes/no
Bike weight25.9 kgs

Final remarks about Decathlon Elops 940E

The Decathlon Elops 940E is a very homogeneous electric bike, pleasant to drive, and benefits from enough power to propel it at 25 km/h on most urban roads. The e-bike benefits from various high-quality equipment such as a solid luggage rack, hydraulic disc brakes, resistant tires, frame lock, mudguards, lighting, saddle, etc. 

The e-bike lacks a bit of comfort on unpaved roads. So, if there are unpaved roads on your commute, you may want to look for a different alternative.

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Here is a quick video presentation of the Decathlon Elops 940e electric bike:

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