What is the Legislation for Speed Electric Bikes in France?

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As soon as the electric bike exceeds the legal limit of 25 km / h, it is no longer legally considered as an electric bike, but as a speed bike in France. The latter whose speed limit is capped at 45 km / h are subject to different regulations. The French authorities have taken a step to regulate the possession and use of speed bikes.

The owners of speed electric bikes are faced with several administrative hurdles, including registration. Derestricting an electric bike leads to the same hurdles. The owner of a speed e-bike needs to have a number of documents to be able to own or sell a speed bike.

When checked, the owner needs to be able to present the tax clearance, confirming that the manufacturer is based in Europe. As well as the certificate of conformity of the electric bike, which certifies that the bike meets the CE standards. These precautions are taken to protect cyclists against electric bikes of poor quality or those with defects that can threaten the safety of riders and pedestrians.

The legislation that governs the use of speed electric bikes is fairly recent. It follows, in particular, exponential growth in the purchases of e-bikes that can go faster than 45 km / h. It meets the needs of ensuring the safety of pedestrians and other road users. Driving a two-wheeled vehicle at high speed may indeed represent a danger.

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The law only concerns electric bicycles with a nominal power exceeding 250 W and which continue to be assisted beyond 25 km / h. If your pedelec is equipped with a speed derestricting kit, it is no longer considered a moped. The difference between an electric bike and a speed bike is even more subtle when it comes to taking off and stopping support.

The legislation on speed bikes is binding for users. For example, having an insurance policy and a helmet becomes mandatory. Speed e-bike users born after 1 January 1988 must now obtain the AM license (an equivalent of the road safety patent). In addition, due to the maximum speed limits, the speed e-bike is no longer suitable for riding on bike paths.

Riders violating new rules for speed bikes will have to face penalties. The absence of a license plate can lead to a fine of 750 euros. Lack of insurance is a more serious offense, and sanctions can be severe in case of injury caused to a third party. A violation of the Highway Code with a speed bike (riding on a bike path for example) will be punished with a fine of 150 euros.

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