Are Electric Bikes Good for Fitness and Weight Loss?

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Cycling is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise which a man can do. It offers a host of other benefits such as strengthening of bones and muscles, improving heartbeat rate, and burning of excessive cholesterol thus aiding in weight loss.

Can electric bikes be used to get fit and for weight loss? E-bikes can certainly be used to get fit and help in weight loss. Electric bikes are only assisting the pedaling effort of a rider. Riding an e-bike prompts physical exercise. Continuous usage of e-bikes results in the burning of calories, which will help get more fit and lose weight.

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Need for e-bike fitness

Core strength increases noticeably when we balance our e-bikes while riding them. Electric bikes are wonderful machines, which use an electric motor to assist in pedaling. There is a sensor, which sets the motor working as soon as the rider pushes the pedals.

As the motion is assisted by a battery-driven motor, cycling seems less “daunting”, which makes it very suitable for people of old age, heart ailments, or respiratory problems.

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Of course not to forget people who are recovering from muscle cramps and bone fractures. E-bikes have rightly emerged as saviors for all such people. E-bikes also provide a “low to medium” intensity workout for senior age and obese people.

How many calories are burned?

A million-dollar question that arises is that do e-bikes actually make people fit or are they making people more of couch potatoes.

According to a case study if a man cycles a bike for one hour without electric assistance he burns 552 calories, but if he cycles for the same duration of one hour on an e-bike he expends 444 calories of energy.

While no doubt that regular bikes burn more calories, e-bikes are not too bad as well. Only 20% fewer calories are burnt. Continuous usage of e-bikes results in considerable burning of calories resulting in significant weight loss and greater muscle strength.

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Electric bikes strengthen our core muscles. As they are quite heavier than normal bikes and hence require more effort to balance and maneuver, they give the result of the weight training exercise. Moreover as one moves an e-bike in or out of a garage or elevator it requires great strength. Undoubtedly, e-bikes give us great weight training sessions.

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Well, it is human nature that people generally try doing such physical things, which have a “less strain on human muscle” or in other words those tasks that offer “less fatigue”.

The same is the concept between simple pedaled bikes and e-bikes. As e-bikes are somewhat assisted by a motor, therefore it is fairly easy to ride an e-bike rather than a conventional bike.

So easy to build into the lifestyle

Incorporating cycling as a daily habit thus seems to be more achievable with an e-bike. People tend to use an e-bike for a variety of reasons thus including more physical activity in their day-to-day life. Some of the daily chores where e-bikes find their use (and should be used) are mentioned below:

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Going for groceries. People find taking an “e-bike” to a marketplace or a supermarket more “handy” as compared to taking that big four-wheeled petrol guzzler. Daily essentials can be easily fetched with that easy-to-drive (and park) e-bike. When we use it more often, we give our muscles more opportunity to flex and consequently adapt more physical activity in our regime.

School-going children use it for going to school. Physical fitness for school-going children is of paramount importance. School children can “e-bike” their way to school. By doing this they can reach their schools quickly without fatiguing themselves.

They tend to be more active, responsive, and physically fit as an “optimum” (neither too much, nor too less) physical exercise is included in their daily routine. Such children are more cheerful and build better comradeship among them. Being happy is one of the prerequisites for leading a healthy and fit life.

Commuting to the office by e-bike. When people choose to go to the office by e-bikes they guarantee health and fitness to themselves. It is because a required amount of physical activity is done by them for 5-6 days a week. Results are amazing on their health and fitness level. They have better blood sugar control as e-bikes offer great aerobic exercise.

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Easy E-Biking - Our Challenge: to Replace Car with Electric Bike to go to Work

Maintaining good health

E-bikes naturally develop motivation for fitness. With riding an e-bike frequently, one will get more motivation to cover those “xtraaa…miles”. This routine can help develop an “I can do it spirit”.

More bonding over cycling vacations. As cycling with an e-bike seems to be less of a cumbersome task, people take the initiative to go for “cycling vacations” with friends for a day or two. This is a great bonding experience with the added advantage of burning hundreds of calories and losing oodles of weight.

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E-bikes for the health of senior people. Old age brings a variety of problems for senior citizens. The most common issue which they face is stiffness in joints and pain in bones. In such cases, doctors often recommend a low to moderate intensity workout. Here, e-bikes come to play their “helping hand”. Old-age people can go cycling on these motor-assisted bikes.

As the amount of effort required to pedal can be varied according to one’s comfort, one can easily get the required exercise without any extra help. Not being dependent on anyone helps to feel more “confident”.

E-biking also helps to inhale fresh air from the environment. It helps to keep respiratory problems at bay, besides keeping the lungs more efficient.

Easy E-Biking - Electric Bikes Could Provide Old People with Brain Boost

Maintain blood sugar levels. Cycling e-bikes does not put any stress on one’s heart. The blood sugar level of senior citizens and veterans remains controlled and abnormality (if any) can be gauged by a panel given at front of an e-bike.

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E-bikes help fight extra weight

E-bikes help obese people to lose weight. Obese people have one hundred percent right to get fit and lose those extra pounds of weight. But the very sight of “hauling that heavy body structure” puts them at the back foot. They have an innate fear that “will their heart and lungs be able to cope with physical exertion caused by brisk walking or cycling”.

Consequently, they lose their confidence in doing physical exercise or any other outdoor task. Obesity also affects their day-to-day relationships with others. Sometimes it leads to the development of an “inferiority complex” in them.

E-bikes come as a savior to them and help them realize their dream of having a fit and healthy body. They can use these bikes according to their comfort level. If they feel “too much tired they can even use “full motor-assisted mode”.

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With this, they have an assurance that they won’t be “left in the lurch” if they can’t cycle anymore. Having this assurance in mind they become more confident, consequently, they cycle more often and cover more kilometers.

Bad cholesterol is burnt from their body and the process of weight loss kicks in their system.

Thus, electric bikes improve health, fitness and help in weight loss even if there are “few challenges” such as obesity.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits e-biking makes a person feel so much “connected” to Mother Nature. There is a sense of gratification that we are making some contribution towards a greener planet.

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Change lifestyle, one pedal stroke at a time

Exercising on an e-bike helps us to stay fit, toned, motivated, and cheerful. It would not be wrong to say that slowly and steadily but definitely, e-bikes can change our lifestyle and outlook towards life.

E-bikes have the ability to replace the use of “cars” for the day-to-day commute, thereby preventing the laid-back attitude of people towards life. E-bikes add more physical (yet less tiring) activity to our lives thereby leading to more fitness and aiding in weight loss.

Apart from moving a person from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active lifestyle, a cleaner and greener environment is the most valuable gift which these wonderful machines present to society.

A clean environment with lots of fresh air keeps all types of respiratory problems at bay thereby increasing the longevity of life and improved health and fitness.

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Related Questions

Can e-bikes help in relieving stress? E-biking improves the mental well-being of a person. Riding on an e-bike makes a person feel fresh, energized, and happy, which is so important for a healthy and fit body.

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Are e-bikes equally good for women? “Definitely Yes.” In fact, women riders have more liking for e-bikes. It is because they do not have to worry about getting too much tired of using these machines. Further, they do not fear muscle cramps while using e-bikes. They know they can adjust the effort involved in cycling. So life becomes “tension-free”.

Thus, women riders tend to ride more often, covering more kilometers and with more confidence.

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How do e-bikes aid convalescent people to gain health? E-bikes are a boon for people who have some medical problems and are recovering from some sort of muscle injury. Doctors advise them to flex their muscles regularly to regain lost strength. They can independently ride these e-bikes and “promote muscle growth”.

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Can you really lose weight riding an e-bike? – take a look at this video to find out:

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