Why You Should Wear a Cycling Jersey When You Ride

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Have you ever gotten back from your e-bike ride, only to struggle uncomfortably to remove a wet, cotton T-shirt? Negate this issue, among others, by investing in bike jerseys. You’ll enjoy the wicked sweat, pockets, and safety a jersey will provide. Read more details on these matters and why you should wear a cycling jersey when you ride. 


It’s no secret that riding your e-bike can make you sweat. This can be an issue during the winter season if you like to ride in cooler temps. A cotton shirt will hold on to the sweat, and as the cold wind blows, you’ll only get colder.

More breathable fabrics, such as nylon and spandex, will wick sweat away from the body and help it to evaporate quicker. In turn, your temperature will stay cool and dry. If you think these fabrics will be uncomfortable for you, consider wearing moisture-wicking T-shirts instead.

They may feel less tight on the skin. Read more about how moisture-wicking T-shirts work to better understand the benefits of the material.

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When you’re on an e-bike, there’s little space to hold your belongings. A benefit to wearing a cycling jersey is that they have pockets on the back. These will allow you to hold extra nutrition, your phone, and even a tool to fix your bike in case you need it.

It’s helpful having your belongings so close – in the event of an emergency, you’ll have your most important items closest to you. This may give family members and friends peace of mind too. When you hit the roads, they can trust that you have your phone on you in case you need to make a call. 

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In the case of a crash on your e-bike, you’ll want to be wearing something that protects your skin. Unfortunately, a cotton T-shirt will not protect your skin if you fall and skid on the pavement. This is especially true if you pursue fast or downhill e-bike rides.

The benefit of a jersey that includes nylon and spandex material is that the material won’t shred as quickly as other materials do. Therefore, a harder-to-shred material will save your skin from the pavement, sharp stones, or tree branches. 

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Consider these reasons why you should wear a cycling jersey when you ride. Protect yourself from a cooled body temperature in the colder months and enjoy the useful pockets that contribute to your safety. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your jersey will protect your skin in the case of an accident. 

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