Zion National Park by Electric Bike, The Complete Guide

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Zion National Park is a national park located in southwestern Utah, USA. The park is primarily known for housing Zion Canyon, a 15 miles-long and 2,640 ft deep canyon made of Navajo Sandstone.

Zion National Park is also located at the intersection of the Colorado Plateau, Great Basin, and the Mojave Desert regions and offers a diverse array of landscapes and wildlife. The area is comprised of mountains, canyons, forests, rivers, monoliths, and much more. 

If you are planning to explore Zion National Park by electric bike, this article will answer all your questions! 

Are e-bikes allowed in Zion National Park? 

Yes, e-bikes are allowed in Zion National Park! As of August 2019, Class 1 pedal-assist e-bikes are allowed in the same locations in the park as traditional bicycles and, as such, must follow the same rules.

U.S. federal e-bike laws classify e-bikes as “low-speed electric bicycles,” which must be two or three-wheeled vehicle that has fully operable pedals. State requirements in Utah require an e-bike to have the following: 

  • A maximum motor output that must not exceed 750W
  • A maximum speed that must not exceed 20 mph (32 km/h) 
  • Must be equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling and ceases to provide assistance when the bike reaches the speed of 20 mph 

Additionally, in Utah, e-bikes are legally allowed on all roadways as far right as possible, except when making a left turn. Electric bikes are also allowed on bike paths and trails unless indicated otherwise. 

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Learn more about the United States’ electric bicycle laws here

How is Zion National Park organized? Is it bicycle-friendly?

Zion National Park is very well organized for cycling, and bicycling is permitted on all park roadways, including the Pa’rus Trail and the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. Riders should note that all other park trails, off-trail routes, and the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel are closed to bikes. 

The Pa’rus Trail is a multi-use path with both foot and bike traffic, so cyclists must be considerate of pedestrians’ right of way when riding and are advised to warn pedestrians before passing, either verbally or with a bell. Riders should also be cautious of wildlife and pets. 

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Another rule to keep in mind is that cyclists must ride single file on the right side, whether on park roads or trails. Cyclists are also limited to groups of 6 bikes or less, as larger groups may prevent vehicles from passing them safely. Larger groups are required to split into smaller groups but must be separated by a minimum of one-quarter of a mile.

Where to stay during the trip? 

There are many places to stay overnight while visiting Zion National Park, whether you’re looking for hotels or campsites! 

Some top hotel options include Zion National Park Lodge, Zion Mountain Ranch, Flanigan’s Inn, Best Western Plus Zion Canyon Inn & Suites, Cable Mountain Lodge, Driftwood Lodge, Bumbleberry Inn, and Cliffrose Springdale. Visit Booking.com, Trip Advisor, and Expedia for more recommendations!

If you’re interested in camping, Zion National Park has three campgrounds available. Watchman Campground is located in Zion Canyon and is open all year around. South Campground is available for all seasons except during wintertime.

Lastly, The Lava Point Campground, which is a one-hour drive from Zion Canyon, is also available for all seasons except winter. Visitors should be sure to book their camping reservations ahead of time, as spots can fill up quickly. Learn more about the camping experience in Zion National Park here

Where can I eat? Or should I take my food with me? 

For full-day e-bike adventures, we recommend taking food or snacks with you to keep your energy up. However, there are also several restaurants, cafes, and other food spots within the park to dine at!  

If you’re looking for quick bites, coffee, and other on-the-go snacks, visit Deep Creek Coffee Co., Café Soleil, Zion Pizza & Noodle Co, Perks! Coffee, Espresso, & Smoothies in Zion, Castle Dome Café, The Park House Café, MeMe’s Café, and Oscar’s Café.

Some top-rated restaurant options include Kings Landing Bistro, Spotted Dog Café, Bit & Spur Restaurant & Saloon, Whiptail Grill, Thai Sapa, Zion Canyon Brew Pub, Blondie’s Diner, Flanigan’s Inn & Restaurant, Jack’s Sport & Grill, Zion Lodge Dining Room, Red Rock Grill, Casa de Amigos, Feellove, Stage Coach Grille Springdale, and Bamboo Chinese Restaurant

What gear should I take on the trip?

It is of the utmost importance to bring your e-bike and safety gear with you for your e-bike trip! 

As such, we recommend bringing a helmet, backpack, e-bike charger, water, rearview mirror, bike-appropriate clothing and layers, a bike repair kit and pump, a first aid kit, sunscreen, sunglasses, and front and rear lights.

Additionally, if camping is on the docket during your trip, you should also bring your tent, sleeping bag, food, dishware, cutlery, extra clothes, reservation information, and a valid ID!

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Where can I charge my e-bike?

Currently, there is no official map or list of e-bike-specific charging stations within Zion National Park. However, riders may be able to charge their bike at certain hotels, campgrounds, cafes, or restaurants—but be sure to ask for permission first! 

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E-cyclists can also refer to resources like Chargemap to see if there are any electric vehicle charging stations in the park’s area. 

What kind of e-bike do I need to ride in Zion National Park? 

Due to the varied landscapes in Zion National Park, which includes both road cycling and mountain biking options, the type of e-bike you ride will depend on the type of routes you are planning to take. 

If you are primarily planning on taking road cycling routes, a commuter or cruiser e-bike is suitable. However, if you are planning on exploring the park’s more hilly landscapes (such as the canyons), we strongly recommend using either an electric mountain bike (eMTB) or a hybrid e-bike. 

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Where can I rent an e-bike in Zion National Park, or should I take one with me? 

Yes! There are many options to rent an e-bike in the park, which we will highlight later in the article. 

If you are taking your e-bike with you, first check to make sure it adheres to Utah’s e-bike laws and regulations. 

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What else can I do while on an e-bike trip in Zion National Park? 

Zion National Park is full of incredible natural sights and is particularly known for its canyons and other rock formations! While on your trip, be sure not to miss The Narrows, Angel’s Landing, Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, Kolob Canyons, Kolob Terrace Road, Canyon Overlook Trail, Observation Point, Kolob Reservoir, Emerald Pools, Riverside Walk, Watchman Trail, Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel, the Zion Human History Museum, Archaeology Trail Hub, and Temple of Sinawava

Easy E-Biking - National Parks, USA by electric bike - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

In areas where biking isn’t allowed, visitors can go on hiking adventures, as well as take part in other activities like canyoning, climbing, base jumping, fishing, and camping! 

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What is the best time of year to visit Zion National Park on an e-bike? 

The best time of year to visit Zion National Park is in the late fall or early spring. While summer brings the warmest weather, this is the most popular time for tourists and thus tends to get very crowded. We recommend avoiding visiting the park during the winter, as heavier amounts of snow and ice make for non-ideal cycling conditions. 

Visitors should also be aware that the park experiences a wide range of weather conditions, and temperatures tend to vary in elevation and transition vastly from day to night. 

Average temperatures in December through February range from 30 – 59 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 – 15 degrees Celsius); in March to May, 39 – 86 degrees Fahrenheit (3 – 30 degrees Celsius); in June to August, 63 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit (17 – 37 degrees Celsius); and from September to November, 37 – 91 degrees Fahrenheit (2 – 32 degrees Celsius). 

Resources to help plan your trip 

For more trip and planning information about Zion National Park, visit the National Park Service (NPS) webpage for the park here

To learn more about the available bike routes and rules within the park, visit the NPS’ “Bicycling – Zion” page here! If you are looking to rent your e-bike while in Zion National Park, here are some options!

First is Zion Guru, which offers rentals in half-day and full-day intervals. Zion Guru also offers various “Hike & E-Bike” tours! Next is Zion Peddler, which provides rentals for the full day.

Third, Zion Outfitter also offers a full-day Pedal Assist E-bike rental option. Zion Adventures is another company that offers half and full-day rental options, as well as guided tours to see Zion Canyon. Zion E-bike Rentals provides various e-bike options to choose from and also offers a self-guided tour option. Lastly, Zion Cycles offers half-day and full-day rental options, as well as guided options for both road and mountain cycling!

Here is a comprehensive Zion National Park Travel Guide from UpgradedPoints – the best things to do, see and enjoy!

Be sure to check out Trip Advisor for more restaurant and dining recommendations! And lastly, for more information on things to do while in Zion National Park, view Google Travel’s list of top sights here!

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