Best Known Electric Bicycle Brands in the UK

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While the United Kingdom may not have been as quick to adopt bicycling as quickly as its other European neighbors – at least, based on its history – the country can still be considered as a bonafide e-bike hub for bikers. Sure, most of its e-bike brands might not be as prolific as its Dutch and German counterparts, but there are simply UK brands that are hard to ignore. 

There are, indeed, gems among them, and even though most of the companies rely largely on Chinese manufacturing, the designs are certainly still purely British and the UK at heart. You don’t need to look further than the Brompton brand, known for its exceptional folding bike, to see that the country has a prodigious cycling culture.

That said, UK e-bike brands that can claim that their models are fully native (made 100% in the said country) are relatively few. With this considered, some of the e-bike brands we have included here do not necessarily originate from the said country. After all, there are a lot of global e-bike brands that are equally popular with many people in the UK. So we have also added them here, along with the brands that have a deep-rooted connection to the country. 

BrandTypes of E-bikesModels
PinnacleHybridPinnacle Lithium-Ion
BromptonFoldingBrompton Electric
Arc II
eBike City
eBike Sport
Shopper E100
Super Commuter+ 
Townie Path Go!
Loft Go!
Dual Sport+ 
CairnGravelE-Adventure 1.0


Easy E-Biking - Evans Cycles e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Pinnacle more than earns its name and certainly deserves to head this list. The brand is such a household name among British cyclists, after all. Started in 2006 by bicycle retail company called Evan Cycles, Pinnacle made incredible leaps in popularity since then, though it arguably mostly hinges on their conventional bike offerings. The UK biking public was quick to be enamored with their efficient, high-caliber road, hybrid, and mountain bikes. 

Even so, the brand grabs every opportunity to expand and be as variable in the choices it offers its patrons. For this, it earned a reputation as a “jack-of-all-trades” sort of biking brand. That said, the brand’s entrance into e-biking is fairly recent, having unveiled its first e-bike, the Lithium-Ion (which happens to be a hybrid e-bike), to the market back in 2016. 

Pinnacle e-bike models

Evan Cycles is unique in that its Pinnacle Lithium-Ion is the only e-bike in its entire catalog. Nonetheless, it proves to be enough to be considered as one of the best e-bikes that were manufactured solely in the UK. The brand only updates the model on a yearly basis, but it has continually belonged among the best e-bikes you can buy.

Pinnacle quality and features

Pinnacle wins in the e-bike brand race in the UK simply because it knows what the average Briton looks for in an e-bike. Most people use them for the daily commute, without. They make sure their sole model has adequate power to conquer hills, replete in accessories, and lightweight without sacrificing design.

It doesn’t go overboard with specs and very beginner-friendly. Just right for the general UK riding public who can rely on an e-bike that will help them avoid sweaty commutes and go for leisurely rides regularly. 

Here is the link to visit the Pinnacle website.


Easy E-Biking - Brompton e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Another UK bike brand that deserves the title of “dignitary” is, of course, Brompton. That said, the brand is also known for its exorbitantly priced models, the most well-known of which are their folding e-bikes. The brand is essentially the best when it comes to these kinds of bikes; their designs are a testament of what close to 50 years of superior biking tradition can achieve. 

Brompton was officially started in 1975, its name inspired by a local London oratory. Of course, this very same quality should be expected to carry over to their newer releases smoothly. As most reputable companies are wont to do, Brompton took the initiative to test the e-bike waters, and the move definitely paid off before long. 

Brompton e-bike models

Like Evan Cycles’ Pinnacle, Brompton only has one model that falls under the e-bike category, and of course, it’s a folding one. Called the Brompton Electric, it is immediately set apart from other folding e-bikes with the trademark Brompton curved frame. 

Its design closely follows the original Brompton folding bike. A safe but logical move from the company because why would you bother fixing what doesn’t need it? The sole difference, of course, is that it is motor-assisted and has a bit more weight but still considerably lightweight as it tops at only 38 lbs (17 kg). 

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Brompton quality and features

The brand more than does justice to the expensive price tags attached to most of their models. It’s the ultimate commuter e-bike that you won’t hesitate to take with you every day simply because you can easily ride trams, trains, buses, and other available public transport in the UK with it. It’s just as easy to fold and use and brims with convenience, as evidenced by its highly modern design. 

Here is the link to visit the Brompton website.


Easy E-Biking - Dawes e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Dawes is another local UK e-bike brand that operates mainly in Birmingham. Like Brompton, it has a fairly rich history in the British cycling scene, having been founded as far back as 1926. It’s also a well-respected brand as Dawes actively produced bikes for the war effort back when World War II was at its height. 

Nowadays, it adopts a more family-friendly approach to designing and manufacturing its bikes and e-bikes. You can immediately see this in the majority of their offerings which include a few folding e-bikes, commuters, and cruisers. 

Dawes e-bike models

You can expect them to have models that are economical with adequate versatility in on and off-road riding. Dawes is also another brand that knows deep down what the average riding habits of the locals are, considering the comfort-oriented designs of their hybrid e-bikes and their propensity to develop models that cater to the average UK commuter. At present, four are available on its main site. 

Such a move is notably in direct contrast to their standard bikes, which are often more suited as mountain bikes and road bikes. It’s clear that the demand for e-bikes in the UK is more pronounced among the general commuting public if we consider the types of e-bikes that local brands like Dawes tend to produce. 

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Dawes quality and features

Dawes has established a reputation for excellent bike designs over the years. And that’s exactly what makes them great, considering their models are also very wallet-friendly. Dawes e-bikes have notably outstanding frame designs. They deliver exactly what you pay for – no more, no less – and oftentimes, it’s more than enough for the average commuter. 

Here is the link to visit the Dawes website.


Easy E-Biking - Falcon e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Falcon’s history can be traced back to 1930, and from that time up to the present, the brand has always focused on innovating its models. Most of the brand’s efforts are invested in developing top-notch mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. This same stance is carried over to their e-bike creations, but they are not exempting folding e-bikes and leisure cruisers in their selections.

The brand is sincere in delivering what its customers want, for which it earned the trust of the UK riding community through the years. You can see the same passion in the kinds of e-bikes they offer, which are basically the most popular ones in the UK. It’s the brand’s attention to every essential e-bike detail that undoubtedly serves as one of the ingredients to its long-term success. 

Falcon e-bike models

Falcon believes in Shimano’s efficient motors, as proven by the fact that technically all of its 7 e-bike offerings use them. The Falcon Turbine 27.5” eMTB is a good example of how a Shimano-run electric mountain back can deliver optimal weight balance and enough power to confidently negotiate steep off-road hills. There’s probably no other e-bike model that could best represent the brand’s excellence than the said model. 

The brand’s dedication to delivering what riders want could not be more evident in their equally stellar for-leisure and folding varieties, too. 

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Falcon quality and features

Falcon knows the aspects of an e-bike where you don’t need to go overboard. Their models’ motors provide just the right amount of power to help deliver a satisfactory e-bike riding experience, whether you are traversing a serene countryside, commuting through city streets, or conquering hill climbs and rock crawls. That said, the brand opts for the minimalism route by keeping accessories low. 

Here is the link to visit the Falcon website.


Easy E-Biking - Raleigh e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Backed by more than a century of bike creation and innovation, Raleigh is one of the most reputable and oldest bike brands in the world. And it continues to make Nottingham, England as its home. Having this much historical mileage basically makes the brand another mainstay in the United Kingdom’s most revered by virtue of its rock-solid ties to the country and its now expansive reach worldwide.

Raleigh is a brand that encompasses multiple other well-known e-bike brands and models in the UK. From La Pierre, Centros, and Felix, to cite a few, these e-bikes form a complex web that showcases unique European sensibilities, especially evident in their general designs. 

Raleigh e-bike models

Almost always Bosch-powered, stylish, yet still affordable, plenty of Raleigh’s hybrid e-bike offerings share these characteristics. Having been a ubiquitous presence in Tour-de-France competitions through its decades and years of operation, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Raleigh knows how to design e-bikes that can be ridden for longer miles. 

Their models’ designs are also not ostentatious and have just the right amount of style, with very pronounced European aesthetics. That said, Raleigh is probably one of the most prolific e-bike manufacturers in the world, having more than 20 hybrids available for either gender, as well as 3 separate folding e-bikes and eMTBs. 

Raleigh quality and features

If you’re looking for an e-bike that will be able to easily handle very long rides that are Tour-worthy, you don’t need to look further than most of their hybrid models. Their Tour e-bikes, in particular, serve as great examples of what hybrid e-bikes should aim for. Plenty of these models can guarantee at least 100 miles of range on just a single charge.

Here is the link to visit the Raleigh website.


Easy E-Biking - Gtech e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Gtech was started in 2001 in Worcestershire, England. It’s unique in that it’s a brand that is not solely focused on biking and e-biking; instead, it categorizes itself as more of a lifestyle brand that proudly calls itself as an “expert in the field of cordless technology”. It also immediately offered e-bikes once it entered the bicycling industry. 

The company seeks to impart as much comfort in its products – and its e-bikes are surely no exception. There’s probably no other minimalism-based company in the UK that fits the bill. And for the general riding public in the said country, any brand that manages to deliver that (and more) is bound to be welcomed in open arms. 

Gtech e-bike models

Even though Gtech only has three official e-bikes, all of them have received very positive reviews since their respective releases. Their models, unsurprisingly, fit the modern lifestyle and they lack any sign of gaudiness whatsoever in their designs. Both the City and Sport variants sport a plain white frame that gives an immediate vibe of simplicity. 

To complement that same humility in design, the brand also makes it a point to integrate a quiet motor, while guaranteeing an overall smooth ride every time. 

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Gtech quality and features

Most Gtech models promptly set themselves apart with their natural hybrid design. Hybrid e-bikes often afford this kind of freedom to stand out for manufacturers, and Gtech makes good use of it. They add a bit more power in their models, too, which basically makes them very much recommended for riders that want to have more motor assistance. These qualities basically mean you should definitely not overlook Gtech e-bikes by virtue of their abundant simplicity. 

Here is the link to visit the Gtech website.


Easy E-Biking - Powabyke e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Powabyke prides itself as the oldest e-bike brand that is still actively operating in Europe. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Temple Cloud, Bristol, the brand is all about e-bike innovation. It also pioneered the conversion of conventional bikes into electricity-powered versions with the help of its “Conv-e electric conversion kit”  back in 2010. 

Its focus on continually improving e-bikes made it one of the brands responsible for pioneering the transition from lead-acid batteries to the lithium-ion ones that are now. With over 20 years of pure e-bike design experience under its belt and being an active promoter of eco-friendliness, Powabyke is certainly one of the most respectable brands in the UK and Europe at large. 

Powabyke e-bike models

Powabyke models vividly exhibit the no-nonsense approach of the brand on any product that they create. The use of sleek grey-metal and black colors in their e-bikes affirm its adherence to minimalism. As for its range of e-bike offerings, it’s definitely one of the more varying e-bike brands in the UK, as evidenced by its folding e-bike and the popular commuter, Xbyke. 

Its cruiser Shopper E100 is one of the cheapest ones available in the UK market yet it still comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery and a decent 250W brushless motor.  On the other hand, Powabyke swings towards a more performance-based route by also offering the powerful Italian-designed MBM Oberon and Titania hybrid e-bikes.

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Powabyke quality and features

The brand knows where to pull back to keep the prices of its models down. Its no-frills strategy in designing its e-bikes pays off by providing solely the essentials to guarantee a smooth and great e-bike ride. It’s evident in all of its models, regardless of their respective prices. Clearly, it’s a brand that the cycling masses won’t find difficult to love. 

Here is the link to visit the Powabyke website.


Easy E-Biking - PowaCycle e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

When we’re talking about budget-friendly and cost-effectiveness in e-bikes in the UK, Powacycle is pretty much the go-to shop. This is another brand that knows what the riding public wants in the said country. As more people realize the economic perks of e-bike riding, the brand made sure to offer them cheap alternatives that still manage to maintain plenty of quality. 

The company has been in operation since the early 2000s and continues to regard Harlow as its home. A testament to its models’ popularity among locals is the fact that they often go out of stock pretty quickly.

Powacycle e-bike models

Most of Powacycle’s models are obviously cruiser, commuter, and folding e-bikes designed with comfort as the number one priority. Presently, they have 10 e-bikes, with most sporting high handlebars, step-through frames that can accommodate both genders, but there are also models with crossbar ones.

Those with diamond frames tend to fit the mid-range spectrum more and are designed for more off-roading. The brand’s INFINEUM Continental GT and INFINEUM Extreme e-bikes are good enough examples of the higher-end offerings of the brand; most of their models also have various riding modes you can switch to namely: full motor, assisted power, and normal cycling. 

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Powacycle quality and features

Powacycle relies on the efficiency of Shimano motors to keep its costs down. These motors, of course, aren’t pushovers at all, even though their torque is a bit lacking; the models actually have 6-speed Shimano gears that guarantee various levels of assist. Powacycle delivers only the necessary torque for a genuine e-bike ride in most of its models, in short. As a whole, Powacycle models truly deliver great value for money. 

Here is the link to visit the Powacycle website.


Easy E-Biking - Trek e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Since Trek is pretty much already a global brand (which speaks volumes about its reputation and the quality of its e-bikes), it’s not really surprising that it has also reached the UK’s shores in no time. Part of the brand’s appeal to the UK riding public is mostly because it has great selections of commuter e-bikes. These are arguably the most popular utility e-bike in the country, besides folding varieties. 

Even though Trek is a US-based brand that has been growing rapidly since 1967, many Brits still love the sheer quality of its commuter e-bikes. That said, not a lot of them are a fan of the lofty prices that these models come in. But for the quality that the brand imparts in its e-bikes, it still gets the nod of the general riding public. 

Trek e-bike models

Trek offers a full range of mostly high-powered hybrids, eMTBs, and road e-bikes, complemented by its sister company Electra’s own host of e-bikes. If we are going to single out the most popular, it would definitely be the Trek Super Commuter+ 8 which was released in 2019. 

The same goes for the Trek Verve+ 2 with its low-step frame. Both use a combination of Shimano and Bosch components, which illustrates the sheer versatility of Trek as a brand and the hybrid-ness of its designs. 

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Trek quality and features

Trek always manages to justify the high costs of its models by simply delivering a far more comfortable and superior riding experience. It is pretty meticulous in the materials it uses and the components it includes to achieve this. Many users praise the fact that its batteries are all long-lasting, and equally numerous riders worldwide won’t hesitate to recommend Trek for those who want an e-bike that will last for years. 

Here is the link to visit the Trek website.


Easy E-Biking - Cube e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Since it’s a deeply European brand that encompasses numerous countries in the said continent, it’s no wonder that Cube didn’t take long to woo the UK as well. It was founded in 1993 in Waldershof, Germany, and from then, it established itself as a largely European biking brand. 

Who doesn’t like German engineering, especially if it’s applied to e-bikes? This is precisely the reason why Cube can compete with the local UK brands quite easily. It gives the British riding public plenty of options for e-bikes with better off-roading capabilities, after all. 

Cube e-bike models

As a whole, most of Cube’s mountain e-bikes are very versatile, which makes them a very attractive option for riders who want to be able to go through dirt and rocky roads as well as they can on most streets in cities and towns. They offer up to 8 hybrid eMTBs currently, with full suspension and hardtail options. Most are designed as enduro hybrids, making them ideal for riders who want to get a solid workout while still managing to maintain a target speed via motor assist. 

Cube e-bikes are not all about just rough trail riding, though. They also offer city, commuter, and women’s and kid’s e-bikes. All of them are built with the brand’s own hybrid technology.

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Cube quality and features

Thanks to Cube’s unique manufacturing and designing technology, it’s easy for its models to stand out when competing against other household brands in the UK market. What’s certain is that most of their models, regardless of category, won’t disappoint when delivering power, durability, and comfort. Their two-year warranties only serve to reinforce this fact. 

Here is the link to visit the Cube website.

Cairn Cycles

Easy E-Biking - Cairn e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Cairn Cycles is another one of those e-bike brands that are founded by a close group of local friends (in this case, The Rider Firm) who share a love for cycling. It’s actually a very young brand (a fledgling would probably be a better term) because it only began as early as 2018. The Rider Firm started off selling bike wheels via another brand called Hunt Wheels. 

Its e-bike venture took off when its sole e-bike creation gained overwhelmingly positive reviews in major cycling sites like Cycling Weekly. Considering the substantial biking experience and knowledge of local terrain that its team has, its success is practically guaranteed from the outset. 

Cairn e-bike models

There is only one ultimate Cairn e-bike available today, the Cairn E-Adventure 1.0 and it actually belongs to one of the newest e-bike categories: the gravel e-bike. It also notably incorporates a Fazua drive system, known for its relatively lightweight characteristic. It provides just enough assistance and gives you the freedom to ride completely without the motor’s support. 

Many users also love the fact that it can also be used just as superbly as a commuter e-bike. Gravel e-bikes, indeed, are one of the most adaptable kinds of e-bikes available and Cairn knows how to use its advantages to the fullest. 

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Cairn quality and features

There’s no room to question the superiority of the E-Adventure’s design. It’s built to be both off-road-friendly and amenable to city riding as well. You can’t possibly ask for a more all-around e-bike than this, which can beat even the best hybrid e-bikes in the market. 

Here is the link to visit the Cairn website.


Easy E-Biking - Volt UK electric bike logo - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

UK-based Volt has been around since 2010, tracing its roots to the countryside setting of Buckinghamshire. Perhaps, due to its deep rural roots, this is another brand that’s challenging the trend of overly pricey e-bikes. It combines innovation with a certain reverence for the classic bicycle. That being said, their e-bikes still stand out with their overall inordinately modern and highly original designs. 

Volt e-bike models

The brand has an impressively sizable catalog already, showcasing plenty of commuter, e-MTBs, folding, road, and hybrid varieties. Essentially, many fall under the latter category due to the uniqueness of the blended design alone. With these facts considered, Volt effortlessly makes its case as a go-to brand for all types of e-bike riders with various riding preferences. 

Volt quality and features

You’ll immediately see Volt’s adherence to tradition through the way they integrate the batteries in the models they’re either situated on the back of the seat tube or integrated into the frame itself. The latter results in a thicker than normal build yet all-around anyone who has been a rider of bikes for years won’t struggle to get the hang of them. 

The European influence is obvious in the designs of most of its e-bikes, especially the step-thru commuter ones that have the inimitable Dutch upright touch. However, we also think their sportier offerings are on par with what you’ll expect from household e-bike brands like SPECIALIZED or Rad E-Bike’s RadCity, to cite a few. 

Volt appears to place a lot of trust in Japanese-made Shimano Steps motors. Obviously, that’s what lets them keep their prices down, but it’s simply hard to ignore the sheer efficiency of these motors as well. They’re able to simulate the natural feeling of riding a bike well, which obviously goes well with what the company is aiming for in the first place.

The most notable e-bike in the catalog is the hybrid Infinity 1. It’s brimming with originality not only in design but in the basically complete components and generally versatile riding experience you get out of it. It’s nicely balanced because of the mid-drive motor, which manages to deliver sufficient assist that doesn’t go overboard. This is topped off by the 36V battery, which provides an excellent 70 miles of range at most.

Here is the link to visit the Volt website.

A few words in conclusion

E-bike culture in the UK is influenced a lot by the innately global nature of the e-biking industry. Even so, that hasn’t stopped the country from producing its own local creations, spearheaded by brands (both young and old alike) that share a passion for modern-day e-cycling. There’s also a noticeable preference for commuter-focused models and folding e-bikes, hence, the said brands actively respond with their own designs and twists. 

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Overall, it’s safe to say that such an e-biking culture has plenty of room for growth, especially when we consider the still growing e-bike trends worldwide. As more UK commuters realize the money-saving benefits of e-bikes and the way most of the models (like folding e-bikes) fit with their public transport system, these brands are bound to come up with more exciting innovations in the future. 

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