Top Places To Go Cycling in the State of Oregon

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Oregon is a stunning place with vast landscapes just waiting for you to explore them. With over 80 cycling trails, this state was made for cyclists! But don’t get overwhelmed – we’ve narrowed down the list. If you ever find yourself planning a cycling trip, here are some of the top places to go cycling in the state of Oregon. 

Oregon’s E-Bike Laws

At the state level, Oregon’s Parks and Recreation Department has no e-biking customs; Oregon simply regulates e-bikes as it does bicycles. However, this assumes a maximum power output of fewer than 1,000 watts; the presence of human-powered pedals; and a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. All riders must be over 16 years old, and they’re to keep off sidewalks. However, they’re not required to wear helmets.

All the trails below allow e-bikes as well as regular bicycles.

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Taylor Creek Trail

Taylor Creek Trail is one of the top places to go cycling in the state of Oregon, and it’s a highly recommended route for cyclists of all skill levels and lifestyles. 

Located in Merlin and beginning at the 3-mile marker on Forrest Road 2500, Taylor Creek is open year-round. Whether you’re trailing alone or with the kids or a furry friend, this out-and-back route can accommodate all. With its shorter 5.1-mile length and 974 feet in elevation gain, you can leisurely enjoy the sights of Oregon on this trail. 

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Little Grayback Trail

Located in Jacksonville, Little Grayback is a more difficult trail; comprised of 17.9 miles, this loop features the wonderful sights of the mighty Siskiyou Mountains. Don’t be surprised if you encounter some wildlife, too. 

Cycling Little Grayback can take up to 3 hours, and some parts aren’t frequented often, so make sure you’re as comfortable as possible to make it through the steep changes. The recommended route is via the Mule Mountain Loop by way of Applegate Lake.

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Post Canyon Trail

Last on our list is Post Canyon Trail, located west of Hood River. Featuring a wide variety of twisty single-track trails to choose from, Post Canyon is an intermediate to difficult “make-it-your-own”-type trail. You can get your heart pumping with large gaps and smooth downhills. The suggested 9.6-mile windy “hot lap” will keep you excitedly on your toes with its tabletops and blank turns.

Just make sure to avoid this route after any substantial rainfall or if temperatures have been below freezing. The recommended times to visit this trail are in early spring and late fall. 

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