Tips for Choosing Lady’s Electric Bike (with 5 examples)

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While the government “bike plan” intends to triple the use of this mode of transport, sales of electric bikes are beating new hights already. How to choose a lady style e-bike? We help you with a few tips.

With its frame recognizable by its “gooseneck” shape, the urban electric bike is by far the star of the market, with 86% of total sales. For its ease of use, this model – also often called the “dutch” one – seduces both men and women. Unisex model and easy to step over, it allows all choices of clothing and guarantees a relaxed driving position. However, its certain lack of rigidity can be felt on potholes and pavements.

Our advice. For intensive use, or on an uneven course, it is better to opt for a reinforced urban model, equipped with an additional metal tube that connects the front column to the frame on which the saddle rests. More tips on how to select urban e-bike read in this post.

Electric motor – three positions

For the electric motor, there are three positions now possible. The engine can be installed in the front wheel hub, in the pedal block (so in the center of the e-bike), or in the rear wheel.

Each of these solutions has its followers and its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the central position of the motor helps with a good distribution of weight. The rear (and the front) motor placement pushes the e-bike forward. To test before deciding. More on the front, mid-drive and rear motors in this post.

Rely on a well-known brand

Given the still high price of electric bicycles, which on average cost around 1500 €, it makes good sense to stay in close contact with the manufacturer and a service center in case of a glitch. This could be a real plus and, often, a necessity.

A specialized retailer or a service partner is able to provide maintenance and after-sales of the engine and battery. You may also need to service the gearbox or other parts of your e-bike. Such problems can arise in case of misuse.

In France, for example, multisport brands such as Decathlon, Intersport, Go Sport, etc. are providing good service, thanks to their wide retail networks and their dedicated after-sales service shops.

Is this a good electric bike?

The most common current models of urban electric bicycles weigh from 22 to 28 kg. This weight includes the necessary accessories (mudguards, luggage racks). If you would like further details on e-bike weight, this post would help.

Most e-bikes use 36 volt and 400 watts batteries. Minimum autonomy is 40 km. Autonomy can grow up to nearly 70 km, if you know how to manage electric assistance levels well. Few tips on managing electric assistance levels in this post. On some models, a “walk” mode can help push the e-bike on a sidewalk, for example, without feeling the weight of the e-bike. At this mode, the motor pushes the e-bike at 3 or 4 km / h.

Good to know. European regulations now limit the power, torque and maximum speed of electric bicycles to 25 km / h. And even this limitation can be lifted quite easily, it is better to avoid doing so. Riding at a speed that is not legal can be expensive, including the fact that your insurance will not cover you in case of an accident.

More on how to choose e-bike insurance in this post. What is the regulation for speed electric bikes in France? Read in this post.

Long-term rent could be a good option

Knowing that price and maintenance remain the two main obstacles to purchase a new electric bike, there are now more and more options for long-term e-bike rentals. City, all-road, mountain e-bikes, there is often something for everyone.

Rental formulas can somewhat differ from one another. Most long-term rentals would cost 20-30 euro per month. Would include delivery and pickup session of an e-bike, assistance in case of mechanical breakdown, breakage or theft, as well as an annual revision and maintenance.

See examples of long-term rental programs in Paris and Lyon in separate posts. General description of what to expect – in this post. How to protect your e-bike from theft – in this post. How to select insurance for an e-bike in this one.

5 lady’s electric bikes

There is a multitude of e-bike models coming to the market every year, if not every month. Here is our pick of five electric bicycles, designed for ladies. Each model has its own flavor. You will see, why we have picked these five.

More on tips on choosing a lady’s style e-bike in this post.


Among the new sales stars, this Decathlon electric bike combines several advantages: high or low step-through design, a mid-drive motor, maximum of the authorized power (250 W) and a battery of 36 V for 50 to 70 km of autonomy.

What we also liked: the “Walk” mode allows you to walk beside the e-bike without pushing it and feeling its weight.

B’Twin Elops 920, 1500 €.

Easy E-Biking - helping to make electric biking practical and fun


Named after Inés de La Fressange, this elegant model is available at Gitane dealers and Vélo & Oxygen stores. Comfortable leather saddle, brown leather handles with polished tips, double bag … it looks really great.

What we also liked autonomy up to 75 or even 110 km depending on use.

Gypsy E-Salsa Ines of the Fressange Paris, 2499 €.

Easy E-Biking - helping to make electric biking practical and fun


Inspired by the American universe of the 30s, this model has its unique curves, its whitewall tires and its chrome or mint colors. It also uses the latest innovations in the e-bike world, including a motor that provides 90 to 150 km of autonomy.

What we also liked: ultra-quiet and very comfortable, with large 26-inch wheels.

O2Feel Pop N7C, 1999 €.

Easy E-Biking - helping to make electric biking practical and fun


Reinterpretation of a flagship model of the 70s, this modern e-bike benefits from a lightweight aluminum frame, a battery providing up to 70 km of range, hydraulic brakes, a luggage rack and a wide range of accessories.

What we also liked: can come in one of the 5 colors (sky blue, aubergine, green, orange or white).

Peugeot E-Legend ELC01, 1399 €.

Easy E-Biking - helping to make electric biking practical and fun


This folding model can follow you everywhere, at home or in the office, or in transport. It weighs 18 kg and is powered by a 260 Wh motor, and the battery of 36 V. Autonomy is around 40 km per charge. Three modes of assistance are available.

What we also liked: one of the easiest to manage models on the market, thanks to its small 14 ” wheels.

Revoe Urban, 599 €.

Easy E-Biking - helping to make electric biking practical and fun

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