Best e-Bikes Made in Germany. 44 German e-Bike Brands.

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In the European electric bike industry, Germany leads in terms of growth and market size. Brands that are doing well in the country are known to use premium-quality components, chic and appealing designs, fully integrated batteries, and value-addition in terms of innovative features. With increasing gasoline prices and awareness regarding sustainability, the e-bike industry is … Read more

Mokwheel Asphalt vs. Aventon Level 2: Two Commuter Electric Bikes Compared

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Urban centers are often congested, and switching to e-bikes is a smart choice. City e-bikes offer a convenient and cost-effective means of transportation. When potential buyers start exploring city e-bike options, they have to encounter a plethora of choices.  Nevertheless, a few standout options emerge from the crowd. Many customers find themselves in a Mokwheel … Read more

Velotric e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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Led by Adam Zhang, a visionary co-founder of Lime, Velotric has harnessed the collective brilliance of industry stalwarts. Velotric’s significance in the electric bicycle market lies in its ability to redefine expectations.  Through its visionary leadership, collective expertise, and commitment to user-centric design, Velotric has carved a path that leads to a simpler, more stylish, … Read more

Addmotor SOLETAN M-66X Review: The Best Value Electric Cruiser Bike

Easy E-Biking - Addmotor Soletan M 66X, two men riding, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Addmotor is a trusted and reputed brand known for making top-quality electric bikes from premium materials. The Addmotor Soletan M-66X Cruiser E-Bike gets its design from the M-66 R7; this is retro moped-styled. The M-66X has a step-thru frame, an impressive electric bike that promises minimal carbon emissions, and a fast and affordable transport solution. … Read more

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