Switzerland Now Allows Juniors on E-bikes on Trails

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Swiss Federal Council approved new regulation that now allows young teenagers accompanied by their parents to ride electric bicycles in certain leisure areas.

Children under 14 years old should be able to ride an electric bicycle if accompanied by an adult in certain areas. The State Council tacitly approved Tuesday a regulation in favour of further developing cycling tourism in the country.

Currently, electric bicycles up to 25 km/h are allowed for riders over 16 years old. Riding an e-bike requires a moped license for juniors between 14 and 16 years old and is prohibited for younger teens under 14 years old.

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This regulation is applicable for regular use on the public routes, but it had not been adapted for tourism. This is exactly why, further regulations were required.

Switzerland is the only country in Europe to have such a restrictive legislation, which is an obstacle to the attractiveness of the country for cycling family tourism.

E-bikes are increasingly promoted for family tourism across the world. For example, electric mountain bikes are already actively rented in the Alps, in the countries, neighbouring Switzerland.

Promotion of four-season tourism, which Switzerland is trying to actively push, implies the use of these new means of transport in leisure areas.

Road safety is not compromised

The Federal Council supported this new regulation as it gives it the possibility to limit the accompanied use of electric bicycles by children under 14 years old to places with low traffic. Thus, this measure will not compromise on road safety.

A new regulation calls for further relaxation of the legislation on electric bicycles. This regulation has been recently submitted and it calls for a lowering of the age limit for using an e-bike to 12 years old.

The State Council has yet to make this decision. The Federal Council is opposed to the bill because it does not contain any accompanying measures to ensure road safety.

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