Students Take E-bikes around the Globe

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Tour of India and California on a solar electric bike

A sportsman and adventure lover, Sushil has taken up the challenge of raising people’s awareness of solar energy. This Indian student master at HEC after his engineering degree, has traveled 7,000 kilometers in his country, on an electric bike recharging with solar panels.

“In India, many people have misconceptions about the operation and benefits of this energy, but young people are the most curious,” explained the young man. Traveling at least 100 kilometers a day, Sushil was able to attract the curiosity of the inhabitants.

He also set himself the challenge of unexpectedly finding a place to sleep every night. “Many people welcomed me for lunch, dinner or helped me find housing along the way,” he recalls.

He did not just furrow India, he also made a trip to California and France. Sushil also created the “The SunPedal Ride” movement, to raise awareness about solar energy and promote the electric bike as an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

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Tour of French Normandie on Electric Bikes

Originally from Calvados, these seven students from the School of Management and Commerce of Saint-Lô (Manche) set up a project called Normand E-Bike. Their departure on a tour is scheduled for May 2019.

As part of their training at the school of management and commerce of Saint-Lô (Manche), seven young people from 17 to 19 years created a project, which they called Normand E-Bike. Their goal: to go around the Normandie region on electric bikes.

“Through this project, we want to show the cultural richness and beauty of the landscapes of our Normandy region, to which we are very attached. ” says one of the future riders.

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“But that’s not the only goal. During our journey, we will go to a number of high schools along the route to give lectures to local students, who will be selecting schools for their studies next year. We would like to promote our own school, and we will take the opportunity to highlight the city of Saint-Lô, were we live. The idea is to entice students to come and study in Saint-Lô. “

An eco-responsible approach

This project is part of an eco-responsible approach, as explained by these students, who are studying towards their Bachelor’s degrees in Management and Commerce.

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We chose to use electric bicycles to highlight these new means of sustainable transportation. We have a partnership with the company Saint-Loise, Easybike, which will lend us three e-bikes, spare batteries, and repair kits. It will also provide insurance and register the bikes. “

700 km and 8 stages of the trip

Paolo Campos, Antoine Spreckley, Antoine Voidie, Clement Dupont, Dorian Leconte, Alexis Jobart and Romain Leroty will be hitting the roads of French Normandy from May 13 to 21, 2019. The trip will consist of eight stages.

Departure and arrival will take place in their city of Saint-Lô. The journey will cover around 700 km and between 35 and 37 hours of cycling.

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They will be three bike riders. The other four students will follow in a car. Each of the students will have their mission on the trip, which will cover security, communication and planning a conference after our journey. The team will be using a GoPro camera and a drone to film the whole journey in order to make a short film of the trip.


To have funds to support the journey, the students have launched a crowdfunding campaign on

The goal is to reach the sum of 2 000 € in crowdfunding. The total budget of the project is estimated at 3 500 €. There is also an intention to solicit companies to find sponsors.

The students also have the plans to rent an electric car to “make the tour 100% electric”.

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