Selecting Woman’s Electric Bike? What Not to Forget.

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While selecting an electric bicycle for anyone, even if this someone is yourself, is not an easy process. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you my thoughts on how to approach buying an electric bike for a woman. We have just gone through this process when selecting an e-bike for my wife, so these memories are fresh and vivid.

What to pay attention to when selecting an e-bike for a woman? Ladies’ electric bicycles are usually designed to have a shorter wheelbase length, smaller overall frame size and usually a step-through frame arrangement. E-bikes for women usually weigh less. Models for women often have brighter colors and could be foldable.

We all have different tastes. It is clear that women have their way of making their choices. When selecting the best electric bicycle for a woman, not only the brand should be considered. There are models that are most suitable for her body build. And this is key when buying an electric bicycle for, or, as a woman.

The different types of female bicycles come in various designs, lengths, sizes, and colors. However, some ladies prefer to opt for the men’s, or better still, a unisex electric bicycle. However, what is of the utmost importance when choosing an electric bicycle for a woman, or, as a woman is to know what specifications work for you.

Choosing only based on how expensive the brand or the model is or how attractive the bicycle looks, might turn out to be a great mistake to make.

Furthermore, looking beyond the specifications of the bicycle, there are some technical details buyers have to look out for before choosing an electric bicycle for anyone.

What e-bike will be mostly used for?

Electric bicycles, or e-bicycles or e-bikes, for lovers of snappy shortenings have gained widespread popularity over the years. At the most basic of their functions, electric bicycles have made cycling even on short city trips a lot easier and fun, as commuting and running errands have become more effective.

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With an e-bike, you can easily take on that steep mountain, a big hill and rough road without breaking much of a sweat. After all, everyone wants to conserve that extra energy and boost to do other activities.

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The real advantage of having an electric bicycle is its efficiency in climbing mountains, hills and fighting the wind. With electric bicycles, cycling becomes a breeze and a worthwhile experience.

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Battery and motor of a lady’s e-bike

It is then important to learn about the battery and motor. These specifications tell you about the watts, volts, which means battery capacity and how long the motor will carry you on one battery charge before you start thinking of recharging again.

The capacity of the battery and usage assumptions are determinant factors of how many kilometers/miles the bicycle can cover before the battery goes down.

Although this is not important if you are buying the bicycle just to chill out in the neighborhood, it’s necessary if you are buying it for other purposes. The maximum distance on one charge might vary from 25-35 kilometers (15-20 miles) to 100 and more. The standard e-bike range is 30-50 kilometers (20-40 miles) per charge.

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Choice of e-bike tires and suspensions

The types of tires and suspensions that come with the electric bicycle is also an important factor in the selection process. If you need an electric bicycle to just pass time in the neighborhood, where you would ply tarmac roads all the time, skip this phase, just any standard tire will do.

However, if you are considering cycling coarse paths, parks, woods, steep hills and mountains, then consider buying hybrid tires on your bicycle. They have a bit more grip and hold than ordinary tires. Bicycles with front-wheel suspenders allow taking on of rough surfaces more comfortably.

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E-bike accessories

This is the point where ladies get all fashionable and decorative. You can choose to design your bicycle to your taste at this stage. Most importantly, you can choose to go for different accessories that will make your cycling storm any kind of weather.

Some of the many accessories to mention are chainguards, mud chains, and ankle clips, especially when it’s wet. These are just measures from getting your clothes, as well as you, messed up when cycling. You can also fix your front lights (if you ever think of cycling at night), pannier, front basket, etc.

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Consider e-bike weight

Although this might look unimportant at first, it’s also a cogent factor to consider when choosing your electric bicycle. If you would often have to go through the stress of lifting your bicycle on a train, into your car or taking it upstairs, then you are likely to need a lighter bicycle the most.

Realistically, electric bicycles do not come weighing less than 15kg most times. There are many models that weigh above 21-23kg. This is when it becomes quite cumbersome to lift up, especially for a woman. The solution is to search for lighter e-bike models. Or consider foldable models as they often appear to be the lightest.

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Another useful tip when considering how to reduce the weight of an electric bicycle is to have a removable battery. Most of these fitted batteries weigh not less than 2-3kg. And batteries are most of the time removable.

Removing a battery can take away a few kilograms from the weight of the bicycle. Nevertheless, if your battery is not removable, do not force it, as that may be tantamount to the destruction of the battery.

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What color to choose for a lady’s e-bike?

Surprisingly or not, color can be one of the most controversial topics to discuss around buying an electric bike. Would a woman buy an e-bike of a color that she does not like? Most certainly – not. We all have color preferences. Women like their possessions to come handy and fashionable.

While some would like an electric bike to be flashy and attractive, others will go for cool and somber colors. So, have a good discussion and thinking around color preferences, if you are going for an e-bike purchase.

White, black, pink, cream, dark green, dark blue, yellow or orange as some of the most often used colors.

Any more tips on selecting an e-bike for a woman?

Choosing the perfect bicycle as a woman can be tedious and sometimes, a frustrating task at first. But, but it’s not an unachievable exercise.

Just as there are different items designed for different sexes, so are different e-bicycles designed for different genders, based on age, size and individual taste and specifications.

Manufacturers are aware of what works for each preference, hence the multitude of models, colors, and specifications. When selecting a bicycle for a woman, it is advisable to go for the ones that are designed as such.

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Related Questions

Are electric bicycles affordable? 

Electric bicycles are quite affordable. Although, some may find e-bike prices rather outrageous while comparing e-bike prices with those of their traditional counterparts. An average electric bicycle costs about $1000 and sometimes can be as high as $7000, depending on the quality and brand of the product.

A quick comparison of the running costs of an electric bike and a used car is quite telling. You will quickly discover that an electric bicycle is almost three times less expensive than the cost of fueling, licensing, insurance and maintaining a car.

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Cycling electric bicycles come with improved health and community connection. It’s a win-win for the rider. While getting to your destination, you are simultaneously doing a workout. So, when you want to complain about how expensive these bicycles are, it makes sense to also consider other values attached and not just the cost.

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Why are most women’s e-bikes have a step-through frame, and most times, shorter than men’s bicycle?

Well, the answer is relative. Cycling designs are still somewhat geared for men. Manufacturers produce what they feel is suitable, based on sometimes, gender, hence the disparity. The reason why most of the women’s bicycles are step-through mostly comes from historical designs.

Some women, on the other hand, don’t like the step-through or use the female shorter frame designs. They then prefer unisex bicycles and some women would even opt-out for men’s designs. So, in many cases, it all boils down to an individual’s choice.

Are electric bicycles faster than traditional bicycles?

The answer to this question is, not really. Most low power electric bicycles will not take the rider beyond 20 kilometers (15 miles) per hour even under full battery charge. It is possible to travel beyond that speed per hour if the rider is ready to do rigorous cycling.

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