Russians Seem to Prefer Bicycles or E-bikes to Gasoline Cars

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According to a recent survey, Russians seem to prefer bicycles to traditional fossil fuel cars.

Gasoline prices and the economic downturn have forced many Russians to use their cars less often. As an alternative way of travel, city residents often seem to prefer traditional or electric bicycles, or electric cars.

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The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center found out possible reasons why Russians started to refuse to use their cars as frequently as in the past. The results of this research were published by a leading local publication RIA “Novosti”.

The first place was occupied by the cost of fuel – 47% of respondents mentioned it as an excuse not to use their cars too often. Expensive vehicle service, insurance, and taxes were mentioned by 16% of Russians. Another 15% believe that their refusal to travel by car is due to financial difficulties and attempts to save money. Among other reasons to use cars less often 14% named traffic congestion, 8% – care for the environment, 7% – poor road conditions.

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At the same time, 43% of car owners are ready to switch to various types of bicycles. People aged 25 to 34 years are more likely to prefer this type of transport – 44% of them claim to be ready to do the shift. Among Russians aged 35-44, even a higher percentage – 56% expressed their preference for bicycles.

The use of electricity-powered cars is supported by 33% of respondents. Electric cars have become a popular answer among young people aged 18-25 years. They were mentioned by 51% of Russians of this age.

An alternative to an electric car may also be an electric motorcycle or an electric scooter. This type of transportation was chosen by 10% of respondents. An electric scooter was chosen by 9%, while an electric bike was chosen by 6% of respondents.

One in five Russians who now drive a car (22%) admitted that they can use their car less often. The same number of people can’t stop driving because they use their cars to make a living.

Those who drive children to school, kindergarten or afterschool activities section are forced to drive – 14%. Another 13% of Russians use private vehicles because they work far away from where they live. 9% of Russians said that they use their cars for shopping and on personal matters. Comfort and time savings were mentioned by 8% of respondents.

This survey was conducted among 1.6 thousand Russian citizens aged 18 years and over.

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