On Electric Bike via Trentino, Italy. With Passion and Pleasure.

Easy E-Biking - travelling on e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

The cycling roads of the Italien Trentino region cover hundreds of kilometers. These routes would offer interesting and diverse experiences to travelers and athletes alike. All the necessary infrastructure is there to enjoy the experience.

There is a choice for every taste

Once you arrive in Trentino, you will quickly learn what Bici Bus and Bici + Treno are. A dozen cycling roads link the Dolomites with Lake Garda. If you like trips with well equipped and well-marked routes, descent from the high-mountain resorts to the picturesque valley of the Adige River.

In case you like serious sport, then choose steep serpentines, which were obeyed only by the best and most persistent mountain climbers.

Urban, highway or mountain? On any bike trip going through Trentino, there are sites where you would decide to for pleasure, to visit new beautiful places and have a good time.

Trentino is well prepared for bikers

The Trentino region has been developing bicycle routes for the past two decades. Thousands of kilometers of roads, which are great for cycling, have already been laid, marked up and mapped.

Not sure where to start? Pay attention to the routes that link the Ortler-Cevedale glacier to the “apple” valley of Val di Non. Or start from the valley of Valsugana with the picturesque province of Vicenza.

Chic and very comfortable bike paths are laid along the Sarka, Chiese, Brent, Avisio, Noche and Cismmon rivers. The most popular cycle route stretches for several tens of kilometers along the bank of the Adige River.

All Trentino bike paths are well marked on GPS maps. Those GPS maps can be downloaded, discussed on the forums and adjusted to fit your desires. You can choose those that are suitable for bold mountain climbing or for family holidays. And you can be sure that in almost any valley there will be all the necessary infrastructure on your route.

Bici + Treno and Bici Bus

It is worth remembering such expressions as Bici + Treno and Bici Bus. The Bici + Treno service (“Bike + Train”) offers traveling bikers to get to the mountains by train. Such trains are usually equipped with special compartments for bicycles.

Tickets are offered to the stations, from which it is convenient to start cycling tours. One of them is Pejo Mountain Resort. From there, you can take a bike through the Passo-Tonale pass to the Val di Sole valley, to the town of Carisolo or to the resort of Madonna di Campiglio. And if you find yourself in the valley of Valsugana, then trains with “bicycle” carriages will take you to Pergine, Levico or Trento.

Easy E-Biking - helping to make electric biking practical and fun

The cycling infrastructure

There are 19 bicycle stations on the Trentino bicycle paths (in English they are called Bike Stops, in Italian Bici Grill). If you see the Bici Grill on a map or index, be sure that everything you need for cyclists is at your service. There are usually, a grocery store and a restaurant, a shower and a toilet, a bicycle repair point, current road maps and signs and, most likely, overnight stay rooms.

Electric bicycles are becoming popular

In Trentino they are doing everything possible to make cycling comfortable for everyone. Every year more and more bicycle rental points offer their guests to rent electric bicycles. On an electric bike, you ride as you would usually do on a traditional bike, but as the road goes up the hill, you can turn on the electrical assistant and enjoy an effortless and pleasant ride.

Athletes are welcome

If you are ready for real sporting challenges, there are 23 mountain peaks that you can climb by bike in Trentino!

Most of these peaks have their own names for a long time. Many of which are named either after famous people or after those, who managed to conquer those peaks one or several times.

The route from Trento to Monte Bondon is named after Charles de Gaulle. The hard ascent of Campionissimi reminds of the local champions – the Moserhes and Simoni. Serpentine Menador and almost all the passes in the Dolomites have often taken the most colorful stages of the Giro d’Italia cycling race. These long, steep and dizzying roads become the sites of real battles among the world’s best cyclists.

Plan well your travel

This summer, tourists and bikers should especially carefully select and plan routes. Due to the extremely bad weather that hit Trentino last fall, the forest was damaged across the region. This is especially visible in the eastern part of the region.

Restoration works of forests and trails were started immediately and will last the whole summer. However, some routes may still not be available. Special signs indicating temporarily inaccessible paths are being installed in the damaged areas.

Updates on the accessibility of the trails are posted on the Visit Trentino website www.visittrentino.info/mca. You can also get this information from the local Apt tourist information offices (Azienda di promozione turistica).

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