Moustache Sunday Test & Review: A Nearly Perfect Gravel E-bike

Easy E-Biking - Mustache Sunday 29.3 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The French cycle specialist, Moustache, has just started its journey by launching its first gravel electrically assisted bike.

The adventure of electric gravel so far was a successful one, and we know that because it came up with a highly successful versatile model of an electric bike. This e-bike incorporates the unique design from the famous French bike manufacturer, the Moustache. 


  • Near-perfect design and finishes. 
  • Integrated high-end gravel equipment. 
  • High-end performance of the e-bike. 


  • The wide handlebar and its dimensions make it difficult to ride in a purely urban environment. 
  • Rather high price. 

For electric bike lovers, the last hyped wave was of the gravel. However, all the e-bikes in this wave, gravel, had limited electrified versions.

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Moustache, a French cycle manufacturing company, is the first one to take this plunge. It is ready to compete in this wave with its Moustache Sunday 29.3. In this article, we are discussing our view on  Moustache Sunday 29.3. 

An electric gravel bike: is it so?

Gravel is a type of e-bike that has become very popular in recent months. It is like a camera with interchangeable lenses. It has all the qualities of a mountain e-bike as well as an urban road e-bike.

The gravel electric bike enables you to go anywhere, on any terrain as it guarantees a comfortable ride on smooth as well as bumpy forest roads. It can also be used as an urban road bike, so it is also a good choice for commuting from home to work.

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After long consistent DIY developments in electric bikes, the gravel, too, is entitled to various specifications by cycle manufacturers. This is the main reason why the French cyclist specialist, Moustache has decided to go a step further with its electrically assisted bike. 

Perfect design/geometry and impeccable finish quality

Moustache, the French cycle specialist, did not have to think about Sunday 29.3’s e-bike geometry as it was already decided and done. Their Sunday 28 bike, which they released a year earlier, was praised due to its perfect geometry.

Therefore, there is no major difference in the geometry of Sunday 29.3 and Sunday 28. However, there is one notable exception in the frame of Sunday 29.3. It is its fork. It has a special carbon braiding which allows more vertical flex.

Thus, the vibrations due to the bumpy grounds or the tar are better absorbed. Due to this change, this gravel e-bike is comfortable to ride on, also on paved roads. 

Easy E-Biking - Mustache Sunday 29.3 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Moustache e-bikes

The road-type handlebar unit or the hanger with a slight flare also helps the model to reflect more on the gravel models. Ultimately, Sunday 29.3 enables the user to ride in two very different positions.

The first is a passive position that allows the rider to ride comfortably with the back raised. A rider can enjoy the ride and stroll for kilometers and kilometers without complaining. 

The other position, sportier, is close to the one we usually want in a road bike. However, it is just as effective as the first position.

If you ever consider buying a Moustache Sunday 29.3 (the bike cost is currently around 3700 euros), make sure to spare time and get the position adjusted by a cycling specialist. Not only would this make your ride pleasant, but it would also prevent backache. 

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Speaking of the design sense, Moustache has never really failed its fans as it has been providing great designs with neat finishes, polished welds, and various color options that make it possible to distinguish the brand’s bike from a distance. 

It would be an understatement to say that Moustache Sunday 29.3 bike has a neat design. To be more accurate, the reactions of the passers-by and other cyclists made it enough for us to stay that it is a bike worth staring at when stopped at a traffic light. 

Equipment designed for versatility 

Due to recent developments in gravel, cycle specialists and manufacturers now offer a wide variety of equipment dedicated to this hybrid cycle.

In simpler words, equipment is less robust and lighter than the ones used in electric mountain bikes. However, they are stronger than the ones used in a classic urban road bike. 

Easy E-Biking - Mustache Sunday 29.3 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Moustache e-bikes

This is quite the case with the Shimano GRX range. It is quite a logical choice. That is why we suppose that Moustache opted for this group. This choice complements the RX-400 transmission by the Japanese manufacturer. 

When it came to usage, the choice to opt for an 11-42 10-speed cassette seemed very accurate to us for this gravel. As for the hydraulic disc brakes, they were well-equipped with disks of 180 mm at the front and 160 mm at the rear. They are simply outstanding for high-level gravel. 

Motor and battery: the right choices for a gravel e-bike 

The rather judicious choices for the gravel e-bike noted in terms of equipment are also found on the electrified part of the bike. Its engine has been entrusted to Bosch, but the merit of running a 250W “Performance Line” motor over a “Powertube” model goes to Moustache.

Admittedly, the motor is less powerful and caps at 63 Nm, but it makes it possible to go for a few kilometers without the loss of power. As for the battery, the choice is more classic with a Bosch widely proven PowerPack battery of 500 watts. 

Easy E-Biking - Mustache Sunday 29.3 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Moustache e-bikes

In e-bike tests, the most difficult part for us is to determine the range of any electric bike. Because for good reasons, it depends on many factors, such as the weather conditions, the terrain, the pilot’s profile, the size of the bike, and the level of pedal assistance.

With Moustache Sunday 29.3, some tests show that it could be possible to cover more than 90 km on a single charge. But again, the bike’s lightweight is a definite advantage. 

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Ride at ease everywhere but a little less comfortable on roads

When it comes down to riding sensations, Moustache Sunday 29.3 can be well-compared to an electric mountain bike in particular. It is lighter, more manageable, and allows a slight gain in speed if you choose to.

Indeed, with its 18.8 kg lightweight, this electric gravel bike is significantly lighter than an average eMTB,  whose average weight oscillates around 24 kg. 

This is particularly palpable and applicable on the first turns of the wheel or for each recovery phase. The 25 km/h, a critical threshold where the electric assistance disappears, is reached in just a few seconds. 

But unlike a heavier e-bike, it is possible to go up to 30 km/h without having the impression of providing an intense effort. Beyond that, it is the thighs and the shape of the moment that will provide a just statement for its power and speed. 

Easy E-Biking - Mustache Sunday 29.3 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Moustache e-bikes

Moustache Sunday 29.3 enables the rider to go faster and save time. We must say that Moustache Sunday 29.3’s steering is rather balanced, keeping its large tires in balance.

When going downhill, you have to take into account its weight as it implies certain inertia. Even though it is concerning, it is something that is completely integrated by the pilot from the first few kilometers traveled. 

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Even though Moustache is very comfortable riding on wide bumpy roads, it is a little less so in a purely urban environment. Its imposing dimensions and the wide hanger are two things that are not ideal when it becomes necessary to zigzag between cars in heavy traffic. 

However, if a cyclist is an expert in commuting on urban roads, it will be less of a problem.

Moustache Sunday 29.3 datasheet

Technical characteristics

Type(s)Gravel e-bike
Max speed announced25 km/h
Mobile appNo
Application compatibilityNo
Engine power250-Watt
Wheel diameter28”
Transmission typeChain
Number of speeds10
Energy recoveryNo
USB socket to charge the smartphoneNo

Electric power

Battery power500-Watt
Battery capacity13400 mAh
Removable batteryYes

Dimensions and weights

Weight (including battery)18.8 kgs

Final remarks about Moustache Sunday 29.3 gravel e-bike

Moustache Sunday 29.3 is an e-bike that comes with all the advantages. It is a well-thought, beautiful, and particularly well-finished bike that offers efficient, relevant, and luxury equipment to the pilot. 

Its weight is below an average mountain or road e-bike (19 kg to be exact). That is why it offers extra comfort and riding pleasure while maintaining its versatility. 

Its main advantage is that you can drive it almost anywhere without making too many compromises. However, we would have liked it much better if it was comfortable to ride in town. 

Now all comes down to its price. Indeed at 3700 euros, Moustache Sunday 29.3 remains to be an expensive bike. 

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