Moustache Friday Test & Review: An Electric Bike Built For The City

Easy E-Biking - Moustache Friday 28 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Moustache has always been a key player in the world of electrically assisted bikes. Just recently, it released its urban and versatile model with a price range of not more than 3000 euros. The manufacturer calls it the Moustache Friday 28.3.


  • Successful and remarkable design. 
  • Quality equipment. 
  • ‘Folding’ system of the handlebars. 
  • Good transmission system. 


  • Alternative suspension.
  • Development range is too short. 

Moustache Friday 28.3 is good enough to embody a new trend for the hybrid bikes halfway between urban and mountain biking. 

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The small French business now enjoys good reviews and word of mouth as their model, Moustache Friday 28.3 became one of the best and prominent models so far. 

It is equipped with a Bosch Motor and a 400-Watt battery. It relies entirely on the variable transmission so that the rider can ride around the city smoothly.

Moustache Friday: Design 

Design is unquestionably one of the best attributes of Moustache Friday 28.3. Whether we like the e-bike’s aesthetics and other choices by the manufacturer or not, but its design is remarkable and stands out among other city e-bikes in the competition. 

The efforts of the manufacturer on the e-bike’s design portray its efforts to deliver a particularly well-finished city e-bike. 

Easy E-Biking - Moustache Friday 28 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Moustache e-bikes

Firstly, there is the aesthetic color of the e-bike’s frame. It is one of the first elements that stand out. The blue color with the touch of gray goes perfectly with the e-bike’s exterior elements that are the battery, the handlebars, the mudguards, etc. The elements are all painted black to give the e-bike an aesthetic look. 

Then, there are the thick tubes that make up the entire e-bike’s frame. The thickness varies from tube to tube and the whole idea to vary thickness was to give it the appearance of a sports e-bike.

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Finally, our attention was diverted to the frame’s welds. The welds are well-polished. The choice of accessories is good, especially when you notice the low consumption Spanninga Presto2 LED. 

Often, even if an e-bike is expensive, the manufacturers ignore and neglect equipment such as pedals and crutch. However, the Moustache chooses quality and design on all occasions. 

Therefore, it is even more surprising to see that Friday 28.3 was not tempted by the adventure of a semi-integrated battery.

Easy E-Biking - Moustache Friday 28 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Moustache e-bikes

The geometry of the e-bike as well as the sought-after aesthetic place Friday 28.3 in the category of hybrid e-bikes. As a matter of fact, the Moustache Friday 28.3 is designed like an electric mountain bike. It has a sloping frame (with a tube that goes down low at the crotch) and impressive features. However, it is equipped like a city e-bike. It has mudguards, a luggage rack, etc. 

Moustache Friday: Original choices on ergonomics 

The most surprising choices made by the manufacturer, considering the price range of the e-bike, are around the suspension. Moustache decided to go without a fork at the front and suspension at the rear side.

Instead of this choice, the manufacturer offers a double alternative, which is the flexible handlebar unit made by Baramind and a seat position that incorporates suspension.

The handlebars are less rigid, which enhances flexibility. These choices are supposed to absorb the lightest of the lightest shocks and compensate for the absence of the suspension fork. 

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When it comes to riding this e-bike on urban roads, the results are mixed. Even the slightest roughness on the road is absorbed instantly, without much difficulty. But as soon the terrain gets uneven and bumpy, the whole position seems uncomfortable and the riding pleasure slowly starts to decrease. Speaking about the saddle, the results are more convincing and appreciable. 

Easy E-Biking - Moustache Friday 28 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Moustache e-bikes

The choices made by Moustache to avoid integrating a suspension system enables the e-bike not to gain extra weight. Friday 28.3 model weighs 22.7 kgs, the e-bike remains still lighter than a Sduro Trekking 4.0 model, the benchmark in the category of hybrid e-bikes, which is a kilogram heavier than the Friday 28.3. 

The manufacturer of Friday 28.3 also worked to integrate this e-bike with some of the latest technology. For example, this model allows the handlebar to rotate and to fix it along with the frame using a latch. This makes the e-bike compact and easier to store, especially in your garage. 

Constant variable transmission: is it the best solution for city e-bikes?

Friday 28.3 has fairly original transmission. Unlike the Moustache’s classic models, that is the derailleur and the cassette, this e-bike’s version opts for a constant variable transmission, Nuvinci N330. 

The system integrated into this e-bike is pretty much similar to the automatic transmission offered in a city car.

Indeed, the pilot does not choose the gear but he determines the difficulty levels via the rotating handle placed right under the handlebar unit. A window shows this change by varying the elevation indicator on the e-bike. 

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The mechanic system responds rather quickly to the wrist. All you have to do is turn the handle down or up and the indicative profile will automatically decrease or increase. 

From then only, the transmission placed at the hub of the rear wheel will take command by increasing or reducing the ratio. 

Unlike a convertible transmission, the driver never gets to know the speed he is riding on. In return, the riding experience is more comfortable and flexible. Riders do not have to jump from one level to another. This makes pedaling overall more pleasant. 

Easy E-Biking - Moustache Friday 28 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Moustache e-bikes

The e-bike’s system requires a few more minutes to adapt to. The first flick of the wrist does not take the e-bike in the right direction but after a few kilometers, this type of transmission is perfectly assimilated by the rider.

This also seems to be the right choice for a city e-bike. For example, each stop at the traffic light gives the opportunity for the rider to adjust the starting speed. This also enables to restart as quickly as possible without spending time on a shift. 

How is electrical assistance?

As usual, Moustache took the help of the Bosch for its engine. It is an Active Plus of 250W which equips Friday. It is placed at the bottom bracket and partially masked by the cover which also covers the e-bike’s chain.

This motor’s power is exemplary and lends itself, particularly to the ride. The torque fluctuates between 35 and 50 Nm which is suitable for flexible riding but could frustrate the most demanding cyclists. 

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Consequently, the main strong point of this engine is not to be sought from the power side. It is more by its silence that the Bosch Active Plus engine decides to take on the world. It is a fact, that, unlike some electric models that emit a slight whistle, the engine of Friday manages to be completely silent.

As for the engine control, it is the Bosch Purion model. It is placed on the left side of the handlebars, backlit, and very simple to use. 

One button of this control unit is used to switch the module on and off, the other two being dedicated to changing the screen or level of assistance. 

Moustache Friday: Autonomy

Moustache company usually does not communicate the autonomy of its e-cycles. This varies from one cyclist to another, depending on the route and of course the level of assistance.

On the other hand, the manufacturer provides users with a tool on its site that allows them to have a fairly fair overview of what their e-bikes are capable of.

Easy E-Biking - Moustache Friday 28 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Moustache e-bikes

For example, if you decide to go for the Bosch 400-Watt Power Pack for this e-bike, it is certainly a good choice and the battery is quite enduring. It offers four electric assistance levels (Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo), which determine the assistance delivered by the electric motor. 

Oscillating between Tour mode and Sport, the autonomy will be around 80 km. This value is ​​very close to what the simulation of the Moustache tool would tell you (link to the range calculation tool).

Moustache Friday: On the road

Without being very playful, and despite having a fairly substantial weight, Friday 28.3 remains very handy. 

It is the geometry of Moustache’s e-bike that should be more emphasized here. The position on the e-bicycle allows its pilot to adopt a “fairly” sporty posture, causing no hindrance when it is necessary to maneuver at the tightest turns. 

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On the longest courses, the lack of suspension can be an inconvenience but it also makes it possible to reduce the loss of energy and then use this energy on more technical parts of the route. 

Finally, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes lack a bit of bite. They will be sufficient for a smooth ride but could be considered a bit limited for a more aggressive ride. 

Moustache Friday 28.3 datasheet 

Technical characteristics

Type(s)City electric bike
Mobile appNo
Application compatibilityNo
Engine power250-Watt
Wheel diameter28”
Transmission typeChain
Energy recoveryNo
USB socket to charge your smartphoneNo 

Electric power 

Charging time announced3 hours and 30 minutes
Battery power400-Watt
Battery capacity11600 mAh
Removable batteryYes

Dimensions and weights 

Length1.95 cm
Height103.6 cm
Weight (including battery)22.7 kgs

Final remarks about Moustache Friday 28.3

Moustache Friday 28.3 is beautiful, well equipped, and very pleasant to use. All these attributes make Friday 28.3 a real success. Very comfortable in an urban environment, it takes full advantage of its Bosch motor as well as its 400-Watt semi-integrated battery.

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Above all, it has some very good ideas like “Quick-Park” technology. This technology allows you to change the orientation of the handlebars and store the e-bike more easily. 

However, the choice to make the e-bike without a traditional suspension did not fully convince us. But it allows Moustache to lower the price of this e-bike model, making it possible for the company to position it as an e-bike in the less-than-3000-euros category. It is a very good quality/price ratio for an e-bike which also has the added advantage of being made in France.

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