Visit Massif Esterel, France, by Electric Bike

Easy E-Biking - nature massif esterel, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Two Azureans have embarked on a guided tour of the Massif Esterel. Not on foot, nor on a small train, but on an electric bicycle. Every weekend (or almost every weekend), Maddy Polomeni and Mathilde Sahuguet – one from Cannes and the other from Antibes – offer a 10km “discovery” outing (about 2 hours of electric-assisted pedaling) to get out and enjoy the mimosa blossoms in the heart of the Esterel mountains.

A fun and safe e-bike activity

You don’t have to cycle four morning our of five to participate in these trips. The goal is to attract as many people as possible and to do this, there is nothing better than electrically-assisted mountain bikes, commonly called simply e-bikes, or EMTBs. 

In simple words, e-bikes are battery-powered bikes, which makes traveling easier for their riders. E-bikes are ideal for the rides in the sinuous areas of the mountains, aren’t they? Especially since those e-bikes are provided to you as you arrive. It is also perfectly fine to bring your own equipment.

Two young women are, of course, experts in this field. They are both top-level mountain bikers. One is a naturalist hiking guide and the second one is an engineer, and she also participated in mountain bike competitions. The French Cycling Federation has nicknamed her “the national ambassador for women’s cycling” for the 2020 season. Both are graduates of a sports educator training course. They are certainly perfectly capable of giving safety instructions and riding advice. They can also react quickly in case of an emergency.

The two partners have embarked on these guides tours not a long time ago, just at the beginning of the mimosa blossoming season. And they very much hope to keep their project going by organizing more hikes throughout the region.

How to participate?

The ride is open to everyone and all levels. The only requirement is to know how to ride a bike. It would make sense to register in advance. This can be done either via the website (link to the booking page) or via the Facebook page. The meeting point, on the day of departure, is at the tourist office of Mandelieu La Napoule (Google maps location).

The cost of the tour is 45 euros per day including equipment rental and a guide. Children must be, at least, 1.50m tall to participate.

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