Is the Electric Bike Still Effective in Burning Calories?

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Physical activity has a positive effect on your morale. The World Health Organization recommends 2h30 minutes of sport per week. So cycling is a good compromise. But what about electric bikes? Here are some answers.

The physical effort can be moderate, even to the point of sweating, the objective being to practice physical activity to keep your muscles awake. So here is our detailed advice about choosing your bike, losing weight, and the advantages of electric bikes.

How to choose your electric bike to lose weight?

There are several electric bike models, but choosing the one adapted to your use is recommended.

For a home-work trip

You need a practical and comfortable electric bike if you want to commute. There is a wide selection of electric bikes for commuting. If you use it outside of public transportation, you can choose a model that is easy to transport, like a folding bike.

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For sports

Choose an electric mountain bike so you don’t have to exert too much on the way up and enjoy the ride down. An electric racing bike is ideal if you want to gradually get back to riding on asphalt. The electric gravel bike (a mix between mountain and racing e-bike) is also an excellent choice.

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For daily commuting (errands, school, etc.)

An electric cargo bike is equipped with a practical load cell allowing you to run errands or transport your children. However, this purchase involves a significant budget. A cheaper option is to mount a trailer on the electric bike.

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How to lose weight with an electric bike?

A hybrid means of transportation, the electric bike can work by using both the propulsion power of the electric motor and the pedaling energy of the rider. This energy expenditure acts on various muscles of the body.

Start small

For beginners who want to enjoy the health benefits, especially weight loss, of riding an electric bicycle, it is recommended to start in stages as your body adapts to the exercise. You have to start slowly; otherwise, you may get bored!

To do this, it is advisable to start at your own pace and increase the intensity and duration of your ride as you go. Increasing the distance on each of your rides is key to achieving weight loss results.

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Use the electric bike regularly

Electric bikes are used more often than regular bikes. To lose weight, the goal is to practice regularly. Health experts recommend cycling (electric or non-electric) at least three times weekly. Each session should last at least 1 hour.

Using an electric bike to commute to work combines work and play (reduces pollution, saves time in traffic, and improves your fitness). People looking to burn more calories can intensify their workouts with a route of a few hours per week.

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Lower the level of assistance

When you stop pedaling, the electric bike’s motor stops. It then acts as an assistant and complements your efforts, giving the device the name of an e-bike (electrically assisted bicycle). The level of assistance can be adjusted according to your practice.

This method makes it a tool anyone looking to lose weight can use. Once you get used to bike riding, you can increase your energy expenditure without assistance.

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Adopt a healthy lifestyle

In addition to riding your electric bike regularly, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. If you do this kind of physical activity while maintaining bad habits, your hard work of driving a few miles can turn into ashes.

If you want to have the body of your dreams with your e-bike, forget about fast food, candy, and drinking with friends. It is crucial to optimize the results with a balanced diet and a better lifestyle (8 hours of sleep, 1.5 liters of water per day, no alcohol or excessive smoking, etc.).

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What are the health benefits of electric bicycles?

The health benefits of electric bicycles have been scientifically proven. One study demonstrates that riding an electric bike is as healthy as riding a muscle bike. Therefore, this activity has been proven to burn and eliminate fat, increase your respiratory capacity, improve your figure, and improve and maintain your health.

Lose weight with the electric bike

The built-in electric function does not mean that the electric bike is a different means of transportation than the conventional bike. You have to pedal to move. However, the continuous spinning motion of the legs allows you to perform an endurance exercise that will burn calories.

This caloric increase melts the cyclist’s fat deposits. In addition, the sweating function of the body, activated by effort, helps to promote the elimination of residues.

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Refining your silhouette

Regularly riding an electric bicycle will burn calories and, therefore, fat. Over time, you can improve your figure. In cycling, the leg muscles are the most solicited. Your thighs will be more refined. These efforts are then seen in the hips and abdomen.

Be healthy

In addition to eliminating fatty deposits, riding an electric bicycle regularly allows you to perform endurance exercises. This type of activity is beneficial to your health and organs, such as your heart and lungs. For example, scientists have shown that cyclists are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

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The effect of electric bicycles on morale

Physical activity is necessary for normal brain function. Using an electric bicycle as a sporting activity can stimulate the happiness hormone endorphin.

By cycling, you can produce hormones like progesterone and serotonin. These are physically stimulated and help to eliminate stress and anxiety. In addition, pedaling reinforces the feeling of doing something good for the body. In addition, the condition increases the production of dopamine, which promotes a sense of humor and self-esteem.

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