Here Is Why eMTB Maintenance Needs to Also Charge E-bike Batteries

Easy E-Biking - mountain e-biking summer Alpes Aventures, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Alpes Aventures / Jeudi 15

Maintenance work on mountain bike trails is in full swing, as the centers prepare to welcome more cyclists as this activity becomes more popular, including more and more electric-assisted bicycle enthusiasts. Here are five reasons why maintenance stations should also charge e-bike batteries! 

1. Multiply the runs

Many downhill lovers, for who climbing the mountain is just a must, welcome with renewed energy in their legs the electric assistance that allows them to get to the top faster, with less effort, and thus multiply the number of descents.

“They can spend six hours in the woods, go up and down six times, and then be fit enough to mow the lawn afterward,” says Alexandre Lemerise, marketing and development coordinator at Empire 47. The power assist changes “the perception they had of their ride,” he adds.

However, since the bike is heavier, small adjustments must be made when riding downhill, especially with regard to handling. “The upper body works harder, you can feel it in your arms and shoulders,” says Martin Ruelland, Rossignol’s Eastern Quebec representative. “There could be more inertia on the bike in curves,” says Lemerise.

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2. Extending the pleasure

Electric assistance makes it possible to extend mountain outings, multiplying the number of kilometers covered and the number of descents made. It also encourages you to practice your favorite sport more often, even when you return from a grueling day’s work or when your energy is needed elsewhere (cleaning the garage, landscaping work, etc.). 

E-bike helps you keep up the pace, both on the mountain and in your daily activities. “You can enjoy your sport even more,” says Lemerise.

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3. Gather the cyclists

When cyclists of different skill levels ride together on the trails, some may find it more difficult to keep up with the group. With an e-bike, there is no longer any question of staying behind, easily reaching the same speed as the most experienced cyclists. “My kids are in great shape, I can’t keep up with them. But with an electric mountain bike, I can ride with them,” says Ruelland.

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Easy E-Biking - mountain e-biking summer Alpes Aventures, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Alpes Aventures / Jeudi 15

4. Staying true to the sport

Several factors can influence one’s physical condition over time, forcing athletes to abandon activities that have become too demanding, such as mountain biking. Electric power assistance offers the possibility of staying in the saddle or getting back on the handlebars, and then getting back in shape or staying in shape at one’s own pace. 

People who never thought they had the physical ability to ride a mountain bike can even discover this pleasure! 

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5. It’s motivating!

Encouraging you to get some fresh air, to move more, to extend your mountain outings, to keep in shape by offering a little help, the electric bike is certainly not for the lazy. The different levels of assistance make it possible to modify the effort that the cyclist has to make during the ride. 

“There are ways to get a lot of energy out of an electric bike,” says Ruelland, who also explains that the assistance motivates the cyclist to pedal. “It’s fun, and our efforts are rewarded with speed when we pedal,” he says. 

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Take a look at this video, discussing first time mountain e-bike experience on a Giant e-bike:

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