Gogobest GF600 Review: Conquer the Mountains with Powerful Batteries

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GOGOBEST GF600 is an e-bike powered by a 48V 13 Ah Samsung 18650 Lithium battery pack. It can offer a hassle-free ride up to 45 km (28 miles) and up to 110 km (68 miles) in the power-assisted mode. 

Fat tires offer stability, large batteries provide strong output on rough terrains, and the water-bottle-shaped battery holder design with IP54 water-proof level supports GF600 as one of the most formidable competitors in the mountain e-bike bracket. 

An electric bike brand that was conceptualized by the owners due to their passion for riding bikes, GOGOBEST is a name to reckon with in the e-bike industry. It is known for its premium-quality bike models designed to offer riders of all ages comfortable and pleasant riding experiences.  

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Today, we will review the GOGOBEST GF600, a superior electric mountain bike with fat tires and large batteries.   

GOGOBEST GF600 – What Makes It the Best Electric Mountain bike? 

Power-driven Motor for Top Performance 

The GF600 is equipped with a brushless motor with an impressive power output of 1000W. Made from aluminum, it is lightweight. The star gear design ensures maximum torque and effective energy conversion rate. The motor has a maximum speed capacity of 25 km/hr (15.5 mph) and takes less than 5 seconds to reach full speed.  

Due to this power-driven motor, the e-bike consumes less user energy. It offers a noiseless drive while maximizing the cruising range. This results in an easy uphill drive with 35° max climbing and ensures top-speed performance for the rider.  

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High-tech Sensing & Intelligent Detection Feature 

GOGOBEST GF600 has a five-level power assist mode. A button on the e-bike helps adjust between the different modes, starting from low power mode to high power mode. The inbuilt intelligent system detects each step of the user with in-depth-sensing of the pedal strength as well as the pedal rotation speed to make the ride easier and smoother for the rider. 

Easy E-Biking - Gogobest GF600 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Gogobest e-bikes

Besides this, a 5-inch LCD device with smart display features, an interactive interface, and an integrated gear switch offers the rider a clear picture of the driving statistics. Thus, the user is continuously updated and gets clear information at a glance. The display device is IP54 water-proof and dustproof making it thoroughly dependable.  

A Lightweight, Dependable Frame 

The e-bike frame is made from aluminum alloy 6061 material known for being corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant. The alloy undergoes T4T6 heat treatment. As a result, it has a higher strength and safeguards each part robustly. The aluminum alloy-made e-bike is an excellent option for riders who prioritize safety. 

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Comfortable Ride on Mountainous Terrain 

GOGOBEST GF600 comes with a dual coil spring suspension and a lockable front fork that safeguards the rider from impact during a collision making the ride comfortable across all types of terrains, including potholes and muddy trails. 

The diameter of each wheel is 26 inches which readily bears the impact on undulated roads and helps cross speed bumps seamlessly. Anti-skid and anti-vibrational fat tires have a width of 10 cm that helps cover longer distances faster and with less effort. 

E-bike Riding is Fun, Thanks to the Shimano 7-speed Transmission 

Driving GOGOBEST GF600 is abundantly joyous because it has the option of a Shimano (imported) 7-speed transmission system that gives the user an enjoyable experience every time. 

This helps the rider shift to a larger cog when going uphill and to a smaller cog when going downhill or traveling at speed. With the help of the pedal-assist system, the speed can be adjusted depending on the rider’s choice. 

Easy E-Biking - Gogobest GF650 e-bike hub motor, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The customized aluminum alloy crank, 52 aluminum alloy crank chains, classic front 1 rear 7-speed combination, and sis positioning make the e-bike thoroughly reliable.   

Other Superior Technical Features of the GOGOBEST GF600 

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The e-bike has an excellent wide seat, streamlined ergonomically, making it spacious enough for riders of all ages. Thus, the comfort of the user is utmost in this kind of design wherein they can sit in the proper posture without hurting their back. 

Another noteworthy aspect is the presence of the Taiwan ZOOM disc brake. This system has dual front and rear S-disc brakes that enable faster heat dissipation. In an emergency, the power is automatically cut off when the brake lever is pinched. This helps the emergency brake work effectively, without jerking, and absolutely smoothly.  

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Gogobest GF600 specs

Motor Power1000W
Battery Capacity48V 13Ah (624Wh)
Announced Range45 miles (72 km)
Net Weight65 lbs (29.5 kg)
Max Load Capacity330 lbs (150 kg)
Type of BrakesHydraulic disc brakes
SuspensionFront and rear suspension
Pedal Assist Modes5
Applicable Rider Height5’2″ – 6’6″ (157-203 cm)
Charging Time6-7 hours
Lighting systemsFront and rear lights, turn signals

About Brand GOGOBEST 

The year was 2008 when the brand saw the light of day. This London-based brand caters to most parts of the European Union, including the United Kingdom. 

Its manufacturing unit covering an area of about 2500 sq. meters, is based out of China, and warehouses spread across 20,000 sq. meters are in Poland. Besides, it has all the necessary testing facilities in-house as it focuses on the safety of riders. 

The USP of the brand is based on its mission to make bike riding an accessible option for one and all, irrespective of the user’s age or ability. Thus, the e-bikes are designed and manufactured to make e-riding a happy journey, which the brand defines as ‘freedom of mobility.’ 

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