Gogobest Bezior X1500 Review: A Robust All-Terrain Beast

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Gogobest’s Bezior X1500 empowers riders on all kinds of terrains, from asphalt and gravel roads to rugged and steep trails. Further, potholes and snow-covered roads are no obstacles for the fat tires of the mighty X1500 with 26”x4” wheel diameter. 

Its core strength lies in the 48V 1500W high-speed brushless geared motor that helps conquer inclines up to 38° and reach a maximum speed of up to 40 km/h. In addition, the double oil suspension systems in the front and rear, the power-off oil disc, and the upgraded 48V 12.8Ah Lithium battery add more power to this e-bike.

The foldable lightweight aluminum alloy frame is an added advantage, making it portable and easy to store in limited spaces. In addition, the Shimano 27-speed transmission system and the 4-bar linkage shock absorption system sync beautifully with the motor for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Give your adventurous streak a nudge with the Bezior X1500, an electric bike made for the outdoors. Make your outdoor indulgences all about fun and excitement with Gogobest’s Bezior X1500. Here’s why we are saying so.

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Bezior X1500 – What Makes It A True Adventure E-Bike

Before we begin, here are the core specifications that give you the technical overview of the X1500.

Bezior X1500: Core Specs

Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Weight25 kg / 55 lbs
Maximum Load200 kg / 440 lbs
Applicable Rider Height165 to 190 cm
Maximum Speed40 km/h (25 mph)
Maximum Grade38°
Waterproof DegreeIP54
Battery Capacity12.8Ah
The Charger 48 V 3Ah
Motor Power1500W
Charging Time4 to 6 hours
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
Pure Electric Range45 km / 28 miles
Power Assisted Range100 km / 62 miles
TransmissionShimano 27-Speed Gears

Conquer All Terrains With the Power-Driven Bafang Motor

Thanks to the 1500W lightweight, high-speed brushless motor, this beast can easily move through rugged terrains. In addition, the rear-hub motor is engineered with the star-gear design that amplifies torque and boosts energy efficiency conversion rate.

Photo credit Gogobest e-bikes

The torque achieved is a humongous 78 Nm, making it the star feature for the e-bike when riding on sloped terrains with up to 38° gradient. A maximum speed of 40 km/h (25 mph) can be easily achieved flawlessly due to the strength of the motor.

The Bezior App help choose quicker speeds. In addition, the rider selects the left-hand throttle mode and pedal assistance (5 levels). 

Impressive Range for a 12.5Ah Battery

The 48V 12.5Ah removable battery offers a range of 45 km on a single charge. That’s incredible! The Samsung/LG cells give it a stamp of dependability. The 45 km (28 miles) range with the throttle and up to 100 km (62 miles) range with pedal assistance is also noteworthy. 

The structure has been designed well to completely conceal the battery in the downtube. Thus, it is waterproof and dustproof. The white LED light strip is attached to the battery and has four settings – ranging from low to medium, then high to flashing. It is hidden inside as it is fastened to the battery.

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How to use it? Probably as a torchlight during night-time maintenance, if stranded somewhere, or as a camping lantern. After all, when you are outdoors, you never know what kind of emergencies can happen. So it is good to be well-prepared!

Excellent Gradient

If you into an outdoor enthusiast, you know that hilly terrains can be steep, and you need a reliable vehicle to cover the slopes. The Bezior X1500, with its 38° climbing gradient, makes your journey quite stress-free. 

Photo credit Gogobest e-bikes

Thanks to the torque sensor-equipped star gear-designed brushless motor, the e-bike can move through steep slopes quickly. You will realize improved energy efficiency conversion and enhanced torque as you get used to this e-bike.

What Are Features of X1500 Make It A Class Apart?

Portable and Foldable Design

Carrying the Bezior X1500 is so much about a matter of convenience. The e-bike is entirely foldable. Consequently, you can pack it in the car trunk or transport it any other way quickly. Furthermore, its compact design helps save space as it can be neatly placed in one corner of your home.

To top it off, the aluminum alloy frame is all about sturdiness and high strength and can carry about 200 kg (440 lbs) payload.

Stability is Thy Name

Bezior X1500 is exceptionally reliable. The reason is hidden in its design and engineering. The 26” x 4” anti-skid and anti-vibration fat tires are ably supported by the softail real-oil spring suspension and the dual oil spring shock absorber, providing effective shock resistance on all terrains.

Photo credit Gogobest e-bikes

The Shimano 27-speed transmission system adds thrill to the ride. The hydraulic disc brakes make the ride comfortable, enabling faster heat dissipation. In addition, the emergency brake system adds to the peace of mind. 

Smart LCD Display

Armed with a 5” intelligent LCD with a cutting-edge interactive interface, you stay updated throughout the entire course of your journey. The rounded-rectangular display is pretty huge and sits comfortably at the center of the handlebars. 

Besides its aesthetic appeal, the LCD has an integrated gear switch offering crucial e-bike data views. Moreover, it is made of IP54-grade material, making it dust and waterproof.

What Could Have Been Better?

The initial start of the e-bike is a bit jumpy, so you need to be prepared for it. However, once it starts, the rest of the journey is smooth. The other aspect that you might find lacking is the 12.5Ah battery. 

It is easy to point out that most of its competitors have shifted to the 20Ah batteries, raising questions about the battery range of the X1500

Another sore point with the e-bike is the cockpit area, where the LCD, the brake, and the shift cables appear mismanaged. You can work here with zip ties to give it some semblance. 

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About Gogobest

Shenzhen-based Gogobest was founded in 2019. Since then, it has been manufacturing top-of-the-line electric bikes to promote sustainable transportation solutions that keep riders healthy. 

The brand makes e-bikes exclusively for the EU market. It has its warehouse in Poland and a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit spread across 80,000 sq m in China. The facility also has its in-house R&D and testing units.

The comprehensive range of e-bikes from Gogobest offers city e-bikes, mountain e-bikes, road e-bikes, and folding and fat tire e-bikes.

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