Frey Hunter Review: An E-bike Fit For Australian Terrain & Conditions

Easy E-Biking - Frey Hunter e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Established in 2013 in Jinhua, China, Frey is a known brand with high-end specs and an excellent benefit-cost ratio. The reason why Frey has catapulted to popularity across the globe is the use of high-end components from the best-known brands. 

Frey makes the Hunter, which is a hard-tail electric bike. The motors are from Bafang, and the batteries are from Samsung. Other branded items include Shimano, Rockshocks, Magura, etc. 

All these parts work cohesively to produce excellent results on Australian terrains. The Bafang motor, in particular, is a powerful feature that helps riders cover all terrains comfortably and smoothly. 

Frey is a known brand in the fat tire e-bike niche.  Its par-excellent fat tire e-bikes that sell like hotcakes in the US market are made for QuietKat and Backou. These are two of the most prominent electric bikes on American soil, trusted wholeheartedly by users that are hunting and off-road adventure enthusiasts. 

With their exceptional quality and performance, Frey e-bikes have become a top choice for off-road adventure enthusiasts. Let’s dive into Frey Hunter review.

E-bike model review: Hunter from Frey

The Kenda 26 x 4.5” fat tires can provide grip on any track type, be it the mountains or the sandy beaches.

Easy E-Biking - Frey Hunter e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Frey e-bikes

The maximum payload that the electric bike can easily carry is about 150 kg, which means that even an overweight rider can take this e-bike for a safe and smooth ride across multi-type terrains. 

As a quality guarantee, EORB offers a 5-year warranty on the frame and an 18-month warranty on all other parts.

If you plan to invest in a premium-quality e-bike made for Australian trails and roads, this is the one. It is an ideal companion whether you are out fishing, hunting, or indulging in other outdoor activities. This is an all-season, all-road cognition e-bike; be it uphill or downhill, it doesn’t fail you.

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Unparalleled Quality

The badass hard-tail e-bike from Frey, Hunter, is well-equipped to face all kinds of challenges, be it the road or the riding conditions. The BaFang 1000W motor produces 160Nm torque, the primary source of its zestful performance. 

The 48V 21Ah Samsung battery lends that extra power that helps transition smoothly from one ride mode to another. The frame is 6061 aluminum alloy made, known for being rust-proof and weather-resistant. 

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Off-Road Capabilities 

Planning to get home an electric bike that complements your nature trails and adventure activities? Look no further – the Frey Hunter is the best in the lot.

This e-bike has been designed for off-road use, ranging from sandy beaches to snow-filled trenches, mountainous terrain, or bushy roads. To help you cover the grounds, you have three different modes to operate the e-bike.

Easy E-Biking - Frey Hunter e-bike motor, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Frey e-bikes

The first is the PA or the Pedal Assist mode. It comes with five levels of assistance. The first Level is where the rider will get as much help from the motor as he/she puts in physically. 

The last Level is where the powerful Bafang motor will multiply the rider’s physical efforts by 4. So, when you ride the Hunter in the 5th Level, you get the feeling that four other riders are putting in the effort to facilitate your ride. 

The next mode is the thumb throttle mode, where even higher power than the PA mode can be achieved. This mode is recommended for uphill rides, especially on a steep slope. 

The last mode is the Walk-Assist Mode which is meant to be used only when riding through extremely steep slopes. Alternatively, you can use this mode if there are obstacles on the road. Your adventure pursuits get an extra edge with this mode that helps up your game like never before.

Features that Make Hunter A Reliable Choice

MotorBaFang M620 1000W system, 160Nm
BatterySamsung 48V21AH (1008WH)
ChargerOutput 54.6V/5A, AC100-240V
Frame6061# alloy, 26” fat trail geometry
Front Fork150mm air suspension fork
StemAlloy, 50mm length
HandlebarAlloy, 25mm rise, 780mm, 31.8mm clamp
Wheelset26” fat double alloy rims
TiresCST 26×4.5” fat mountain tyre
BrakesMagura MT5e-4-piston 203/203mm
DrivetrainShimano Alivio 9-speed shifter
Range of Power> 60 km
Max Speed>50km/h
Max payload150kgs

What Could Have Been Better?

Installation of the Hunter can be a bit challenging, especially the saddle. The best is to first install the saddle out of the bike rather than doing it the other way around. Doing the latter can be a tricky process. 

The Frey Hunter should be your first choice if you have to purchase an electric bike that is game for uneven trails and rides. DIY installation videos are available online that will help you unbox and install the e-bike without much difficulty.

EORB: A Credible Place to Buy High-Performance E-bikes

EORB is one of the top dealers of electric bikes in Australia. Planning to go beyond the ordinary? Wish to go further with ultimate speed and noiselessly? EORB is a dealer of off-road e-bikes, and they exclusively sell FREY fat tire e-bikes. The retailer sells e-bike accessories too that help your hunting and fishing expeditions. 

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