Electric Bikes: Cowboy 3 Delivers Much More on Its Mobile App

Easy E-Biking - Cowboy electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Cowboy

The new evolution of Cowboy electric bicycle is even more connected than the previous one. Belgian e-bike focuses on the safety and well-being of its rider. 

The third generation of the Cowboy electric bike is finally official. This e-bike from a Belgian start-up, considered by many observers as one of the best e-bike models of last year from the price/quality point of view. 

Now Cowboy 3 evolves further without turning its back on the principles that made its success. The announced sequel to the ultra-connected e-bike, with its minimalist design, is, therefore, an e-bike that gives even more importance to the software and app part and refines its aesthetics. 

Same design, new colors

From an aesthetic point of view, the new Cowboy doesn’t change much. The frame is identical to that of the last year except for two new colors (there was only one before). There are now also anthracite grey and mineral grey. 

As for the previous editions, only the removable battery, placed vertically at the back of the seat tube, shows that this is an electric bicycle. As a result, external evolutions are quite light. Cowboy uses a new carbon belt transmission, which is very practical since it saves the rider from the usual maintenance of the chain.

The Belgian brand also announces that it has equipped its e-bicycle with puncture-proof tires with a larger grip surface. It remains to be seen whether this choice will have a negative impact on the speed of the e-bike, which was previously one of its strong points. 

Easy E-Biking - Cowboy electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Cowboy

On the same note, the manufacturer is announcing a bit lower torque (without going into more detail on this comment), which facilitates starting off from a standing position and overcoming road bumps. 

Finally, in response to the criticism of the previous releases that the e-bike was very (too) bare, Cowboy is finally offering optional custom mudguards (for an additional 89 euros). For the rest, the mechanical part is identical to that of the previous Cowboy model. The weight also remains the same – 16.9 kg, which is a nice attribute to have for a connected electric city bicycle. 

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Cowboy 3 smartphone app has become smarter

The main evolutions of this new Cowboy are in the software part. The usual functionalities of the application are obviously still in place. It will be possible to locate your e-bike, set the main parameters, and get an overview of your latest rides straight on your smartphone. 

Easy E-Biking - Cowboy electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Cowboy

To this already quite complete package of features, four new have been added:

  • Automatic unlocking: no need to take the smartphone out of your pocket, a proximity sensor unlocks the e-bike lock as soon as the owner is close enough.
  • Theft alert: If someone tries to move or use the e-bike, the owner is automatically notified.
  • Accident detection: Ability to register emergency contact who will be alerted if the owner has fallen down and did not report to the application that everything is fine.
  • Air quality measurement: A new sensor allows the e-bike to detect, similar to how this is done in certain wearable watches, for example, the quality of the surrounding air.

Finally, and this is undoubtedly one of the major improvements, although the least visible, Cowboy is also improving from a service point of view by offering permanent support for all users of its e-bikes. 

During the two-year warranty period, a dedicated repair service will be able to come and adjust or repair the e-bike at the owner’s home after making an appointment via the application. Cowboy is planning this repair/service network to be present in 67 cities. This setup should enable it to help the majority of its urban customers in most major metropolitan areas. 

Cowboy vs Vanmoof: two “classic” e-bikes?

This new version of the Cowboy electric city bike is already available for purchase. Cowboy 3 is sold at a price slightly higher than the 1999 euros of the v2. Cowboy 2020 price is 2290 euros.

As in the previous year, the main competition is Dutch Vanmoof with its new S3/X3 version. The latest versions of these two contenders make them even closer both in their design and price positioning. 

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Here is a quick video review of Cowboy connected city e-bike:

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