Electric Bike Rentals: UK, France, and Germany

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Lime electric bikes launched in London

Supported by Uber and Google, the self-service specialist Lime has recently launched a fleet of electric bikes in London.

A total of 1000 electric bicycles were launched by Lime in the London Boroughs of Brent and Ealing. This recent service launch in London, follows closely that of the city of Milton Keynes. In Milton Keynes Lime has been offering its electric bicycles self-service already for a few weeks.

Easily recognizable by their bright green color, Lime’s electric bicycles do not require fixed parking location according to the “free floating” principle. From the costs point of view, each booking is charged 1 £ (1.12 €) while e-bike’s usage is charged 15 pence (0.17 €) per minute.

Lime’s e-bike rental service will compete with similar services from Chinese startups Ofo and Mobike, which have been launched earlier. It will also allow London to join the broader program of the City of London. This program, which operates through Transport for London operator, already unites more than 11,000 traditional bikes in 750 docking stations across the city.

Easy E-Biking - helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Jump launches e-bikes in Berlin

Launched last Thursday, May 9, this Uber service has 1,000 electric bikes in 12 districts of the German capital.

Easily recognizable by their bright red color, JUMP’s electric bikes are available for the first time in Germany.

These power-assisted bikes are directly integrated into Uber’s VTC application, which allows them to be located and booked without having to create an additional account.

Today consisting of 1,000 electric bicycles, the fleet will be gradually extended to other cities of the country.

Launched in 2010 and bought by Uber in April 2018, JUMP now has more than 12,000 e-bikes in 40 cities and six countries.

Jump e-bikes arrived in Paris – what you need to know

Jump arrives in the streets of the French capital with a fleet of self-service scooters and electric bicycles. Fees, how to register, how the system works … All the practical details you need to know about this new service launched by Uber in Paris!

500 e-scooters and 500 e-bicycles

For his Paris debut in the electric bike field, Jump hits hard. Acquired by Uber a few months ago, the self-service specialist is already present in 18 cities around the world.
On April 11, the company has deployed 500 e-scooters and 500 electric bikes in the streets of Paris, a total of 1,000 vehicles. This park is planned to grow fast.

From 20 to 25 km / h

Easily recognizable by their red color, Jump electric bikes are the same as used in other cities by Jump. In compliance with European regulations, their electric assistance is limited to 25 km / h while their autonomy can be up to 50 kilometers per charge.
As Jump would like to eventually develop its own model, the company now turned to Segway for its scooters. E-scooter model is model quite similar to those proposed by its competitors but with its speed limited to 20 km / h instead of usually allowed 25 km / h. A choice that the operator justifies as security considerations.

How does Jump service work?

Like the other similar services offered in Paris, Jump electric two-wheelers operate in “free-floating” mode. That is to say that there are no fixed stations, the vehicles can be left anywhere in the predefined area.
To locate and book an e-bike or e-scooter nearby, the user needs to use the Uber application and activate unlocking with a built-in QR code.

How much does it cost?

E-bike or e-scooter … Jump does not differentiate and offers both of them at the same price. On the road, the service is charged 15 cents per minute. You will be charged a one-euro fee to unlock the vehicle. This 1-euro fee is waived for the first three weeks to celebrate the launch of the service.

How to register?

If you already have the Uber app, there is nothing else to do. Just select “bike” in the home menu to access the service. If not, simply download the app, available on Android and Apple Store.
For more information, visit the official website of Jump (in French).

Easy E-Biking - Long-term E-bike Rentals in Grand Besançon, France

Long-term e-bike rentals in Grand Besançon

The Grand Besançon region took advantage of the inauguration of the track dedicated to the soft modes of transportation to present the new “Ginko Vélo” electric bicycle rental service. This new track connects Pouilley-les-Vignes and Champvans-les-Moulins and runs via Champagney.

About fifty long-term rental bicycles, in the blue colors of the Ginko brand, are currently being delivered by Bisontine Proxy-Cycles, which won the contract. Year-round, the long-term rental will be 20 € per month (240 € / year) for all-public rate and 10 € per month for holders of a Ginko subscription card.

“Ginko Vélo” is a new long-term rental service of electric-assisted bicycles offered by Kéolis Besançon Mobility with the support of the Grand Besançon. 50 new electric bicycles will be delivered in mid-June. And there is a plan to have 250 more at the start of September. In the long term, by 2021, 650 electric bicycles will be available to the locals of the Grand Besançon region.

The objective is to facilitate daily commute

The clearly stated objective is to facilitate the daily commuting of the local residents of the agglomeration. And also to support the intermodality in the different modes of transport.

Aluminum frame, powerful motor with a range of 80 to 120 km, French battery manufactured in Avignon, Italian saddle, anti-theft equipment. These electric bikes with an excellent level of equipment are provided by the Proxy-Cycle company of Romain Walger and branded with Ginko’s blue color branding. Assembled in Besançon, the bikes are then delivered by FPI (Friant Painter Industrial) company of Serre-les-Sapins.

The overall cost of electric bicycles and the service is estimated at 650.000 € for 600 bicycles. This cost is largely financed by the Grand Besançon with the support of the Ademe (48.000 €), the French state (150.000 €) and the European funds from the Feder (63.500 €).

E-bike long-term rental – all included

“Good for the health and the planet, the electric bike makes it possible to choose to move in a different way, often much easier than before. And I am delighted that the locally made e-bike model was chosen” welcomed the new service Jean-Louis Fousseret, Mayor of Besançon and President of Agglomeration.

“Ginko is the mark of mobility and we provide all mobility services of the Grand Besançon. We set the direction and we finance investments, ” said Michel Loyat, Vice President in Charge of Transport at Grand Besançon.

“Kéolis Besançon Mobilités provides service, maintenance, and security. We are working with this company already on two services – Ginko-Vélo and soon a carpooling service. It is no coincidence that this launch of Ginko-Vélo is taking place in Pouilley-les-Vignes” continues Michel Loyat.

“This new service is intended for all Great Bisontins who can benefit from well-built bikes. These bikes will be subject to security and maintenance checks every six months. The service will be delivered by the Café Vélo and will be provided by Keolis. Riders are left with pedaling only … and “they are also strongly encouraged to wear their helmets” has more than advised Jean-Louis Fousseret.

Who can access Ginko-Vélo?

  • Be at least 15 years old
  • Being a resident or studying in the Grand Besançon

Long-term e-bike rental rates

Ginko-VéloAll rentalsGinko subscribers
1 month50 €25 €
3 months100 €50 €
12 months240 €120 €

To benefit from the 50% discount, the rider must already have a Ginko subscription (Pass 4-17, 18-25, Sesame, +64, job seeker, valid CMU).

  • A deposit of 600 € will be required for all rentals.
  • Access to Ginko VéloParks is included for all rentals (secure bike shelters and video surveillance

Rates of optional equipment

Equipment / DurationChild seatBasket
1 month€ 5€ 5
3 months€ 10€ 10
12 months€ 15€ 15

Ginko-Vélo demo days in the Grand Besançon

  • Friday, June 14, 2019 from 15h30 to 18h30: Super U Roche-lez-Beauprés
  • Saturday, June 15 from 14h to 17h: Micropolis nature festival
  • Wednesday, June 12 from 15:30 to 18:30: Carrefour Contact Montferrand-le-Chateau
  • Wednesday, June 19 from 15:30 to 18:30: Super U from Pouilley-les-Vignes
  • Friday, June 21 from 15:30 to 18:30: Casino Saone
  • Friday, June 28 from 15:30 to 18:30: Super U of St-Vit
  • Saturday, June 29 from 8h to 12h00: Pugey Market
  • Friday, July 5th from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm: Super U from Devecey
  • Saturday, July 6 from 8:30 to 12:00: Thise Market
Easy E-Biking - The Île-de-France region will offer 10,000 electric bikes for rent in September

Véligo opens long-term e-bike rentals in Paris

From June 4, Parisians are able to rent their electric bikes from Véligo. This service is proposed by the city of Paris and Ile-de-France Mobilités and can also be supported by companies.

The blue and black Véligo electric bicycles will soon appear on the roads of Paris. From June 4, Parisians can make their long-term e-bike bookings via www.veligo-location.fr.

Unlike many other shared bike services, which were launched (and then closed) in recent months, Véligo is offering long-term rentals for six months. No need to pick it up at a terminal or on a street, the riders have their personal e-bikes for the duration of the subscription.

This service, proposed by the city of Paris and Ile-de-France Mobilités is presented as a “complement to existing public transport” to encourage the citizens of Paris to leave their cars in the garage.

“By creating Véligo Rentals, I wanted to set up a new public electric bike service, on a regional scale, complementary to the existing offer. Nearly 200,000 Parisians could discover the electric bike, and why not, buy one later to use it in their everyday life.

It is a real lever for the ecological transition” commented Valérie Pécresse, President of the Region and Île-de-France Mobility. Are electric bikes good for the environment? Read more in this post.

Modern and reliable electric bike

Taking the blue color of IDF Mobility, the electric bike with its battery weighs a total of 23.5 kilos. The battery alone weighs 2.2 kg. It is removable and is directly integrated into the frame. It operates on 36 volts and offers 500 Wh of energy capacity (36V-14Ah). This would last for 65 to 80 kilometers depending on conditions. What is the difference between e-bike batteries? Read more in this post.

Mounted on 26-inch tires to better adapt to the different profiles of users, the electric Véligo bike uses hydraulic brakes. There is a basket in the front and a storage bag on the handlebars. On the security side, this e-bike has three integrated devices: a GPS tracking system, a wheel lock device and a conventional lock consisting of a chain to attach to a fixed point.

One of the largest electric bike rentals in the world?

Overall, around 10,000 e-bikes will be put into service in September. The six-month rental will cost 40 euros per month, including repair and maintenance of the e-bike. This amount corresponds well to market estimates. Read more in this post.

This subscription can be paid 50% by the employer. This can be done standalone or in addition to the Navigo (public transport) subscription.

The objective of the initiative is to reach 20,000 electric bicycles in circulation to become “the largest electric bicycle rental service offered in the world”.

1,000 electric bicycles arrive in Bordeaux

From the past week, all stations of the Bordeaux Métropole transport network are be equipped with new electric bicycles.

Recognizable by their blue color, 1,000 shiny new electric bikes complete the fleet of VCub Bordeaux.

The goal is to reach new customers and seduce users who have abandoned the classic VCubs (traditional bikes). According to Bordeaux Métropole, traditional self-service bicycles showed a drop in trips of 15% between January and the end of August 2018.

Why this is happening? The VCub fleet is aging and local tend to buy more and more their own bikes.

Go further by electric bike

These new electric vehicles are intended for those who live or work outside the city center of Bordeaux. With a battery rental for six euros per month, electric bikes can ride for up to ten kilometers and further. The battery is fully rechargeable in 1h30 from any electrical outlet.

The goal is to allow those, who travel to Bordeaux, to go further by electric bike, to towns like Lormont or Cenon, for example.

50% of rental bikes are electric

Half of the VClub’s fleet, which is now 1,800 bikes, is electric.

The traditional VCubs are also being renewed. First 300 new bikes, lighter and more resistant, have recently arrived at the stations.

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