Electric Bike – a Perfect Compromise Between Sport and Pleasure

Easy E-Biking - Stromer ST3 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Since its launch, the e-bike craze has not waned: faster, more pleasant, and easier to handle, to try it is to adopt it. So are you ready to get in the saddle?

How does an e-bike work?

Before getting into the technical details, let’s talk about style. We don’t say that we have fun with our electric bike, but I heard riders say that having an electrically assisted bike makes them happier.

Yes, because it’s not the bike that is electric, but the assistance that helps you move forward. Because if you don’t pedal, then you’re treading water. Indeed, all electric bikes work on the same principle:

  • A motor;
  • A battery.

The motor starts under the action of our pedal strokes and stops when we do not pedal anymore (unless you have a throttle, of course). To power this motor, your e-bike has a battery that can be recharged at home on a conventional power supply.

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What are the different types of electric bikes?

Today, the market for electric bikes has expanded, and a much more comprehensive range of e-bikes is available for sale.

  • Urban: as its name suggests, adapted to city trips, relatively flat, with comfort and equipment for homework trips;
  • Cargo: more and more popular with parents to take their child for a ride or to school;
  • Gravel: for rides on bike paths or forest roads;
  • Mountain: for the most sporty and eager to ride an e-bike
  • Folding: to take advantage of your electrically-assisted bike on vacation, in transportation.

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Easy E-Biking - Stromer ST1 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Stromer e-bikes

How much does an e-bike cost?

A wide range means a wide range of prices. The price varies from materials to technologies, including autonomy and manufacturing origin.

So before making your purchase, determine your use of your e-bike, your activity level, the physical effort you intend to provide, and the accessories you will need.

  • An e-bike: between 1000 euros or dollars for very occasional use, of low quality and more than 6 000 euros or dollars, for high quality durable electric bikes;
  • A battery recharge: everything will depend on its autonomy and its characteristics, but on average, the battery recharge of an electric bike costs a few cents per charge;
  • A battery: prices vary. The most common 500-watt battery would cost around 800 dollars or euros.

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How to use an e-bike?

We all remember our first pedal strokes, with or without the mangy little wheels. And when we finally manage to ride a bike without help, it’s forever, just like the highway code or driving a car; it’s not lost. 

However, you have to rethink your plans when you want to switch to an electrically assisted bicycle. But one essential rule: wear a helmet and safety equipment (reflectors, knee and elbow pads…).

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Electric assistance: it is enough to push the pedal to start the motor and, thus, to be assisted in its pedaling. In the same way, stopping pedaling turns off the motor and makes you slow down, then stop. So be careful with the starts, which can be surprisingly nervous!

Speed: most electrically assisted bicycles offer different levels, allowing you to pedal more or less and reach a relatively high speed depending on your destination. Feel free to test them in a safe environment, such as a parking lot or a yard.

Easy E-Biking - Stromer ST3 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Stromer e-bikes

What can I use an e-bike for?

Electric assistance and considering the different models available for sale will allow you to diversify your use of your electric bicycle daily.

  • Home-to-work commute: for trips of less than 7.5 kilometers (5 miles) in the city, the use of an electric bicycle is faster than any other means of transportation;
  • Everyday life: taking your child to school, running errands, keeping medical appointments…
  • Leisure: a ride on the bike paths or a mountain trail, everything is possible!
  • Sport: for enthusiasts, some e-bikes are made for racing and downhill rides.

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What are the benefits?

Once you’ve tried an electric bike, you won’t be able to do without it. This experience will allow you to make cycling a real pleasure.

  • Safety: to compensate for the speed and weight, the brake system is rigorous and well-designed;
  • Comfort: more and more models are sold with hydraulic suspensions and soft saddles;
  • Ease: no need to get into a dancer’s stride to climb a hill!
  • Health: the electric bicycle does not exempt you from the effort;
  • Lightness: the overall weight is gradually reduced, thanks to carbon and other inventions;
  • Calm: gone are abrupt starts to the crossroads. The assistance is immediate.

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