Electric Bicycle as an Alternative to Public Transport in Ireland

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The last census revealed that 1.8 million people used public transport in Ireland. As we move out of confinement, and in order to respect social distancing, alternatives must be found. One of them, if you also want to do without an expensive and non-ecological car, and to find something a little easier than a traditional bicycle: the electric bicycle.

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Choosing an electric bike for your commutes

Did you know that Dublin is located at the foot of a hill? Yes, it is subtle, but still, at the end of the day, when you are already tired from the workday and the wind is blowing, it takes extra effort to get home, which you could do without.

A little help wouldn’t be a bad idea. Small help, because unlike an electric scooter where you just have to push a button to start, you can still boast of having done a bit of sport since you’ll have to pedal to move!

It is easy to see why some bike shops are starting to sell more electric bikes than traditional ones.

Advantages of an electric bicycle over an electric scooter

One of the main advantages of an electric bicycle compared to an electric scooter is, of course, the better range offered by the bicycle compared to the scooter. 

In fact, while the best scooter models have the range of about 50 km, many have barely 20 km, whereas with an electric bicycle, with a larger and more powerful battery, the range can go up to more than 100 km and even longer!

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The speed, too, is much higher than that with scooters. It is possible to reach up to 42 km/h for some versions of electric bikes, thanks to their 500w motors and powerful batteries that can be recharged in less than 5 hours.

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Another advantage is a comfort since e-bikes have a significant advantage of offering a much more comfortable saddle than the upright position like a pole on an electric scooter. Larger wheels improve stability and also absorb road irregularities.

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On a scooter, it’s a different matter since the slightest little pothole in the pavement can send you to the ground and beware of the consequences of a fall at full speed.

Do not forget that an e-bike can also be equipped with a basket at the front or at the back. You can also install multiple convenient accessories such as small additional saddle, for example, to put an additional person in. Whereas with a scooter, you’ll have to be happy with just a backpack!

Braking, again, thanks to its large wheels, is much more efficient on an electric bike, so there’s no need to force to stop the machine.

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Finally, an electric bicycle offers you more freedom in your travels since you can explore many trails, in the Wicklows for example! Numerous technical and technological improvements have been made in recent years concerning electric mountain bikes, which offer a new way to discover nature but also to do sports for the most performing models. 

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What about the cost of an e-bike?

Let’s talk about the cost. Obviously, after having listed all these advantages, the cost is necessarily higher for an electric bicycle than for an electric scooter whose average price is around 400€, compared to more than 1000€ for an electric bicycle.

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But the good news is that e-bikes are eligible for the Cycle to Work program in Ireland, for more info please visit https://www.biketowork.ie/.

There is also a huge ‘but’ about electric scooters in Ireland as they are illegal on Irish roads – although there is a movement to modernize the motor vehicle legislation, which is about 50 years old, and to allow electric scooters on the roads. But this could mean that licenses and safety equipment would become compulsory.

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An interesting compromise between an e-bike and an electric scooter, especially in terms of weight, is an electric folding bike! Perfect for commuting to work, it allows you to quickly take it with you to your office or to your apartment without fearing it to be being stolen in your absence (which is still rather common in Ireland).

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