E-Biking vs. Other Alternative Transportation Methods

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We’ve covered every aspect of owning an e-bike on this blog. Are they worth the purchase? Are they safe to use? How do you maintain and upgrade an electric bike? Today we’re going to explore how e-bikes stack up against different modes of transportation. These options offer several benefits and downsides. Read on to learn more about e-biking versus other alternative transportation methods.

Traditional Bikes

Let’s not sugar coat it – e-bikes are superior to traditional bikes in many ways. First and foremost, they offer faster travel times requiring less energy. Plus, you can modify nearly any kind of bicycle (road, touring, mountain, folding, fixed gear, cruiser, or recumbent) to create an e-bike. However, that doesn’t mean old-school bikes don’t have some advantages.

Traditional bicycles usually weigh less and are easier to carry upstairs and store in smaller spaces. Additionally, they’re less likely to get stolen off of the street. Lastly, they are a better transportation choice for people more interested in exercise than speed and convenience (although most e-bikes are capable of non-powered riding).

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If you can’t decide between the two, consider building or purchasing an electric assist bike that only kicks in power on inclines.


E-scooters are extremely popular these days, especially for individuals without cars living in big cities. Thanks to many rideshare systems and apps, this upright form of transportation is widely accessible – you can find a plethora of instantly-rentable scooters on sidewalks in larger towns and cities. Basically, you don’t even need to own one to enjoy its benefits.

However, are e-scooters worth purchasing over an electric bicycle? Truthfully, scooters are not a superior form of getting around and aren’t recommended as your primary transportation device. They’re less safe than bikes, and some places outlaw them. They’re better for navigating small communities or for fun activities like sightseeing.

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Mopeds are the most street-legal transportation method on this list, meaning you can take them on roads and highways. They reach higher speeds than e-bikes and function more like a traditional motorcycle. In fact, a moped is the perfect daily driver for those living in dense urban cities. In some ways, mopeds are superior to cars, but what about e-bikes?

These two options are very comparable, so there isn’t a clear winner here. It comes down to personal needs. Does your commute require getting on the highway? If so, a moped is right for you. Otherwise, e-bikes remain one of the most convenient and helpful ways to navigate town.

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Golf Carts

Yes, some people use golf carts as their daily vehicle of choice! This is common in smaller communities that don’t support traditional vehicle infrastructure. Golf carts are great for running errands or getting to work, mainly due to their comfort. They operate more like cars than bikes, which some people prefer. Plus, golf carts are highly customizable, offering owners a more personal driving experience with the addition of more storage or custom cart rear seats.

E-bikes are the better choice in most towns or cities. There are typically more dedicated spaces for bikers in these areas, and most places don’t allow golf carts on main roads. However, if you find yourself in a community that supports golf carts, it’s an affordable and convenient way to drive.

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Ultimately, deciding between e-biking and other alternative transportation methods comes down to where you live and what you need for travel. Electric bicycles are comparable to all the other options on this list, which says a lot about their versatility and value.

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