e-Bike Buying Guide for Beginners: How to Get the Best One for Yourself

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Care about the environment, but do you want to make the most of the moment? Want an amazing experience on two wheels at the cost of no fuel expenses? You should be looking at the e-Bikes that the said market has to offer. 

But wait. How do you get started on your purchase? How do you choose the most appropriate e-Bike for you? Here is an extensive buying guide. 

The Elephant in the Room – E-bike Price 

Before we get started on the specifics, as an average consumer – assign a said price. In order to make the most of your e-Bike purchase, be sure to set a price range in your mind. The average consumer can be both quality-conscious and price-conscious, but there is a specific reason for this here. 

The reason is that you do not want to under- or over-shoot your bike specs. As you will read later, e-Bikes come in a lot of flavors with regards to battery size, power, and subsequent torque. As a sensible customer, you do not want to get something that feels under- or overwhelming. 

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The Need for Speed

Once you have decided on a price bracket, choosing what to buy becomes a little easier. Now you need to think of your needs and use-cases. This is important because e-Bikes come in a lot of power configurations. These range from 250W to as high as 1000W. Your use-case would depend on the kind of rider you are. 

The Enthusiast 

Seeking long distances makes you an enthusiast. If you wish to travel and traverse those beautiful serene places on your e-Bike, don’t look below 500W or 700W. This is important for two reasons. First – you can always use the power at hand. Second, if you wish to make the most of your muscles, you always have the power at your disposal for safety. 

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The Infrequent Rider

For any other rider, anything 500W or below should suffice. While these still clock a decent top speed of 21-22miles/hour (30-32 km/h), don’t waste the extra money for the power you won’t use. 250-500W should be enough. 

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Playing it Safe

Irrespective of how much power your bike possesses, as a novice rider, you should be protected to the core. What we mean is – get a good quality helmet, a great pair of gloves, and appropriate shoes. 

Keeping it safe also means keeping your e-Bike protected to a T. This includes you going out of your way (pun intended) to have e-bike insurance. Not just that, but checking up on the servicing and components such as wheels and peripherals is important. 

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Did We Say Wheels?

One of the most important factors to determine the most appropriate e-bike for you would be the wheel size. The width and size of your wheels would determine an overall riding and comfort experience. 

The width of your wheel would determine how smooth and non-exerting your ride will be. For instance, some foldable bikes come with 1-foot wheels (12″). While this makes for a good use-case on rougher terrains, it becomes exerting if you ride it on the streets. It all goes back to the pertinent question of what your needs and wants are. 

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After-Sales Service is Quintessential 

You can get the most advanced and powerful e-Bike that money can buy. But if you don’t have the services at your disposal, your bike is as good as scraps of metal. Ideally, you should get your bike serviced after 1000 – 1500kms (500 – 1000 miles), so having appropriate outlets is important.

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While this does sound like a lot, keep in mind that electrical faults can occur by mere happenstance. E-bikes have electrical components and much like any other of the same – they can be subject to faulty issues. Make sure to do thorough research regarding local brands or ones in your vicinity.

Finally, Try it Out Yourself

No bike is as appropriate for you as the one that you have ridden extensively. This is perhaps the most fun bit in choosing the best bike for you. You can do all the research in the world, but if the bike does not feel right while riding, is it really your bike?

For this, be sure to test a plethora of bikes at your dealer or at your disposal. It would be even wiser if you manage to push the bike under similar conditions that you would do otherwise. In order to understand if the bike is really meant for you, try to communicate with it.

Adjust the seats and the handlebars, try out the pedal assist, and see if it resonates with the kind of riding you will be doing. If it does, cycle away!

A few words in conclusion

Choosing the best bike is a subjective matter. Sure, the objective points with regards to power and wheel or frame size are to be kept in mind in order to get the maximum value out of your money. But the most important thing is to make sure that you end up content with your purchase. Keep the aforementioned things in mind, and you will undoubtedly make the right choice.

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