Discover Corsica by E-bike, from Bastia to Bonifacio. GT20 Route.

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The GT20 route was inaugurated on Monday, August 5 by the tourist agency of Corsica. It will now be possible to travel Corsica by bike from Bastia to Bonifacio in 12 steps. The objective of this initiative is to diversify and extend the tourist activity on the island.

The reputation of the GR20, this legendary hiking trail that crosses the Calenzana a Conca Corsica, is very well known. 180 km of trail through the mountains that excite both lovers of great hikes and those of beautiful landscapes.

But what if walking is not everyone’s cup of tea. Why not try cycling then?

This is what the GT20 offers, a 600km road that connects Bastia to Bonifacio by bicycle.

Opened on Monday, August 5, this cycling route will allow for an extension of the tourist season, as explained by Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis, President of the Corsica Tourism Agency: “The idea was to give it a great start and to the launch of this cycling route in the middle of the season. But, of course, we know that cycling is going to take place when it will be getting less hot, especially in September or October.”

Electric bikes are welcome

To discover the beauties of the coast and the mountain, a bicycle is the perfect means of transportation.

It is also worth mentioning that this mode of ecological transport is attracting more and more followers nowadays. This is especially true for electric bikes. Are electric bikes good for the environment? Read in this post.

On the GT20, which is a long-haul trip, it will be possible to recharge your e-bike battery every 50 km.

“Corsica is the first island in the world to make it accessible to everyone by electric bicycle. And you do not have to worry that your e-bike battery will go flat,” says Marc-Antoine Bouteille-Torre, who runs an electric bicycle rental company. This is a huge advantage for developing new types of mobility on the Corsica island.”

Discovery of the communes

Cap Corse, Porto, Vergio or Ghisoni, 12 cities are located just along the GT20 route – from the North to the very South. It is also a way to highlight the communes, which are located in the middle of the island, not on the coast, but more in-land.

For Don-Marc Albertini, the Mayor of Ghisoni, the GT20 will be able to bring “international and national visibility” to this commune. It will also bring “complementarity between the sea and the mountains”:

“It’s an old topic that we already tried to develop in our commune. So we are very happy about this project.”

Discover coastal Corsica by e-bike

Hikers are of similar views.

“What I like about the GR20 is to move away from civilization. No cars, no noise …” says one of the tourists.

This type of “exile” is a bit more difficult to achieve with the GT20, which, in most cases, uses secondary roads.

His friend, though, sees in this new route as a way to discover the coastal Corsica: “crossing Corsica and spending a bit of time on the coast, this would be not bad. Because of the GR20 trail, we are mainly in the mountains, not so much on the coast.”

The GT20 cycling route will be fully operational in next season. It will have dedicated signage along the entire route.

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