Cross Swiss Jura Arc on Electric Bike

Thanks to La Route Verte, supported by the Loterie Romande, cyclists can, in a week and without getting too tired, ride from Schaffhausen to Geneva and see some of the best landscapes in Switzerland.

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Sit down comfortably on your electric bike, follow the gentle curves of the Jura mountains and be able to recharge your batteries in seven allocated charging stations.

Thanks to La Route Verte, which is celebrating its first anniversary this May, you can ride for 466 km, linking Schaffhausen to Geneva in one week. The visitor will be able to discover, among other things, the country of the Pinot Noir of the Schaffhausen Nature Park, participate in activities in the Jura Park in Argovia or admire the horses of the Franches-Montagnes in the Park of Doubs.

Swiss national parks are open for e-bikers

“We wanted to raise awareness of the six parks of the Jura Arc, too often neglected in favor of alpine parks,” said Rianne Roshier, coordinator of the Swiss Parks Network in Bern. As a result, some 400 cyclists have already participated last year in La Route Verte.

“We hope to gain even more visitors this year,” says the coordinator. The participants’ feedback is very encouraging: they praised the quality of the welcome they received and the discoveries made during their trip. “

The travelers can easily ride along the route, carrying their own luggage, and reserve hotels and restaurants along their path. Or they can use a tour operator who will deliver their luggage to destinations of their choice.

As for those who do not have electric bikes, they can rent them at any stage. “Our audience is mostly couples in their fifties or older,” says Rianne Roshier. E-bikes are allowed from the age of 16, or from the age of 14, for those, who have passed for their motorbike permit. This is the reason why we do not have many families.”

As of this year, La Route Verte also offers three shorter rides of four to five days with daily trips that vary between 30 and 50 km. Visitors can take time to discover wooden paths in the Thal Park, the art of dry stone walls in the Chasseral Park or the resonance spruces in the Jura Park.

Media campaigns in place thanks to LoRo

As for Loterie Romande, it has ensured quality communication, printed flyers, placed ads and advertisements in the media and social networks. “This communication is essential,” says Rianne Roshier. The creation of the website serves as the main source for tourists wishing to embark on the adventure.”

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