50+? Are Electric Bikes Good for Health of Senior Riders?

As a means of transportation or for leisure, the electric bicycle would improve cognitive functions and provide a feeling of well-being, according to a British study.

“When we were leaving early in the morning / when we were going on the roads / on a bicycle ….” /

If this song of Yves Montand immediately puts us in a good mood, the regular practice of cycling would also contribute to our feeling of well-being.

But beware, not just any bike, but an electric one. This is according to a British study published in the Plos journal!

Led by researchers from the Universities of Reading and Oxford Brookes, this research lasted for two months. The researchers evaluated the state of health of about 100 men and women, aged 50 to 83 years.

Classic vs electric bicycles

All participants actively practiced cycling. They were divided into three groups. The first group took three rides a week of thirty minutes each by electric bike. The second group followed the same program but with traditional bicycles. The members of the third group did not practice any cycling during the experiment.

An improvement in cognitive functions was observed in the first two groups. This was true particularly with regard to the planning and execution of daily tasks. The researchers found that people who had used the electric bikes and not the traditional ones had a greater sense of well-being, which was probably because of the relative ease of exercise.

“We thought that those who used traditional pedal-only bicycles would have the greatest amount of physical and mental health because they would have used more of their cardiovascular system.”

“Instead, people who used electric bikes told us said they felt more comfortable doing the activity, and they were more confident, so they had better results,” says Louise-Ann Leyland, a researcher on the project at University College London.

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