Angell: First Impression of the French Connected City E-Bike

Easy E-Biking - Angell city electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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More than a year after its official launch Marc Simoncini’s connected electric bike is finally here. Angell, that’s its name, an eBike built for the city. Its integrated touch screen and reduced weight (13.8 kg) make it one of the most ambitious electric bikes in the market. 

It is probably the most anticipated electric bike of the year and a direct competitor for the VanMoof S3 or the Cowboy 3. The first batch of Angell, the electric bike made in France, is delivered at the end of July.

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Its design, imagined by Ora Ito, already ranks it among the most stylish bikes on the market. The highly polished frame with polished welds highlights the attention to detail and the high-quality finish that this bike has to offer. In concrete terms, you can’t go unnoticed on-board Angell and it only took a few kilometers to be stopped by intrigued passersby.

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An ultra-connected city e-bike

But aesthetics are not Angell’s only asset: this electric bicycle has superior connectivity, which is centered on an integrated 2.4-inch screen. Located in the middle of the handlebars, it provides an overview of all e-bike features, as well as navigation. The e-bike also features an alarm, a GPS to help locate it in case of theft, as well as a gyroscope and an accelerometer to measure the inclination of the road and detect falls.

Easy E-Biking - Angell city electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Some features of Angell e-bike connectivity are very similar to those of its direct competitors – Cowboy 3 and Vanmoof Electrified S3/X3. 

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Finally, in terms of riding experience, Angell allows you to navigate between four levels of assistance and three different driving modes. As for the battery, it’s located in the rear of the e-bike. The battery only weighs 2 kg and can be removed if necessary, which is a good asset to have for a city e-bike. According to the manufacturer, the e-bike’s range is around 70km on a fully charged battery.

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Integrated indicators = more safety

After just a few kilometers on Angell, it is already safe to say that it is a very pleasant bike to ride. Its weight (currently one of the lowest on the market) makes the e-bike easy to handle when compared to conventional electric bikes. 

The different levels of electric assistance are clearly marked and there is an obvious difference between the “Fly Eco” mode that puts the legs to the test and the “Fly Fast” mode that sends the maximum torque immediately. Finally, the integration of turn signals on the ends of the handlebars and at the rear is an undeniable plus in terms of safety. 

So, the first impressions are very positive. A complete review to follow.

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