About me

Hello and welcome to Easy E-biking! Whether you are already a vivid e-biker or just exploring, hope you find here a few helpful e-biking tips.

In many respects, electric is taking the market by storm. There are electric cars, electric bicycles, electric scooters, hover-boards, mono-wheels – to name just a few of recent and not already so recent announcements.

Clearly, the world is moving towards environmentally friendly and cleaner means of transportation. I am happy to join this movement with exploring, learning and sharing my “electricity powered” experiences.

How did we start with e-biking?

Easy E-Biking - helping to make electric biking practical and fun

My own experience with electric bicycles started a few years ago and I keep exploring new models and new designs.

As a family, we own two electric bikes at the moment. We started with a city model that we have tried first for a few weekend rides. We then bought this e-bike at the end of a season. It was almost new, with just a few hundred kilometers on its speedometer. Here are a few remarks on buying new vs used e-bike. My wife started using this city e-bike regularly and truly enjoyed the experience. I had a hard time keeping up with her on my traditional e-bike.

It was then decided to buy another one – a mountain or a cross-country model. We now enjoy weekend rides together and we are even in the efforts we spend on riding. What is interesting is that we can compare a city e-bike with a cross-country model and see how each of them behaves on climbs and descents, on the different type of terrain, how fast battery is charged and discharged, etc.

In the meantime, we keep trying different other models of electric bikes when we travel around. It is not often the best choice to take your own e-bike with you on all trips. Renting an e-bike allows testing new models, asking more questions and keeping learning. The e-biking industry is developing so fast that it is really fun to suddenly find out something that you were not aware of. Once I am learning my new tips, I am sharing them with you on Easy E-biking. So, stay tuned and subscribe to site updates.

I have also decided to search and publish news on electric bicycles. You will find posts on new trends, legislation and regulation updates, major new model releases by top brands, key initiatives related to e-biking by cities and communities around the world. And another fun part to read about is e-biking stories by fellow e-bikers from all around the world.

E-biking technology helps to enjoy life.

I find electric biking experience really fascinating. These two-wheelers take much of hard work off their riders while leaving all the fun part in. To me, this is how modern technology should work – automate hard and boring tasks while helping humans experience life to its fullest.

This is exactly what e-bikes do. They let their riders take on almost any terrain as if this was a flat street.

Electric bikes come in many different forms and shapes. There are models that work best for casual city trips. Other models are well made for daily commutes. Yet other models do well for longer cross-country rides or for mountain adventures.

My goal is to give you enough knowledge to rent or buy an e-bike you will love and the one that best suits your personal needs. It will make me happy if my articles help make this decision and selection process a bit easier for you. And if you feel fun following the process!

Enjoy, ask questions, have fun and simplify your life 🙂.